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Tail Towns

Ganz Offering Ambassador Program for Free Webkinz!

As many of you know, Ganz entered the arena of Facebook-based games in May of this year with both Webkinz Friends and Tail Towns Friends. Both games bear some similarities to well-known Facebook games like Farmville, with Ganz's own twist!
Now that both games and their user base are beginning to mature, Ganz is offering an ambassador program for both Webkinz Friends and Tail Towns Friends, and you can get great free stuff for participating including Free Webkinz and free Tail Towns Figurines!
Ganz wants to know what real-life players like yourselves think of their Facebook games and are offering a 6-week Game Ambassador Program for both games, where you will be a Game Tester for Ganz! We're also looking for input on Tail Towns Insiders and our Tail Towns Insiders Forums from avid Tail Towns Friends players -- we have many directions and features we can add to the site, we need to know what you want and would find useful!
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Tail Towns Insiders Interviews Tail Towns Friends Creative Director

Hey everyone! Based on our reputation, we were granted the opportunity to ask the Tail Towns Friends Creative Director a bunch of questions on Tail Towns Insiders. Some of what we asked included general Tail Towns Friends gameplay, Act 2 availability, figurine availability and features, and a whole lot more.
We took suggestions from all of you and came up with what we thought were the top 10 most-requested questions, and here are the answers -- we hope you enjoy the interview, we found some of the answers very interesting and are really excited for figurines and Act 2!
We want to thank the Creative Director for his time and effort that clearly went into these answers. We'd also like to mention that our partner store, Ameriwade, is going to be offering Tail Towns Figurines for a special presale price starting on Thursday, July 5th.
First off, thank you for the opportunity to discuss Tail Towns Friends with you! Webkinz Insider really is a great community, and community is exactly what Tail Towns Friends is all about. So I appreciate the chance to talk directly to the Insiders and give you a glimpse into this exciting new world.
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Ganz Launches Second Facebook Game -- Tail Towns Friends!

In addition to the launch of the new Facebook game Webkinz Friends last week, Ganz has quietly launched Tail Towns as Tail Towns Friends on Facebook! We've briefly played the Tail Towns Friends Beta and, while Webkinz Friends is free-style play type of "Ville game" on Facebook, Tail Towns Friends has more directed quests with a storyline in Tail Towns.
Users have been waiting more than a year since the original projected launch of Tail Towns, and it is finally here! Tail towns was originally set to be released as a browser-based Unity3D game but was re-tooled as a Facebook game. It appears that the figurines that were originally shown to retailers and consumers WILL be used for the game, as there's an area called a "Figurine Collection (Coming Soon)".
We're excited that Ganz has released two brand-new games in a week, and it looks like it's going to be a big year for the company and for us here at Webkinz Insider and Tail Towns Insiders! We'll need your help in our Tail Towns Friends Forum and in developing sections in our Tail Towns Friends Wiki with the new game. Let's have some fun!

More Details About Tail Towns, Ameriwade Pre-Sale!

webkinz cheatsWe've got some big news from Robert, at our partner store, Ameriwade.Com! Robert has learned more information about the launch of Tail Towns that's a different take than we've seen up to this point. Ganz is launching Tail Towns on March 8th for everyone to try for free as Tourists in Tail Towns, but will not be allowing users to enter codes until approximately a month later! Ganz's idea is to allow everyone to be on equal footing for the first month to determine if they like the new game before committing to buying anything!
In the same breath, Ameriwade has begun taking pre-orders for Tail Towns figurines! Robert's told us that he's been getting conflicting ship dates from Ganz, so he can only give an estimate of when they'll be shipped to you, which is now listed to be between April 4th and April 16th.
If you're looking to buy Tail Towns figurines, Ameriwade is the place. Robert has chosen to price the figurines at the lowest price we've seen, $12.99 each! If you're interested in the whole set of 12, you can get them all for $144.99. The supply given to retailers is very limited, so order while you can.
Your credit card will be charged when Ameriwade ships the Tail Towns figurines, rather than when you place your order. Visit Ameriwade.Com now and place your order, as a portion of each sale goes to help out Webkinz Insider!

Ganz Accepting Applications for Free Tail Towns Beta Founder Access!

webkinz cheatsFor those of you who are still unsure about Ganz's new project, Tail Towns, there might be a way for you to try out the full game for free!
I just got an e-mail from Ganz asking me to confirm my interest in Tail Towns and to apply to be a Tail Towns Founder. If you're approved, you'll be one of the first few thousand people with beta access to Tail Towns before the actual release!
Not only will you be allowed early access to the new virtual world, you'll also get a free Virtual Village code, which you'd normally have to buy a figurine to get! Simply go to the link it directed me to and fill out the beta application :  
webkinz cheats
The other awesome thing is that Webkinz Insider and Tail Towns Insider made the "How did you hear about us?" selection list! Please make sure to select "Webkinz Insider" in the list! Thanks everyone!

