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Clover Puppy, New Webkinz Jr, and Caring Valley Husky Coming Soon! *UPDATE*

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In addition to all of the Webkinz releases for January 2010 we've told you about over the past month, Ganz has just announced that a few more animals will be arriving for the New Year.
First,  there's the Clover Puppy.  Although rumors about this pet have been swirling around the internet for a while, this is the first time Ganz has confirmed that it will be joining the Webkinz Family.  At this point we don't know what the Pet Specific Item or Pet Special Food for this adorable pup will be, but since this new pet could be showing up in retailers as soon as next month, we will hopefully find out soon.  UPDATE:  Virtual graphic of Clover Puppy discovered.
Also, for the first time since the Webkinz Jr. website debuted on the internet, new Webkinz Jr. pets are being released.  They are the Giraffe, Frog, Tan Bear, Pink Bunny, Blue Bunny, and Grey Elephant.  If you'd like more information on Webkinz Jr., please check out the special Webkinz Jr. section of our forum, located HERE.
And, finally, we now know that the Caring Valley Webkinz for January is going to be the Husky.  These specially-tagged Webkinz should start arriving at retailers in the next few weeks.  Remember, it's the feature code on the GREEN tag that gets players access to the Caring Valley, not the RED adoption code.
Don't forget to take a look at our partner store,  All of the January pets will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, November 25th starting at Noon Pacific Standard Time (That's 3pm for those of you on the East coast.).  A portion of each purchase goes to support related costs here at Webkinz Insider.

EXCLUSIVE -- Love Lion Virtual Image + PSI + PSF Images!

We've got some more exclusive news for all you Insiders! We've been able to also confirm the PSI, PSF and virtual images of the Valentine's Day 2010 Seasonal Pet, the Webkinz Love Lion! The Love Lion should be available at retailers in December.
Webkinz Love Lion Virtual Image Lovely Stained Glass Window Heartfelt Tuna Melt Webkinz Love Lion Gift Box
Here's the exclusive images of the virtual pet, gift box, PSI -- Lovely Stained Glass Window and PSF -- Heartfelt Tuna Melt!

EXCLUSIVE -- New eStore Christmas Pet -- Mistletoe Mouse!

With the quick update to Webkinz World this morning, we've come across a new pet that was added to Webkinz World -- the Webkinz Mistletoe Mouse!
The Mistletoe Mouse will be an eStore pet and is likely to be released at the eStore within the next 2 weeks, possibly over the coming Thanksgiving Weekend!
Webkinz Mistletoe Mouse Virtual Image Treats for Santakinz Festive Cheese Fondue Webkinz Mistletoe Mouse Gift Box
Enjoy the images of the Mistletoe Mouse virtual images with its PSI -- Treats for Santakinz (Table) and PSF -- Festive Cheese Fondue.

Portuguese Water Dog Coming soon to Webkinz World.*UPDATED*

Webkinz News has announced another new pet release for January of 2010. This is the Portuguese Water Dog. The Portuguese Waterdog's Pets specific item is a Heated Hound Hot Tub, it's food is Barkalhau. 
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Remember to take a look at our partner store, Ameriwade.Com. All of the January pets will be available for pre-order on Ameriwade's site at 12pm PST on Wednesday, November 25th. A portion of each purchase goes to support related costs here at Webkinz Insider!

Webkinz Spotted Sea Monster Coming Soon

Ganz has announced a new eStore pet coming soon... The Spotted Sea Monster. When we know more about this new pet, we will be sure to let you know
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WI Reveals Exclusive Virtual Images of Webkinz Weimaraner + PSI, PSF!

Way back in late August, we brought you the news of a Webkinz Weimaraner coming to Webkinz World in November. Since then, we haven't seen much news on the Weimaraner and were wondering if the release had been delayed.
After today's system update, we've found that the Webkinz Weimaraner has been added to Webkinz World, along with virtual images, PSI and PSF! Since our partner retailer was unable to order the Weimaraner for their November shipment, we are assuming that the Weimaraner is a retailer-exclusive Webkinz still slated for release in November!
Enjoy the exclusive images of the cute new dog, along with it's PSI: Charming Charcoal Easel and PSF: Tally-Ho Hoagie!
Webkinz Weimaraner Virtual ImageWeimaraner Gift BoxCharming Charcoal EaselTally-Ho Hoagie

New October POTM Video Previews Webkinz Violet Cat + Kinzville Park?

The October Pet of the Month video is now playing in Webkinz World, to promote the Webkinz Golden Retriever being next month's Pet of the Month. Like last month's video, a new pet was shown throughout the video. While we don't have a name for the pet, judging from what happened with last month's Webkinz Strawberry Cloud Leopard, this new cat (Violet Cat?) will end up as a Webkinz you can buy!
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Also in the video, it flashes past the gates to "Kinzville Park" and there are multiple references to "the park" at the end of the song. Is a Kinzville Park on the horizon in Webkinz World?

WI Reveals Strawberry Cloud Leopard PSI, PSF!

With the update to Webkinz World this morning, we've discovered that the PSI and PSF for the Webkinz Strawberry Cloud Leopard have been added to Webkinz World already! This is great news because the original announcement on Webkinz Newz, letting users know that the Strawberry Cloud Leopard would be a plush release, didn't give any details as to the pet's PSI/PSF or a release date.
With the addition of the items to Webkinz World with the most recent update, we're hoping this means that the Webkinz will be released soon, as the availability as a plush was extremely well-received here on WI!
Here is the Strawberry Cloud Leopard with the Strawberry Jammin' Jukebox and Strawberry Shortsteak!
Webkinz Strawberry Cloud LeopardStrawberry Jammin' JukeboxStrawberry Shortsteak

Webkinz Strawberry Cloud Leopard to be released as a plush!

The Webkinz News site has announced the Strawberry Cloud Leopard from the the Leopard Pet of the Month Music Video is to be released as a plush! We have no news as to the PSI or release date, but we are sure that our members will be extremely happy that this is not an eStore-only release! We will be updating as news becomes available.
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November's Signature Webkinz Anounced: Signature Cheetah

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Ganz has announced that the Signature Pet for the Month of November will be the Signature Cheetah.  Remember, the other pets scheduled for release in November are the Webkinz Weimaraner, Webkinz Llama, Webkinz Blufadoodle, Webkinz Ribbon Unicorn, Webkinz Shark, and specially-tagged Caring Valley Lion.

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