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Winterfest Challenge Starts in Webkinz World!

It's now 2014, are our Webkinz Insider members up to the Challenge? There is a new Winterfest 2014 Challenge starting today in your Webkinz World accounts. You will see the snowflake icon on the left in your Webkinz Room. Click on it to start, and follow the fun instructions.
This Challenge runs from January 1st to Feb 28, 2014. The grand prize will be the Showman Snowman Building Kit (from last year's Winterfest). If you have questions or need hints, consult our Challenges forum by clicking HERE. Learn about the general principles of the Webkinz Challenges in our WIKI.
Good luck and don't leave it to the last minute! Start now!

New Healthy Harvest Challenge in Webkinz World!

Win this handsome gardener's outfit by completing the new gardening challenge, It's Time to Plant, in your Webkinz World account! Here are the Gardener Hat, the Gardener Overalls and the Gardener Boots. Your login annoouncement shows the Polka Dot Rain Boots by error, but here you can see the correct ones.
You will find the It's Time To Plant (a basket with a pumpkin) icon on the left, in your room, in your Webkiinz World account. Click on the icon to see a series of tasks. For those who are not up-to-date in their Webkinz challenges, no worries, as there are no prerequisites to this Challenge. You have until November 30th to complete this challenge; but do not leave it to the last minute since you have to grow plants in your garden, and this takes several days.
There is some confusion about the proper name of this challenge; do not confuse it with the Healthy Harvest Challenge, from Nov 2011
Learn all about Challenges in our forum and in the WIKI.

Halloween Challenge in Webkinz World!

At the stroke of midnight, the Halloween Challenge appears, as promised by Ganz, in your Webkinz Word accounts. This challenge is named Halloween Is Coming! and will be found on the left-hand side of your screen. If you are not in the habit of doing Challenges, no worries; no prior challenges are necessary before doing this one.
There are 3 levels to this Challenge. The first level has 3 tasks. You will have to wait for Halloween items and costumes to be added to the W Shop and the PJ Outlet during the morning maintenance, before you can pass level one. The prizes will include the Cold Flames Cauldron, the Creepy Grandfather Clock and the Super Spooky Ghost Costume.
Learn all about Webkinz Challenges in our forum and in the WIKI.
The Halloween Is Coming! Challenge runs from Oct 9 to Oct 19.

Wacky Zingoz Challenge and Clicking Event!

The Wacky Celebration events are piling up! There has been much speculation about a Wacky Cheerleader Dress and Pom Poms. We now know that these two adorable items of clothing will be prizes in a Webkinz Challenge from August 17 to September 17 2013.
Learn all about Challenges and the Wacky Zingoz Celebration in our WIKI.
There will also be a floaty-clicky event in Webkinz World, with a little Wacky floating through your account wherever you can also see your dock. There will be various prizes for this clicking event which will run from August 17 to September 1st.
Currently running are special prizes of baseball clothing when scoring over 11,500 points on WackyER Zingoz and a Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy when coring over 600 points on Wacky Zingoz.
Have a wacky good time!

New Valentine's Day Challenge in Webkinz World!

 The Valentine's Challenge in Webkinz World has begun in all time zones and Webkinz Insider members have until February 28th to complete their tasks to win several prizes, including a Lovely Garden Mosaic!
In one of their more positive and savvy moves during recent weeks, the creative department at Ganz, has personalized the new Valentine's Day Challenge so that it features YOUR pet!
Here you see pets from two of my accounts, Faerytails, the Gypsy Vanner, and Pepper, the Alley Cat, as they appear in the room Challenge Icons! As you complete the goals that are required to receive various prizes, your pet's name will appear in some of the challenges required, beginning with the first stage!
It is both heartwarming and fun to see your own pet's name throughout this Valentine's Day Challenge!
Also in a noteworthy and popular move, the Valentine's Day Challenge can be completed by ALL Webkinz World account holders, and not just those with Deluxe memberships .. unlike the current Winterfest Challenge! The latter features a game that can be completed only by Deluxe Advantage account holders.

