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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Golden Pegasus

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider Member, LittleBird for her adoption of the First Golden Pegasus. This pet is a June release pet and what a wonderful pet to be a first pet adoption in June.
LittleBird's pet Pegasus is named Relevé, after a dance position in Ballet. Here Relevé is seen with her pet item, the Hidden Hot Spring. It sparkles and shoots water up like a mini-geyser when your pet touches it. The Golden Pegasus' food is the Golden Gyro.
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All PSI, PSF Images Revealed for June 2010 Webkinz!

Along with the addition of the new Webkinz Luck Dragon, Ganz also added all of the PSIs and PSFs for the June 2010 Webkinz -- the Chinchilla, Golden Pegasus, Red Panda, Signature Pomeranian, Small Signature White Persian Cat, Signature Endangered Clouded Leopard. In order to keep the front page from being cluttered, we only included a few on the main part. Please click "Read More" to see the remaining PSI and PSF images for those that aren't shown up front!
Golden Pegasus PSI, PSF
Golden Pegasus -- PSI - Hidden Hot Spring -- PSF - Golden Gyro
Chinchilla PSI, PSF
Chinchilla -- PSI - Playful Dust Pit -- PSF - Pachamanchilla
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Luck Dragon Coming to Webkinz World (eStore Pet)!

With today's update, Ganz added a new virtual-only pet to Webkinz World -- the Webkinz Luck Dragon -- along with its PSI and PSF. We expect that this new pet will be available in Summer 2010. We also couldn't help but notice the striking similarity to the looks of the new luck dragon to "Falkor the Luckdragon" from a favorite childhood movie, The Neverending Story.
Luck dragon psi and psf
The PSI is the Fictional Fireplace and the PSF is Whimsical Wontons.

April is Autism Awareness Month

As some of you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month. Autism affects many people around the world, and many of our Webkinz Insider members are touched by this disorder among their family and friends, or even have it themself. If you meet someone with autism, they may appear odd to you -- but remember that they have their own special abilities, which often include being really good at online games like Webkinz!
In order to raise awareness about autism, some of our members have adopted special webkinz that happen to be blue, the color of autism awareness. They have named them "Autism Awareness", and you may see them in the clubhouse!
Shown here is KinzDiva's Blue Springtime Chick and ElectraBuzz1's blue Pucker Fish in the clubhouse:
webkinz autismwebkinz autism
If you would like to join this effort to raise awareness, you can buy a blue webkinz at our partner store. And make sure to stop by our discussion thread for members who are touched by all kinds of special needs. And last but not least, there is much more information about autism awareness and a "blue pet parade" in our Wiki.

Webkinz Magnificent Macaw (eStore) coming to Webkinz World!

It's been some time since a flying Webkinz has been added to Webkinz World, and even longer since a true bird was added (the last flying Webkinz was the Griffin). With today's maintenance, we can confirm that Ganz will be selling a new bird -- the Webkinz Magnificent Macaw -- in the Webkinz eStore in the near future.
Webkinz Magnificent Macaw PSI, Gift Box, PSF
The Macaw is a great-looking pet, and its PSI is the Treasure Map Throw Rug and the PSF is Squakamole Platter. We can't say for certain, but we do believe that the Magnificent Macaw will be available for sale by the end of this month!

Ganz reveals information, images for first Webkinz Zodiac pet - Webkinz Taurus Bull!

Webkinz Taurus Bull virtual image
Earlier today, we cited some information from Ganz about the eStore Webkinz birthstone pets being replaced by Webkinz Zodiac pets. We have some even better news for you, Ganz has released an official virtual image for the first Zodiac Webkinz, the Webkinz Taurus Bull!
Each pet is going to come with a Zodiac-related PSI and PSF, but we're all wondering what they'll do for Gemini, Libra, Virgo and others!

Ganz Announces New Webkinz Zodiac Pets

Webkinz Zodiac Pets
Ganz announced (via their twitter account) that the eStore birthstone pets will be replaced by "all-new, all-different Zodiac Pets" as the new line of eStore monthly pets. They will be starting with Taurus on May 1st. We aren't sure of how the pets will appear, as some of the Zodiac signs aren't animals!
The first pet we will see is a Webkinz Taurus Bull
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Webkinz Insider Member Discovers Plush Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty and Webkinz Red Panda

Thank you to WI Member WebkinzBoy731 for their plush images of a Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty (scheduled for release in May featured in this article HERE) and a Webkinz Red Panda (scheduled for release in June and featured in this article HERE) .   It appears that both cannot be adopted yet until they've been programmed into the system. 
webkinz cheats

We hope to bring you the in-game images once these have been adopted.

Webkinz Thunderbird coming to Webkinz World (eStore Only)

The Webkinz Thunderbird is the final pet that was added to the Webkinz World system with this morning's maintenance. A significant number of eStore-only pets were added this morning -- Webkinz Shamrock Dragon, Webkinz Sparkling Pegasus, Webkinz Aquamarine Puppy -- and the Thunderbird is also an eStore-only pet. Of course, the Thunderbird floats when it moves around the room, and we believe (though cannot confirm) that it will be classified as a "Flying Pet" by Ganz.
Webkinz ThunderbirdWebkinz Thunderbird Virtual Gift BoxStorm Cloud ThroneWarm Storm Chowder
The Thunderbird has an animated PSI (Storm Cloud Throne) that, when clicked upon, floats up higher in the air, clouds turn black and show lightning and then you hear thunder crashing! The PSF for the Webkinz Thunderbird is Warm Storm Chowder.

March 2010 Birthstone Pet is Webkinz Aquamarine Puppy!

We have confirmed Ganz's selection for the March, 2010 Birthstone Pet from the Ganz eStore to be the Webkinz Aquamarine Puppy. The Aquamarine Puppy will be available from March 1st, 2010 - March 31st, 2010 and has the Aquamarine Floor Lamp + Aquamarine Dresser (PSIs) and Aquamarine Angel Cake (PSF), all shown below!
webkinz cheatsWebkinz Aquamarine Puppy Gift BoxAquamarine Floor LampAquamarine DresserAquamarine Angel Cake

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