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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Fraidy Cat Lion Berry Treasure Hunt on Webkinz Newz!

It is almost time for the Berry Festival to begin in Webkinz World and as part of the celebration, a new Fraidy Cat Lion Berry Treasure Hunt event has been added to Webkinz Newz! Webkinz Insider members will be happy to know that this new event is happening right now and will continue until August 9th. In order to receive your Virtual Figurine prize, you need only to follow the clues around the Webkinz Newz site and a Fraidy Cat Virtual Figurine and item will be added to your Webkinz World account.

Please note that there is the usual limit of one prize per Webkinz World account for this Webkinz Newz Fraidy Cat Lion Berry Treasure Hunt event.

Two New Treasure Hunts on Webkinz Newz!

Webkinz Insider members will be happy to learn that two new Treasure Hunts have been added to the Webkinz Newz site! Between May 3rd and June 2nd, the Spring Shopping Treasure Hunt and the Birthday Treasure Hunt will be available for fun and prizes!

In order to participate and get your free prizes, just log your WW account into the Treasure Hunts on WKN, follow the instructions as each clue appears, and some cool prizes will be added to your Webkinz World account. There is a limit of one prize per WW account per Treasure Hunt event.

The prizes available to be won for the Spring Shopping Treasure Hunt are the Super Shopper Yellow Lab virtual figurine and the High Heel Chair. When you play the Birthday Treasure Hunt, the Happy Birthday Cheeky Monkey virtual figurine and the Cupcake Chair will be added to your WW account!
Have fun and happy hunting during these Treasure Hunt events!

New Webkinz Newz Treasure Hunt for Dear Diary Leopard Figure

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsThank you to Webkinz Insider Member, las, we  can tell you that Webkinz Newz has a new treasure hunt.  To access the Hunt, go to the Contest tab on the Webkinz Newz, and click on the Treasure Hunt.  
Players who complete the Hunt will be rewarded with a Dear Diary Leopard virtual figure and the figure's item, the Secret Dreams Diary.  Players who have not yet entered a figure code will also gain access to the Woodland Wonders feature.  
For more information about Woodland Wonders and the Figure prizes, check out our WIki.

New Virtual Christmas Ornaments Coming Soon to Ganz eStore

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Ganz has announced that they will be releasing a new line of Christmas ornaments for 2009.  This year's series of ornaments will be virtual-only and will only be for sale at the Ganz eStore (  There will be 25 ornaments total, and each ornament code will unlock decorations that can be used to customize a special Christmas Tree.  Players entering the codes from all 25 ornaments will receive a "special surprise".
To get an idea of how this feature is going to work, take a look at WI's guide to last year's Christmas ornaments, HERE.

Five New Virtual Figures Coming Soon to the Ganz eStore

Virtual Figure collectors should be pleased to hear that five new figures will be coming soon to the Ganz eStore:  Center Court Collie, Happy Hula Pink & White Dog, Skateboarding Chicken, Space Explorer Cocker Spaniel, and Swim Star Crocodile.  
Remember each virtual figure code entered awards two prizes, the Virtual Figure, and a Figure Specific Item.  The FSIs for these figures are the Golden Tennis Trophy, Tropical Drum Side Table, Skateboard Rack, Out of this World Moon Globe, and Beach Towel.
Virtual figure codes also give players access to the Woodland Wonders feature in Webkinz World.  To learn more about this feature, and about how entering codes can affect your odds of getting prizes, please visit the Magical Forest section of our forum HERE.
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Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore, August 8th

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Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will
be for sale at the Ganz eStore on Saturday, August 8th:

Webkinz: Grey Wolf, Peridot Dog
Exclusive Items: Luxury Palace Flooring & Wallpaper, Majestic Meals Dining Table, Hologram Projector, Big Pile of KinzCash Bed, Playland Ball Pool
Fairy Fall Charm Codes: Googles and Yorkie
Magic Mire Charm Codes: Tournament Arena, Dr. Quack, Tabby, Arte Fact,  Persian Cat,
Zangoz, Rabbit, and Alyssa
Figurines: Ski-in-Style Himalayan Cat Figure
Deluxe Advantage: Pterodactyl, Exquisite Armoire, Gorilla Charm, Hippo Charm,
Royal Whimsy Dragon Figure
UPDATE:  The new "Stone Tile Swimming Pool" we told you about yesterday is also listed in the eStore for today, but it is shown as "Coming Soon" and cannot yet be purchased.
UPDATE #2 The pool can now be purchased. Thank you to WI members KileXY and ajoysmom for these pictures of the pool on their accounts.
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Super Sunday at the Ganz eStore, July 19

Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be
for sale at the Ganz eStore on Sunday, July 19th:

Webkinz: Phoenix, Griffin, Ruby Retriever
Exclusives: Griffin Tapestry, Backyard Fun Tire Swing, Prince Costume, Wood Paneled Whirlpool, High End Counter, Zingoz Tree, Circus Spotlight
Fairy Falls Charm Codes: Elephant, Golden Retriever, Poncho and Polar Bear
Magic Mire Charm Codes:  Koala, Dalmation, Husky, Beagle, Chocolate Lab, Nafaria, Basset Hound, KinzPost Letter
Figure Code:  Golden Goal Deer
Deluxe Advantage: Cotton Candy Sheep, Backyard Fun Tire Swing, Black Lab Charm Code and Pig Charm Code, Ski in Style Himalayan Cat Figurine Code

Deer Figure Code to Return to eStore, "Something Green" Coming Soon

webkinz cheats   webkinz cheats
To make up for the fact that the new Golden Goal Deer Figure code wasn't for sale at the Ganz eStore ( as Ganz had said it was going to be, Ganz has decided to make the code available again this coming weekend.  On April 25th and April 26th the Golden Goal Deer Figure code should be for sale.
Also, Ganz has released a new "teaser" advertisment announcing that "Something Green" will be available at the Ganz eStore on May 1st.  It is unlikely that we will be able to confirm what this new item is before the release date, but there is a chance Ganz will give us more clues over the next week.  Could this new item have something to do with Earth Day on April 22nd?  We will just have to wait and see.

Online-Only Figurines Coming to Ganz eStore!

Today's Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore brought a few new items, including a new figurine -- the Golden Goal Deer! Thanks to starlit1211 for notifying the staff about an ad for figurines in the eStore.  It appears that a new series of online-only figurines will be for sale at the eStore on weekends.
Upon learning that there would be a new eStore-only figurine set, we can confirm the following 6 figurines with their FSIs (Figurine Special Items) will soon be available.
Ganz eStore Figurines
We can also confirm that these Figurines and their FSI's are currently sendable/tradable items in Webkinz World.
We're not sure if there will be a different figurine for each day of the weekend, but we'll find out tomorrow!

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