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30 days of Daily Draws Event Coming to Webkinz Newz!!

Kinzville is a great place for your pets to live! There are so many places to go and things to do! Have you ever been to the Hamster Hamlet? Maybe you have always wanted to visit Zumwhere! These are just two of the areas in Webkinz World that require a feature code to unlock the section for play. Webkinz Insider members will be happy to learn that Webkinz Newz is offering a  30 Days of Daily Draws event and will be awarding ten prizes a day for those thirty days.
Beginning on April 14th and continuing until May 13th, the ten random daily lucky winners will each receive a feature code for a virtual prize which will unlock an area of Webkinz World! To participate in the 30 Days of Daily Draws event, Webkinz Insider members need only to visit the Contest page on WKN and answer the Top Ten Question of the day!

The virtual prizes to be randomly awarded during this event include Kinz Klips, Series 1 and 2 Charms, Figurines, Zums and even Mazin' Hamsters! The schedule of events can be found on WKN.
Have fun, Webkinz Insider members, and good luck to you all!

Webkinz Valentine 2011 Products Revealed

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Thank you to our friends at Ameriwade for letting us know about the new Valentine products coming to Webkinz World early next year.  We had already brought you pictures of the seasonal Mazin' Hamster, Cinnamon, but now we can show you pictures of the Webkinz Love Spaniel and Love Puppy Kinz Klip.  All three products are currently available for pre-sale at Webkinz Insider's Partner Store, Ameriwade.
In other seasonal news, some pets from previous Valentine seasons will be re-released for sale.  The Webkinz Love Frog, Love Frog Kinz Klip, and Webkinz Love Monkey are all returning for at least one more year.
Remember, Ameriwade features $5 flat rate shipping, no matter how large your order is, and a portion of every sale made online at goes toward supporting Webkinz Insider.

Six New Kinz Klips to be Released in August 2010

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Ganz is added six new pets to the Kinz Klip collection.  Pictured here are the Koala Kinz Klip, Pug Kinz Klip, Spotted Leopard Kinz Klip, Charcoal Cat Kinz Klip, Chicken Kinz Klip, and Pink and White Cat Kinz Klip.  Like previously released Kinz Klips, the feature codes on these items will give players access to the Zumwhere feature in Webkinz World.
Webkinz Insider's Partner Store, Ameriwade, currently has these and many other new items available for pre-order.  Remember, Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping to the USA and Canada, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to support Webkinz Insider.

New Zumbuddy Products Coming to Stores in July 2010

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Ganz has just announced that they will be releasing a third series of their very popular Zumbuddy plushies in July 2010.  Players entering the feature code off of these items will receive a virtual Zumbuddy on their Webkinz World account.  
A new Zumbuddy product will also be hitting stores in July 2010.  Instead of KinzKlips, Webkinz fans can now own Zumbuddy Klips.  Although it has not yet been announced, it appears that players entering the feature code off of these items will gain access to Zumwhere in Webkinz World, just like with the previous Klip products.
All of these items will be available for presale at Webkinz Insider's Partner Store,, starting at 3pm Eastern Time on Friday, May 28th.

2010 Holiday Webkinz Revealed, Ameriwade Presale Starts on May 10th

The Webkinz for the 2010 Holiday season have been revealed!  
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Halloween:  If you missed either the Webkinz Black Cat or the Webkinz Bat in previous seasons, you're in luck.  Both pets will be returning for 2010.  Joining them is a new pet, the Webkinz Night Mare.  The KinzStyle Pumpkin Costume and Witch Costume will be available as well.  All Halloween products should begin hitting stores in mid-August.  The Webkinz Lava Dragon, which was officially retired last year, will, of course, not be returning.
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Thanksgiving:  It appears that the Webkinz Turkeywill not be returning for 2010.  Instead it is going to be replaced by the by the plumper Webkinz Gobbler Turkey.  This chunky fellow should start hitting stores in mid-August.
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Christmas:  The Webkinz Reindeer and the Reindeer KinzKlip will be celebrating Christmas in Webkinz World this year along with the KinzStyle Red Santa Suit, and they are going to be joined by the new Webkinz Minty Moose.  At this point it appears that the Webkinz Snowman and Webkinz Peppermint Puppy will not be making the trip back.  The Christmas products should start hitting stores at the end of September.
See a pet on the list that you've just gotta have?  Check out our partner store,  Ameriwade features $5 flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada, no matter how many Webkinz you buy, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to support Webkinz Insider.  Ameriwade is going to start pre-selling all of the 2010 Holiday pets on their website at 3pm Eastern Time on Monday, May 10th.  

