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Mazeing Hamsters

Webkinz World adds New Levelled Challenges to Hamster Hamlet

Be sure to visit Mazin' Hamsters and check out the new additions to the Hamster Hamlet in Webkinz World. The new Zum Round-Up and the Matching Pairs Challenges  offer more opportunities for Moohlah, KinzCash and Webkinz Prizes.
In Zum Round Up, you will need search the Hamlet and find the floating Zums. You can continue to "round" up the Zums or you can choose to take them to the party. Once you have succeeded in getting all  all the required Zums to the party, you will pass the level and you will win a prize!
In the new Matching Pairs challenge you will have to search the Hamlet looking for rising sparkles. Stand over the sparkles and you will see the hidden object. Continue searching and checking the other rising sparkles to try and make a pair. Match all of the pairs and you will win a prize!
Visit Webkinz News for more information. Thank you to WI member Isabelle123 for alerting us to these changes.
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Webkinz Insider Member Wins Flag Fortune Trophy

 Congrats to WI Member Valntom for winning the new Flag Fortune Trophy from the Mazin' Hamsters section of Webkinz World.  To win this trophy you need to complete all six of the Flag Fortune challenge mazes.
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To learn more about Mazin' Hamsters and their features, visit the WIki HERE.  

Webkinz Insider Member wins "Tour de Flags" Trophy

 Congratulations to WI member PandaPanda. Her sister B1uski3sxox has let us know that she has won the Tour De Flags Trophy. Here is a picture of Petunia posing with her new trophy!
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For more information on the Mazin' Hamsters, please visit the Webkinz Insider Wiki.

Mazin' Mall is Now Open

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Webkinz members are seeing the new advertisement now in Webkinz World. Looks like now we go shopping at the Mall for our Hamsters! Once you click on the ad it takes you there and you can see a directory of the mall. Have fun shopping!

Mazin' Hamster Plushies Revealed, Scheduled for July Release

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We are pleased to be able to bring you the first pictures of all six of the new Webkinz "Mazin' Hamsters" that are scheduled for release in July 2010.  Pictured above are "Sunshine", "Honey", "Snowflake", "Presto", "Sweetie", and "Petunia".  Each color of Hamster is being released in different quantities, making some rarer than others.  Sweetie (pink) and Petunia (purple) are the common Hamsters.  Sunshine (tan) and Snowflake (white) are the rare Hamsters.  The other two fall somewhere in the middle.
Players entering the feature code off of one of these pets will receive access to a special 3D area in Webkinz World.  Click "Read More" below for complete details and pictures.
All of the new "Mazin' Hamsters" will be available for pre-sale at Webkinz Insider's Partner Store,, starting at 3pm Eastern Time on Friday, May 28th.  A portion of every sale made on their website goes to supporting Webkinz Insider.
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Webkinz Amazing Hamsters Coming to Webkinz World!

Originally Submitted by Justin on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 6:32pm.
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Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Webkinz with Zhu Zhu pets? Well, you might find out.. We've come across some very interesting information about a significant upcoming feature in Webkinz World -- Amazing Hamsters! 
We aren't sure if this will be the final name that Ganz settles on, but the feature is currently in development and tentatively slated for release into Webkinz World in July! According to our sources, there will be 6 plushes of varying colors to start with, and certain colors will be more limited in availability to retailers making some rarer than others. They are expected to be around the same size as Zum Buddies, and we are unsure about the approximate cost.
The best description we've heard is to imagine Zhu Zhu pets within Webkinz World. You will be able to build mazes and tunnels by adding different pieces and the Amazing Hamsters will run through the mazes and obstacles! We assume that the Hamster area will be a separate section of Webkinz World, like Zumwhere, however Ganz could surprise us and have them running through our rooms.
UPDATE (May 26th):  Ganz has released a "teaser" image of the six hamsters (shown above).
We expect that these new Hamsters will be available for order very soon.  As soon as they are, you will be able to purchase them on pre-sale at Webkinz Insider's partner store, Ameriwade.  Remember, a portion of every sale made online at Ameriwade goes to support Webkinz Insider. (

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