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Webkinz Jr.

Ganz Releases New "Smaller" Line of Webkinz Jr Pets

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It has been nearly six months since Ganz added any new pets to their Webkinz Jr. line.  Now we have word that they are releasing six new pets, and that these pets will be smaller and cost less than the earlier pets.  Pictured above are the Small Webkinz Jr. Puppy, Small Webkinz Jr. Giraffe, Small Webkinz Jr. Kitten, Small Webkinz Jr. Elephant, Small Webkinz Jr. Bunny, and Small Webkinz Jr. Mouse.  Click "Read More" below to view the virtual images of these new pets.
Webkinz Jr. is a virtual world, similar to Webkinz World, that was created specifically for children aged three to six years old.  Webkinz Jr. pets cannot be adopted in Webkinz World, and Webkinz pets cannot be adopted on the Webkinz Jr. site.  For more information about Webkinz Jr., please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE,  or our Webkinz Jr. discussion area, HERE.
All of these new pets are scheduled for release in June 2010, and they can be pre-ordered at our Partner Store,  Ameriwade features $5 flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada, no matter how many Webkinz you buy, and if you place an order for items scheduled for release in June 2010, your credit card won't be charged until June 2010.  A portion of every sale made on Ameriwade's site goes to support Webkinz Insider. 
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Don't Forget to Check Out the Webkinz Jr. Section On WI

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  Do you have a Webkinz Jr. account?  Are you thinking about
  buying a Webkinz Jr.?  Are you asking yourself "What is Webkinz
  Jr.?"  Whatever you answered to these questions, we'd like to
  invite you to come on in to our forum and visit our Webkinz Jr.
  section (click HERE).
  The Webkinz Jr. site has been growing and changing as the
  programmers at Ganz work on both old features and new ones.  
  If you're into Webkinz Jr., please come on in and join the
  discussion with our members.

Don't Forget to Check Out the Webkinz Jr. Section on WI.

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Do you have a Webkinz Jr. account?  Are you thinking about buying a Webkinz Jr.?  Are you asking yourself "What is Webkinz Jr.?"  Whatever you answered, we'd like to invite you to come on in to our forum and visit our Webkinz Jr. section (Click HERE).  
Since the Webkinz Jr. site debuted several weeks ago, our members have been hard at work figuring out all there is to know about the program and putting together some fantastic guides.  Please stop by and check it out.

WI member, Exoteric finds all 6 Webkinz Jr. Plushies!

 Our Very own EXOTERIC was able to find and purchase all 6 of the Webkinz Jr. plushies. at her favorite local shop. Looks like they are finally hitting the stores.  Congratulations Exoteric!
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Webkinz Jr. Plushies Arrive in Stores

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider member jessicabarnhart for sharing this picture with us of the Webkinz Jr. Pink Puppy she purchased today.  Here you can see it sitting next to a Webkinz Alley Cat.  Although Webkinz Jr. adoption codes have been available at the Ganz eStore ( for about a week now, this is the first report we have had of a member being able to purchase a plushie. 
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Webkinz and Webkinz Jr. are NOT the same thing.  Webkinz adoption codes can only be used on and Webkinz Jr. adoption codes can only be used on  Although these two products have similar names, they are each a part of two totally different programs.  To learn more about Webkinz Jr. you can visit the new Webkinz Jr. website, or, you can visit the Webkinz Jr. section of our forum to discuss this product with our members:
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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Webkinz Jr. Orange Kitty

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Love'EmWebkinz on her adoption of "Noodles" a Webkinz Jr. Orange Kitty.  Love'EmWebkinz purchased the Orange Kitty code from the Ganz eStore.  She was able to adopt the Kitty and explore the site for a little bit, but now she is getting an error message when she attempts to log on.  Many other members are reporting having the same problem with their new Webkinz Jr. accounts.  Thank you to mootooyou for this copy of the error message.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will have this glitch corrected soon and Webkinz Jr. owners will be able to get in to see what the new Webkinz Jr. world has to offer.
If you would like to learn more about Webkinz Jr., please visit the new website:

Webkinz Jr. Site Now Open, Webkinz Jr. Pets For Sale at eStore!

Thanks to Love'EmWebkinz from our forum for letting us know that WebkinzJr.Com is now live and taking registrations!
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No members have reported registration to the site yet, but I stepped through the registration process all the way to the end and it appears to be working though I didn't have a code to enter.
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For those interested in Webkinz Jr., but unable to get their hands on the plushes, which have been in very short supply, you can buy the entire line at the eStore.  They cost 25,000 Ganz Points, which translates to USD $25.
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