May 2010 Plushie Releases Confirmed, More Products Revealed -- Stegosaurus, Blueberry Cheeky Dog!

Last month we were able to bring you pictures of a number of the Webkinz plushies scheduled for release in May 2010.  Today, thank you to our friends at, we can bring you the rest of the plushie pictures, and tell you about a few more items.
   webkinz cheats   webkinz cheats
Ganz is also releasing several new Kinz Klip pets:  Brown Dog, Bullfrog, Clydesdale, Velvety Elephant, Googles, and Bengal Tiger.  As you may remember, the feature codes from Kinz Klips give players access to the Zumwhere feature in Webkinz World
The next featured Caring Valley Pet is going to be the Webkinz Frog.  Remember, it's the extra Green Tag on the Frog that gets players access to the Caring Valley feature, not the adoption tag.  The Pet of the Month for June is going to be the Webkinz (large) Pig.  Pet of the Month pets must be adopted in their special month to qualify for extra prizes.

Webkinz Peppermint Puppy, Reindeer Kinz Klip Pre-Sale at Ameriwade

While we gave you the news about the Webkinz Peppermint Puppy and Reindeer Kinz Klip as this year's seasonal Webkinz for Christmas, they hadn't been orderable by retailers until recently. Our retail partner at Ameriwade.Com has just started taking pre-orders for these new pets!
Christmas Pre-order
Ameriwade will be shipping these pets out to customers in the middle of October. Remember, a portion of every purchase you make at Ameriwade goes to help support Webkinz Insider! Check out their pre-order section now:

Webkinz Seasonal Easter Releases Confirmed - Marshmallow Bunny, Lamb + Rabbit Kinz Klip!

Thanks to a report from Robert at Ameriwade, we've been able to confirm Ganz's selection for Easter 2010! Ganz always releases seasonal pets for the Easter season, and all of the previous Easter Webkinz are returning, except for the Webkinz Sherbet Bunny.
February Webkinz Pets
This Easter, they've added a new Webkinz, the Marshmallow Bunny and two Kinz Klips + Webkinz sets -- the Lamb and Rabbit.
These Webkinz, which will be available in February, along with all the October Webkinz releases, will be available for purchase in the Webkinz Pre Sell section of Ameriwade.Com on Wednesday, August 26th at Noon, Eastern time.  Remember, portion of every purchase made on Ameriwade's website goes to support Webkinz Insider.

Ganz Released New Kinz Klips for October - Frog, Pig, Cow - Includes a Webkinz!

It's been some time since the last release of Kinz Klips, but Robert from Ameriwade has informed us that the Series 3 Kinz Klips have been released to retailers and will be included in October's shipment from Ganz!
Ganz has changed their packaging inclusion for Kinz Klips from now on. The October release (and future Kinz Klip releases) will include a matching Webkinz pet! Robert has also let us know that the Kinz Klip + Webkinz will cost only $15.99 for the set!
October Kinz Klips
This release includes the Cow, Pig and Frog Webkinz + Kinz Klip sets. These sets, along with all the other October Webkinz releases, will be available for purchase in the Webkinz Pre Sell section of Ameriwade.Com on Wednesday, August 26th at Noon, Eastern time.  Remember, portion of every purchase made on Ameriwade's website goes to support Webkinz Insider.

Ganz Releases Information on 2010's "Valentine Collection"

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Ganz has officially announced which Webkinz products will be released for the Valentine 2010 season.  Some new products are being added to the collection and some old products are returning for another year.
  • For the first time ever, a Love Lion is going to be for sale.
  • The Love Frog is returning, but this time it is being sold with a brand new Love Frog Kinz Klip.  It appears that these two items will only be available as a package deal.
  • The Love Monkey is also returning for another year.
  • And, the Valentine T-Shirt from the Kinz Clothes Collection will be back.
The new Valentine products should start appearing at Webkinz retailers in January 2010.

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