Halloween Fun Has Begun in the Webkinz World Asian Time Zone!

It is officially October 1st in the Webkinz World Asian accounts and Webkinz Insider members holding accounts in this time zone were delighted to find that the Halloween fun has started!
First of all is the new Halloween Challenge with a grand prize of the estore Midnight Monster Gargoyle for completing all the tasks! You have until October 31st to complete all the tasks in the three levels to win the Halloween Challenge prizes, including the spook-tackular grand prize!
In addition, the Halloween Candy Collection Event has begun in Asian accounts. In order to win the grand prize of a caring Valley  Haunted Hickory Sapling to design for your scariest outdoor room, just collect a total of 30 candies and help your friends to also complete their collection!  You can collect five candies a day from your friends and you get a sixth free just for logging in to your account and clicking on the special Vampire Pop Icon on the map, so it wont take long for Webkinz Insider members to get all their bewitching prizes!
Have fun and Happy Haunting in Webkinz World!
Please Note: It has been reported that the Halloween Collection Event is not working correctly in the Asian accounts. Sent candies are not being registered .. just a technical difficulty which I am sure the Ganz techies will have fixed quickly and will appreciate our patience as we gear up for this fun event.


Update Oct. 1 - We are now receiving reports that candy is working on accounts.  Have fun collecting!

Webkinz Winterfest Extended, Winterfest Challenge and Party Pack Added!

Due to the downtime earlier this week, when both Webkinz World and Webkinz Newz were offline, Gans has decided to extend the duration of Winterfest. Originally it was supposed to end this Friday January 13; but now Winterfest will continue on both Saturday and Sunday, ending on the evening of Sunday January 15. On both days, you will be allowed to click on a total of 10 snowflakes flying across your Webkinz World screen, to win a variety of awesome prizes.
Make sure to log into your Webkinz World accounts on either Saturday or Sunday, since a Winterfest Party Pack will be awarded on login. This will replace the Christmas Party Pack which had been previously promised but was malfunctioning.
This coming weekend will also see a new Challenge added to the series, the Winterfest Challenge. The prize for this event will be the Arctic Tundra Flooring and Arctic Tundra Wallpaper. Learn more about this new Challenge in our WIKI.

Webkinz Challenge Help Available on Webkinz Insider

How is your trek through the new Webkinz Challenges going?  Are you struggling with some of the steps?  If so, we have the perfect solution!  The Webkinz Challenge section, HERE, is a place where Webkinz Insider members can share tips and tricks and help each other get through the challenges.
Trying to figure out how to get a Candy Cane Cola?  Need to find Mr. Moo?  Looking to purchase a Sunny Day Swimsuit from Sheldon?  Just click on in today!  We've got your answers!

Mr. Moo's Candy Bar Returns in New Webkinz Challenge!

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Dash for sharing some amazing news with us.  The Mr. Moo Candy Bar has returned!  Dash discovered that this very special food is one of the prizes for the new Meet Mr. Moo Challenge that was added to Webkinz World yesterday.
Before today, the Mr. Moo Candy Bar was one of the rarest food items in Webkinz World.  It was awarded as a prize in a click-to-win event that happened before most of the current Webkinz players had even heard of Webkinz World!  Now that it has returned, every player will be able to own one.
For more information on all of the Webkinz Challenges, you can visit either the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE, or the Webkinz Challenge discussion section, HERE.

Seasonal "Happy Holiday" Challenge Coming to Webkinz World on December 7

Ganz has started giving us a sneak peek at some of the new stuff we can expect to have in Webkinz World following Wednesday's site maintenance.  Moments ago they announced that a new seasonal "Happy Holidays" challenge will be added to the system.  From December 7 to January 4, Webkinz pets will be able to complete special tasks to win holiday prizes.  What fun!
To learn more about all of the Webkinz Challenges, visit the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE.

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