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Webkinz Insider Halloween Room Decorating Contest

It's time to brew up some Halloween Fun with a WebkinzInsider Contest!
Starting today and running until October 31st at 11:59PM US KT, enter your Webkinz Halloween Decorated Room to win one of 3 great prize packs!
Qualified entries must be posted on the thread at this link - WI Halloween Room Decorating Contest
We are looking forward to seeing all your spooktacular entries!  

Just for Fun: WI WIki's Pets Say the Cutest Things!

webkinz cheatsWebkinz pets really do say the cutest things!  Whether it's after they'e eaten a special food, gotten dressed in a new item of clothing, or just gotten off the potty, they all have things to say.  Many of these phrases give players a peek at the sense of humor the Webkinz designers must have.
There are a couple hundered different sayings in Webkinz World, and our WIki team, led by Webkinz Insider member curiousg, is working on collecting them all.  Click on in (HERE) to take a look at their amazing project today.
Do you know of a phrase that is missing from the list?  Come on in to the WIki discussion area and let the WIki team know.  Remember, we're all working on the WIki together and all Webkinz Insider members are invited to contribute!

Just for Fun: Can You Tell One Species of Camel From Another?

webkinz cheats
Ganz has announced that they will be releasing a plushie Signature Bactrian Camel for sale in July 2011. For those of you who are wondering, the original Webkinz Camel that was released in 2008 is also a Bactrian.  Did you know that, in the real world, there are actually two distinct species of Camel?  In addition to the Bactrian, which lives in Central and East Asia, there is also the Dromedary, which lives in West Asia.  
So, how do you tell the difference between the two?  Bactrian Camels have two humps on their backs, and Dromedary Camels have just one.  For an easy way to remember which name goes with which animal, just look at the very first letter of each.  Turn the letters on their sides, and they look like the backs of the camels.  The "B" in "Bactrian" has two humps, and the "D" in "Dromedary" has one.  Remember that tip, and you'll always be able to tell the two apart!
If you are looking to add a camel to your Webkinz family, check out Webkinz Insider's partner store, Ameriwade.  The original Camel is currently available for sale, and the Signature Bactrian Camel will be available for pre-order starting Wednesday, May 25.

Just for Fun: Spotlight on the Medieval Theme

webkinz cheats
Are you building a Medieval-themed room in your Webkinz house?  Don't forget to stop by the Curio Shop today to do some shopping.  In an unusual twist, Arte has decided to put three rare Medieval items up for sale today.  Deluxe players can purchase the Medieval Dining Chair at 3pm KT.  All players can purchase the Medieval Monarch Sofa at 4pm KT and then the Royal Estate Bed at 5pm KT.  These items aren't cheap, so make sure you have enough KinzCash on-hand before you start shopping.
Did you know that Webkinz World used to have a King?  According to Webkinz legend, "King Kinz was known for being kind and just.  The kingdom he so carefully built was the foundation for the Webkinz World we know today."  King Kinz was served by Sir Galahippo, Webkinz World's bravest knight.
To learn more about the Medieval Theme, and to learn more about the Characters in Webkinz world, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki, the most comprehensive Webkinz World guide on the internet.

Just for Fun: How to Make Your Own Webkinz Touring Van

webkinz cheats
Earlier this morning we announced Webkinz Insider's Official Touring Van Giveaway.  And, while we wish we could give a Touring Van to every one of our members, that simply isn't possible.  Or, is it?
We may not be able to send everyone a virtual Touring Van, but thanks to Webkinz Insider member CheekyDB, we can do the next best thing:  show everyone how to create a real Touring Van for their plushies.
Using photos taken by WI Member jagular and a template from PaperToys, CheekyDB created a design that can be cut out and folded to make a real 3D van!  Print the image smaller to make it figurine size, print it larger to make it plushie size.  Cut a hole in the top, and you've got a cool ride for your pets!
For the template and complete assembly instructions, please visit CheekyDB's thread, HERE.

April is Autism Awareness Month

As some of you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month. Autism affects many people around the world, and many of our Webkinz Insider members are touched by this disorder among their family and friends, or even have it themself. If you meet someone with autism, they may appear odd to you -- but remember that they have their own special abilities, which often include being really good at online games like Webkinz!
In order to raise awareness about autism, some of our members have adopted special webkinz that happen to be blue, the color of autism awareness. They have named them "Autism Awareness", and you may see them in the clubhouse!
Shown here is KinzDiva's Blue Springtime Chick and ElectraBuzz1's blue Pucker Fish in the clubhouse:
webkinz autismwebkinz autism
If you would like to join this effort to raise awareness, you can buy a blue webkinz at our partner store. And make sure to stop by our discussion thread for members who are touched by all kinds of special needs. And last but not least, there is much more information about autism awareness and a "blue pet parade" in our Wiki.

Ganz creates Hug a Pug Remix video with REAL people

The Webkinz News site has released a You Tube remix of the Pet of the month Hug a Pug video
Click HERE to bring you to the permanent link where the video is located.

WI member creates a purse from Webkinz Tags!

One of the things Webkinz Insider is known for is the creativity of our members. Many of you have seen the Housez in Webkinz World section where our members share their WW rooms. WI also has some very creative members who create real-life versions of Webkinz virtual-only pets. Here is another great idea by WI member PeaceOut for something to do with all those Webkinz tags you have laying around. Using duct tape, contact paper, and Webkinz tags, PeaceOut has crafted a purse! For more details on this creation, click HERE to see PeaceOut's post. Remember, if you are going to try this be sure to remove the codes from your tags first!"

POTM Food Glitch in Hourly Activities

 webkinz cheats
Cocker Spaniel owners who picked up the free "Doggie Bone Burger" this morning may want to think twice about feeding it to their Webkinz.  We can pretty much guarantee that they aren't going to like it.  As many of our Cocker Spaniel owners have noticed, the free food given away in this morning's Hourly Activity, the Doggie Bone Burger, is the Pet Special food for the American Cocker Spaniel.  The Pet Special Food for the regular Cocker Spaniel is Beef Flavored Gum Drops.  Thank you to WI member sunnybunny for this picture from her account.

Fitting More Than One Webkinz on a Chair, Ticket Booth, Jungle Gym...

webkinz cheats


webkinz cheats webkinz cheats


They don't look very comfortable, but they do fit.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member papergirl63 for sharing more pictures with us of her Webkinz sitting together.  Just like with the Santakinz Christmas Chair and the eStore Giant Chair, these seating arrangements have been tested and verified, but it is worth noting that getting pets to share a seat can be tricky.  It takes careful clicking and some degree of patience.  This "quirk" seems to affect items that are larger than one square in size. UPDATE:  WI member jazzy999 discovered that the Guinea Pig, Arctic Fox, and Cotton Candy Bunny PSIs have the same "quirk".  


"The Biggest thing to remember when trying to get mutiple pets on these items is, HIGHLIGHT THE FLOOR UNDER THE LEG FIRST, THEN CLICK. The highlighter square is very twitchy, especially if you have other items near the chair. The first time you try this move the chair to an open area.  Put the square in front of, or side of the leg, carefully slide it under.  The chair leg should be seen clearly through the square ( not cloudy), now click. Good Luck."  --papergirl63

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