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Second Half of Summer Line of Clothing Arrives in KinzStyle Outlet!

A while back, we announced the arrival of the first half of the summertime line of clothes for PJ's Outlet, also known as the KinzStyle Outlet. There were a lot of empty slots in the display at the time.
We're happy to let you all know that the second half of the summer line for 2012 has now arrived!
The new clothes are the Blue Bandana, Burgundy Track Pants, Chic Black Dress, Loose Fit Denim Top, Red Skate Shoes, Rockin' Black Belt, Summer Sandals, Tangerine Mini Skirt, White Linen Pants and Yellow V-Neck Shirt.
Happy Shopping!

PJ’s Spring Fashion Fest Click-To-Win Event Coming to WKN!

Along with the warmer days and spring showers of April, comes the need for new pet clothing   appropriate to the season! WKN has announced a special Click-to-Win Event, PJ's Spring Fashion Fest, to give you the chance to add a few exclusive spring pieces to your pet's spring wardrobe!

Pollie Jean Collie, known to Webkinz Insider members simply as PJ, will be floating around the Webkinz Newz pages between April 12th and April 26th. Find and click on PJ, correctly complete the form and one of the stylish pieces from Pollie Collie's new spring fashion line or an exclusive piece of clothing will be deposited into your WW account!
The three exclusive clothing pieces that are available to be won are the lovely Springtime Laced Heels, the versatile Springtime Leather Skirt and the styling Springtime Cardigan. The Kinzstyle Outlet items available as prizes are the Polka Dot Rain Hat, Polka Dot Rain Coat and Polka Dot Rain Boots. There will be the usual limit of one item per account each day.

So if your kinz have been asking for a new outfit when you log into your WW account, this is a perfect chance for Webkinz Insider members to satisfy the fashionista in their pets by updating their wardrobe, courtesy of PJ and WKN!

KinzStyle Shop's Springtime Dress and Shoes on Sale in wShop

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsAs many Webkinz players have discovered, there is something strange going on in the wShop.  Under the "Sale Items" category, the Springtime Dress and Springtime Shoes are currently available for sale.  These two items are supposed to be exclusive to Persephone's KinzStyle Shop.  Access to Persephone's Shop is only granted to players who have entered the feature code from an item of KinzStyle clothing.
At this point, we do not know why these two items are available for sale in the wShop, or how long they are going to be there.  If you think any of your pets may want to dress up for Spring, head on over to the wShop to make your purchases now!
UPDATE:  Both the Dress and Shoes have been available for sale on Saturday and Sunday.  Players with Asian accounts report that only the Shoes are available on Monday.  If you want the Dress, you need to buy it by Midnight tonight.  

Ganz Reveals Winter Holiday Products for 2011

webkinz cheatsIt might be too early for you to think about your Holiday shopping, but Ganz is already gearing up for the rush.  Today they announced that a new seasonal pet will begin hitting store shelves in October 2011, the Webkinz Winter Fawn.  This adorable pet will be joined by a few returning seasonal Webkinz products, the Holiday Reindeer KinzKlip, Nick the Mazin' Hamster, and the red KinzStyle Santa Suit.
If you need to do some holiday shopping for your favorite Webkinz fan, please click on over to Ameriwade, Webkinz Insider's partner store.  Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping to the USA and Canada, no matter how large your order is, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to supporting Webkinz Insider.

Fourteen New Items Added to Persephone's KinzStyle Shop

webkinz cheatsWe have one more bit of news to bring you about this morning's site maintenance in Webkinz World.  Fourteen new items were added to Persephone's KinzStyle Shop:  Blue Flannel Shirt, Colorful Long Sleeve Tee, Striped Rugby Jersey, Cardi with Pink Top, Purple Leggings, Lightweight Striped Top, Sweater Dress, Distressed Stretchy Jeans, Trendy Sneakers, Plaid Buckle Cap, Sequin Cabbie Cap, Ruffled Skirt, Plaid Skirt, and Slouch Boots.  
webkinz cheats      webkinz cheats
Several of you have noticed that there seems to have been a naming error on two of the items.  The Plaid Buckle Cap, shown on the left, and the Sequin Cabbie Cap, shown on the right, appear to have had their names reversed.

Players Discover Invisible Item in Persephone's KinzStyle Shop *UPDATE*

Originally Submitted by FIA on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 10:40pm.
webkinz cheats
It looks like Persephone is having a bad day.  Our members have discovered another another glitch with one of her items.  Thank you to WI member AuntMary57 for this picture of the invisible Webkinz Sports Top.  It sells in the shop for 350 KC, and if purchased, also shows up as a blank square in the player's dock.
webkinz cheatsBased on the item's description, it sounds suspiciously like the top that is supposed to come with the plushie Webkinz Sports Outfit that was released in May.  
Players entering feature codes from that outfit have been receiving wShop clothing as their gifts instead of a virtual copy of the outfit.  Click HERE for the original story.
webkinz cheats
UPDATE (July 30th):  The image of the top is now visible.  
As expected it matches the top in the Webkinz Sports Outfit.

Players Confused by Rainbow Stripe Tank Top Graphic Change *UPDATE*

Originally Submitted by FIA on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 10:14pm.
webkinz cheats
Many players logging on to Webkinz World today have been surprised to discover that during this morning's maintenance, the image for the Rainbow Stripe Tank Top was changed.  The name is the same but the top is no longer rainbow, striped, or a tank top.  Thank you to WI member trixietangles for this picture from her account.
webkinz cheats
UPDATE:  Thank you to WI member mommysbabe19 for pointing out that this is the top that comes with the "Tank w/ Striped Leggings" plushie outfit.  Players entering the feature code from the outfit had been receiving the top shown on the left.  Now those tops have changed to the image on the right. It appears that Ganz "fixed" the image, but forgot to fix the name.
UPDATE (July 30th):  The name of this item has been changed to "Rainbow Butterfly Tank Top".

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