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Limited Availability Pets

Patchy Puppies PSI and PSF Image Released

If you were waiting to hear what the PSI and PSF of the latest Limited Availability Pet would be you do not need to wait any longer. Today Ganz released images and names for the December Limited Availability Pet the Patchy Puppy. This adorable Puppy will come with a colourful and fun Backyard Bubble Maker and a cool treat, the Twisted Fruit Slushy.
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All of the upcoming December pets are currently available for pre-order at Webkinz Insider's partner store, Ameriwade. Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping, and a portion of every sale made online at helps support Webkinz Insider.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Four June Webkinz

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member violinbeauty on the adoption of four new Webkinz.  Above you can see "Samantha", the Signature Spotted Jaguar, "Fairy Floss", the Razzle Dazzle Dog, "Miss Kitty", the Tickled Pink Cat, and "Penny", the Pretty Peacock.  The pets are shown posing with the Jungle Gym Slider, Jeweled Fountain, Pink and Fluffy Fridge, and Cool Breeze Plumage Fan.
violinbeauty reports that the Signature Spotted Jaguar's Pet Specific Item, the Jungle Gym Slider, is an interactive item.  Her pets "slide" down by bumping down the stairs.  According to the code tag that came with the Jaguar, the pet is an Endangered Signature Webkinz, but it did not come with special walls or floors.

Ganz Introduces New Line of "Limited Availability Pets"

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Ganz has announced that the new Webkinz Hippie Hippo is going to be the very first pet in a new line of "Limited Availability Pets".  According to Ganz, "a few times throughout the year, [Ganz] will produce a new Webkinz pet in extremely low amounts.  Ordering quantities will be limited and no back orders will be taken."  Our friends at Ameriwade tell us that the Hippie Hippo release is being limited to just three plushies per store!  
Instead of selling their three precious Hippie Hippos, Ameriwade has decided to give them away!  Every item a customer orders at Ameriwade between now and the 1st of March will get them an entry into the Hippie Hippo drawing.  Please see for complete details.
Webkinz Insider's partner store, Ameriwade, features $5 flat-rate shipping, no matter how large your order is, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to supporting Webkinz Insider.

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