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Webkinz Insider Member adopts Whippet Puppy

We would like to congratulate Webkinz Insider member LazyGal on the adoption of her Whippet Puppy, Bolt. Wednesday's are Deluxe eStore Specials days and for this first Wednesday, there was a pre-sale of the Whippet pup for Deluxe members. Here is Bolt in his room with his pet specific item, Favorite Fireplace Spot while he eats his special food; Short Rib Sliders. This adorable puppy will be available at the Ganz eStore on August 16th for everyone.
Check out our WIki for estore pets and their items.

Webkinz Pets hint New Game Coming Soon

We have been seeing numerous reports from many of our members regarding Pet Requests. The most recent report came from WI Member Queen Of Sheba that her pet wished to play a game in the arcade called Grand Grotto. Now that Webkinz Newz has revealed that this is an upcoming game that will be playable across all three venues ( Desktop, Mobile and Web Version) We can bring you some more news about it. This will be a puzzle game with 50 levels that you unlock. The first time you complete the 50 Levels you will be awarded a Grand Grotto Trophy. We will update as soon as we have more information.
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Wi Member Adopts Sweet Elephant

Congrats to WI Member Big2Gray on their adoption of the Sweet Elephant.  Happy is seen here pictured with her PSI, the Big Top Tricycle. The PSF for the Sweet Elephant is the Peanut Popcorn Fudge.
If you are interested in adopting this sweet little friend, please visit our Partner store Ameriwade. For more information about current, upcoming, or seasonal pets visit our WIki.

Longhorn Steer Coming to Webkinz World in February!!!

They say patience is a virtue and that must be true because I have been waiting for over four years for a Longhorn webkinz. Ganz has just announced on Webkinz Newz that the Longhorn Steer will be in stores in February! Yes, the Longhorn Steer will be a plush! The Longhorn has its name because the average horn spread is around 5 1/2 feet while record lengths span up to 9 feet. You may have seen some Cadillacs with these long horns as a hood ornament.
We currently do not know the Pet Specific Item or Pet Specific Food for the Longhorn Steer, but as soon as we do, we will share that with you here on Webkinz Insider. 
If Webkinz Insider members are hoping to add the Longhorn Steer to their kinz family, they can visit Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping and no charge is made to your credit card until your order ships.   

Webkinz Insider's Christmas in July Contest

The hot weather has visited most of us and we all wish for a cool down. July 25th is coming up and that is commonly referred to as 'Christmas in July'.
So what better reason to have a contest here on Webkinz Insider! Time to put your story telling to the posts as this contest is " finish the story" . Ten winners will be chosen by the staff and they will receive the Snowflake Rug. The entries must be on the official contest thread, located HERE. The contest ends on July 24th at 11pm KinzTime. Good luck and here's the story to finish…
The webkinz were all exhausted from swimming all day. It had been so hot for the past week. They went to bed dreaming of last winter and how cold it was. When their alarm went off...

Tropical Island Pup coming to stores in July 2012

You might all remember the Tropical Island Pup as being a pet that was a Store Exclusive pet, exclusive to Cracker Barrel, way back in October 2011! According to Webkinz Newz this sunny pet is set to be released in July 2012. Speculation is that the Tropical Island Pup will now be available at all retailers. The PSI for this pet is the Beachside Gazebo which can go in both indoor and outdoor rooms. The PSF is called the Fresh Flower Cocktail.
For all your Webkinz Plush needs be sure to stop by Ameriwade. Don't forget that Ameriwade features a $5 flat-rate shipping rate and no charge is made to your credit card until your order is shipped.
As soon as we hear anything further about the re-release of this pet we will let you know!!

Webkinz Insider Member Spots 2 Unannounced Webkinz Rockerz!

Thanks to @groovyluv on Twitter, who took a closer look at the Webkinz Road Trip 2012 tent, we can tell you that there is going to be at least two more Webkinz Rockerz pets in the series!
It looks like the Webkinz Road Trip 2012 is going to be pushing the new Webkinz Rockerz series of pets, with the largest area of the tent dedicated to showing off 6 of them. Of course, you already know about the Webkinz Rockerz Cat, Lion, Bulldog, and Cow, but there are two pets on the side of the tent that we haven't seen yet -- what looks like a Rockerz Papillon and Rockerz Monkey (not to be confused with the already existing Webkinz Mohawk Monkey).
What do you think of these two new Rockerz pets?

Webkinz June 2012 Pet Plush Images Released *Updated*

Webkinz Newz has released images of the June 2012 Push Pets. The bright pink Summer Beaver looks like a lot of fun. If you love dogs then you are going to want the new Cocoa Lab. The Signature Pet for June is the Signature Ragdoll.
Also announced is the July 2012 POTM the Webkinz Pucker Fish!!
If you would like to add any of these June 2012 pets to your collection then be sure to visit Ameriwade. Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping and no charge is made to your credti card until your new Webkinz Plush ships.
UPDATE (4/26/2012): Robert has let us know that his presale for all of the June 2012 pets has begun. Hurry over and place your pre-order for these great new Webkinz!

Ganz Reveals Signature Normande Cow

Ganz has released the image of their latest Signature webkinz. Behold... The Signature Normande Cow. It is said that the history of Normande cattle goes all the way back to Viking invasions in the 9th and 10th centuries!
Notice the spots on this Signature Normande Cow, which can take on any pattern. Did you know that the spots usually encircle the eyes to give the cow an interesting masked appearance? Other characterics of this breed include a dished face, short horns and large clean chest. Will this masked, tri-colored cow find its way to your home? It is expected to be in stores May 2012.
Be sure to visit Webkinz Insider's partner store Ameriwade to view all the Webkinz Products they have available. Ameriwade will have all of the new May 2012 plushies available for pre-order. Ameriwade features a $5 flat shipping rate to the USA and to Canada, no matter how many items you order. Shoppers who pay with credit cards will not be charged until their orders ship. A portion of every sale made online at goes to supporting Webkinz Insider!

Three More eStore Pets Revealed - Webkinz Green, Blue Piglet, Sizzling Swan

We previously have shown a future Purple Piglet Webkinz that was due to arrive at the eStore soon, but what good is one little piggy when there could be three? Also arriving at the eStore soon will be the:
Green Piglet
The Green Piglet comes with a Green Spring Green House PSI and a yummy looking Green Marzipan Truffles PSF.
Blue Piglet
The Blue Piglet comes with a Blue Spring Greenhouse PSI and a yummy looking Blue Marizpan Truffles PSF.
Are you a fan of the fire looking webkinz? Then you are just in luck. Rounding out the third eStore Pet announcement is:
Sizzling Swan

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