Tail Towns Update - Official Images of First Series Figures

Originally Submitted by FIA on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 2:43pm.
Over at Tail Towns Insiders we are getting very excited about the upcoming launch of Ganz' new Tail Towns website!  We've been busy collecting all available information about this new world and we have been hard at work building a brand new Forum and Wiki guide.
Earlier today Ganz released images of the final figure in the first series of Tail Towns creatures, so now, for the first time, we are able to show you the complete family of creatures.  Although an official release date for the figures has not yet been announced, we anticipate that they will be hitting store shelves in late-February or early-March, just in time for the launch of the site on March 8, 2011.
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Tail Towns is a new line of collectibles from Ganz with a virtual-world counterpart. While this is similar to the model from Webkinz, this new site is designed primarily for women, and requires that you to be 13 or older to play. The new collectibles will be high-quality animal figurines that come with codes that you can enter into Tail Towns.

Tail Towns Update - Official Images of the first 6 Creatures!

We've been working hard on our new site, Tail Towns Insiders, and have had a bit of news over the past week. Each day, Ganz has been releasing official images of each figurine in Tail Towns Series 1, and each creature's virtual representation in the game!
Instead of updating you each time we had news, we figured that somewhat weekly updates about Tail Towns development (until launch) seemed to be the best idea for those Webkinz Insider fans who are interested in keeping up with Tail Towns.
Tail Towns
To see each of the images in full size, please visit us at! We now have a front page, a Tail Towns Wiki and a fully-functioning Tail Towns Forum, all ready to go!

Tail Towns Series 1 Figurines Revealed!

Tail TownsOver at Tail Towns Insiders, we've come across a photo from the Atlanta Toy Show of Ganz's display of Tail Towns that reveals the first 12 woodland creatures!
It's a bit small but it appears that there will be 12 collectible figurines to start with, and we believe this will be "Series 1" in multiple series, much like the Webkinz figurines.
You can spot the first 3 Tail Towns creatures that we showed you earlier : the Foxy Fox, the Mouse Chef with spaghetti, and the Mouse Gardener.
The other 9 are a bit more difficult to identify. There appears to be a Baker Mouse (Male), a Soccer Raccoon, a Pie-Baking Mouse (Female), A Birthday Mouse, a Nurse/Doctor Bunny, a Ballerina Mouse, a Skiing Mouse, a Female Gardening Mouse, and a Teacher Mouse.
On the upper left of the photo, we believe that this is showing how the Tail Towns figurines will be boxed/packaged when you see them in stores. Finally, on the upper-right is a product brochure.
Keep an eye on Tail Towns Insiders for more information about Tail Towns!

Sneak Peek at Tail Towns Characters!

In our quest to find as much information as possible about Tail Towns, the new virtual world from Ganz, for Tail Towns Insiders we've stumbled upon an image on the Ganz Retailer site. It appears to contain three of the "woodland creatures".
webkinz cheats
Each seems to have its own personality, as well. We will continue to bring you any significant news about Tail Towns up until the site launches, as we know that many Webkinz Insider members are interested in keeping up with the new world. Less-significant information and anything after the launch will be covered on our new Insider site Tail Towns Insiders. We're right in the middle of building the site and will have a forum soon!

More Details About Ganz's Tail Towns and Its Effect on Webkinz World

Tail Towns LogoUpon reading many of our members' questions, concerns and interest in Ganz's upcoming virtual world, Tail Towns, I leveraged my relationship with the Webkinz Creative Director to get some more information for everyone. Here is some more concrete, confirmed information from Ganz, and the Creative Director's answers to specific questions I asked him.
Tail Towns is a new line of collectibles from Ganz with a virtual-world counterpart. While this is similar to the model from Webkinz, this new site is designed primarily for women, and requires that you to be 13 or older to play. The new collectibles will be high-quality animal figurines that come with codes that you can enter into Tail Towns.
Tail Towns is set to launch on March 8, 2011, International Women's Day, and the Webkinz Creative Director offered us this exclusive tidbit that should make many of our curious Webkinz Insider members quite happy: Tail Towns will have a free-to-try option. While you won't get the great "estate" feature in the game, you'll be able to try out quite a bit and see if you like it without spending a penny.
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