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Fall Fest 2013 Coming to Webkinz World

Now that school has started and the weather has cooled it is time to think about fall. The most beautiful thing about fall is the beautiful array of colours on the trees as the leaves change. Starting this Saturday, September 21st you will also need to be watching the Floating Leaves in Webkinz World!! Yes, the Floating Leaves are back in Webkinz World this Saturday when Fall Fest begins! Fall Fest runs from September 21st until September 30th.
There looks to be some fun new leaf prizes (shown above) this year! To view earlier Fall Fest Prizes, see our WIki. Stay tuned to find out how manyleaves you can catch each day!
Also starting on September 21st you will be able to purchase single, 4-packs and 6-packs of Fall Fest Soda at the eStore. Feed them to your pets and you can win even more prizes. The Fall Fest Soda will also offer you the chance to win the grand prize . . . a Pumpkin Coach Bed

June 28th is Summer Sensation Day in Webkinz World

Today, June 28, 2013, is Summer Sensation Day, in honour of summer in Webkinz World! When you log into Webkinz World today an adorable Campkinz Sign Swing will be added to your account! You can place this item in your yard and your pets will have a blast playing on it.
There is also a free spin on the Superwheel! This free spin can be accessed in the Todays Activities section of the Things To Do menu!
By spinning the Super Wheel you will have a chance at some amazing prizes including the adoption exclusive Enchanted Garden Fountain and the adoption exclusive Seaside Palace Sandcastle! The Neo Gothic Dresser and the Palace Princess Bellacourt Blooming Flower are also available to be won.
Do not miss out - hurry on over to Webkinz World before this day is over!

Kinzville Movie Theater is added to W Shop *UPDATE*

The latest addition to the W Shop is the Kinzville Movie Theater for 10,000KC.
Members are noticing that at the bottom it says that Prizes are only available during an active promotion. Sounds interesting right, but can't afford the 10,000KC? Don't forget that at the W Shop you can use coupons to help cut the high cost of the Kinzville Movie Theater, unlike at the Curio Shop where coupons are not accepted. Make sure you watch the Today's Activities for W Shop Coupons if you are interested in this high ticket purchase.
UPDATE: If you are planning on buying this Movie Theater, you would do well to hold off for a couple of weeks. Webkinz Newz has just announced that the price will be reduced starting April 24. They did not say what the new price would be.

Happy Valentine's Day

Don't forget to log into your Webkinz World Account on Valentine's Day; your pets will be happy that you did. Upon logging in you will be welcomed with...
That is a great way to start the day! Because your pets love Valentine's Day, don't forget to look at the Daily Activities and spin the Super Wheel! The Super Wheel is only available on certain holidays in Webkinz World, so be sure not to miss spinning it!

Arthur Christmas Movie Promo Gifts and Floaty Clicky Coming to WW! * UPDATE*

A very nice surprise greeted Asian Account holders this morning .. an Arthur Christmas gift box upon login! This special unexpected gift is part of the promo for the Arthur Chrismas DVD -Blu ray Combo Pack available in stores on November 6th. This is similar to the Arthur Christmas promo of 2011. To view the prizes awarded in last year's Arthur Christmas Movie Promo on Webkinz World, see our WIki.
To add to the excitement, Webkinz Insider members may expect to see Arthur floating in their WW accounts between November 3rd and November 13th! .. Click on the floatie and receive a random cool Christmas prize!
Have fun .. And Merry Arthur Christmas!
Update: It is Sunday in Asian WW accounts and a second Arthur Christmas Gift Box is available upon login to your accounts! 
Update: On Monday you will receive the third Arthur Christmas Gift Box. The boxes are the Red Bow Gift Box, the Gold Bow Gift Box and Blue Bow Gift Box. The gifts are repeats from last year.
Tuesday will bring you the Silver Bow Gift Box.

August 18th: Time to Get Wacky!

Time to get Wacky! Starting August 18th, you can collect pieces of the Wacky costume. The game to play is WackyER Zingoz. Just score 11,500 points or more and you win a piece of the Wacky Costume. It's that simple!
In addition to winning those great costume pieces, there is a floating Wacky in Webkinz World. It looks like WackyER Zingoz, with the rocket ship on his back. Even though he is floating in Webkinz World, you can only click on him, once a day per account.
One can also earn the Wacky Zingoz 600 trophy during this event by hitting the 600 mark on the game Wacky Zingoz.
Good Luck getting Wacky! This even will last until September 2nd.

New Prizes Added to the Jumbleberry Fields Game in WW!

Berry Fest is in full swing in Kinzville with plenty of berries flying! Best of all, there are new prizes to be won in the popular Jumbleberry Fields game for collecting those berries! Two new Prizes have been added to each of the four Jar Prize options!

Upon filling the Jumbleberry Jam jar, Webkinz Insider members now have a choice of the  Weathered Barn Bench and the Jumbleberry Helmet. The Freshly Baked Sugarberry Pie and the Sugarberry Beanbag Chair are available when you fill the Sugarberry Jelly jar! Complementing the existing Jumbleberry theme, are the Jam Maker's Sink and Jam Maker's Fridge, new choices for the Pickleberry Relish jar, while the Moonberry Pantry and the Moonberry Greenhouse are sure to be favourites of all Webkinz Insider members!

These new prizes are in addition to the original Jumbleberry Prizes available to be won by filling the four jars of preserves.  Webkinz Insider members can receive berries by playing the Jumbleberry Fields game in Webkinz World or by clicking them in Webkinz World and on Webkinz Newz during the Berry Fest!

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