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Webkinz Insider Launches Free Code Click-to-Win!

99 codesOver the years, I've accumulated a few (hundred) Webkinz. I took a look at my collection, of those that I have never activated, and counted them, coming up with 99 unactivated pets!
As you can see on the left, after taking off all the tags, I was very, very tempted to go on a rampage and adopt them all!
But that would be selfish of me, right?
I sat down and looked at my collection of Webkinz Newz contest codes, which had been donated by our generous members. I counted a few hundred of those codes, and I was starting to think I had a problem.
touring van codesYou see, I also have a few hundred Webkinz Touring Van Codes that have been donated by our members, and I had never figured out a good way to give them away. So I started thinking.... 
I've finally come up with a great way to distribute all of these feature codes and pet codes! Nothing out there would suit my needs, so I programmed something custom for WI -- the Webkinz Insider Free Code Click-To-Win!
And we're launching it today with 3 pet adoption codes -- for the brand-new Webkinz Aquarius Retriever!
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Come see the Chronicles of Narnia, Webkinz Style!

webkinz cheats
It has been over a year in the making.  It includes over 1000 pictures.  It has over 150 pets.  And it took over 30 Webkinz Insider members to put it together.  We're talking about the latest "Bindidog Production" to hit Webkinz Insider: "The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."
Last year Bindodog and her team brought us the sensational Webkinz Nutcracker Ballet, a creation that got personal recognition from the Creative Director of Webkinz.  This year's production of the Chronicles of Narnia is just as amazing, if not more!  To decide for yourself, check out the Narnia thread, on our Webkinz Forum.

Webkinz Insider Member unlocks Key to Kinzville

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member CheekyDB on completing all the tasks required and earning the Key to Kinzville. Here is CheekyDB's pet Magick sporting their new Mayor's Suit!
key to kinzville

WIGEV Anniversary Contest Winners Announced

webkinz cheats
Thank you to everyone who participated in our WIGEV Anniversary Contest and shared with us your visions of what "Kopi Kash" might have looked like.  It was so much fun to see all of your creative ideas!
Congratulations to Webkinz Insider members alleine and jenndriver on being selected as the contest winners.  They will each receive a retired Gold Safe exclusive.  Congratulations also go out to 2quinn2webbieluvr1924, and crum98 on being randomly selected to each receive a Giant Gift Box exclusive.

Webkinz Insider Announces WIGEV Anniversary Contest

webkinz cheatsDo you remember what you were doing on December 3, 2007? Here on Webkinz Insider we were putting the finishing touches on the Webkinz Insider Gift Exchange Value Guide, a complete guide to all of the items in Webkinz World and their accepted trade values. Time sure flies when you're having fun, and it is difficult to believe that three years have passed since that day. In recognition of the anniversary, we're going to hold a contest.

When the Webkinz Insider staff first started planning the WIGEV, we had to come up with some sort of measurement to show how much items are worth in relation to each other. In the end, as you all know, we settled on Kinz Cash, but not before rejecting a number of other ideas. One of those ideas was to create a fictional unit of money called "Kopi Kash". The question for this contest is, if Kopi Kash were real, what would it look like? 
For more information on this contest, including who "Kopi" is and why she deserves to be immortalized in this manner, please take a look at the Official Contest Thread.  Three members will receive Giant Gift Boxes and two members will receive retired Gold Safes.  Good luck everyone!

Webkinz Insider "Name That Turkey" Contest Winners Announced

webkinz cheats   webkinz cheats
Thank you to everyone who submitted Turkey name suggestions in our "Name That Turkey Contest". There were a lot of good ideas, but in the end, only one name could be selected. Many of you remembered that Benjamin Franklin thought the Turkey would have made a better selection as the national bird of the United States than the Bald Eagle. He even went as far as to call the Turkey a "Bird of Courage".
So, in honor of Benjamin Franklin, the Turkey has been named "Frank".

And, as promised, eighteen members have been randomly selected from the contest thread to win prizes. Congratulations to the following members:
  • Pigrim Hats: kirby153785, 1998Sweet, smartie140
  • Vamprire Wigs:  skyrazor12, Acra798, geemah37, grandmag, willow234, hoodedwarbler13, BobFedex, HAZYDAY, zeba11, TNMorris, wyn2005, Darlabell, tribbles, cookiekittin, ♠sara♠

If your name is on this list, please check your in-box for instructions on how to claim your prize.

EXCLUSIVE: WI Given the Opportunity to Change Webkinz World - Vote Now! *UPDATED*

UPDATE: Ganz has changed the PSI to a golden variation of the table! Based on your votes, Ganz changed their unpopular decision and made it right! Way to go everyone! The contest will remain open, so make sure to vote, because now we have 7 Golden Turkey codes!
As most of you know by now, the Golden Turkey and Gobbler Turkey have identical PSI/PSFs in Webkinz World. We've been in touch directly with Ganz in order to get the right information to all of you Webkinz fans and Insider members. They have assured us that, in the future, identical PSI/PSFs for different pets will not happen again.
same psi
After passing along the disappointment of our members, Ganz has given us an exclusive chance to help shape Webkinz World! Ganz has offered us the unprecedented opportunity to have the members and visitors of Webkinz Insider decide what happens with the Golden Turkey PSI/PSF!
Simply click here, or on the comments link in the article to be taken to the attached thread in our forum. Then, submit your vote answering the following question, "Should Ganz change the Golden Turkey PSI/PSF?" with a simple yes or no answer. The poll will run for one week and will close on Sunday, November 21st at 11:59pm KT.
Both guests and members are welcome to leave comments on this article, but only members can vote as of November 16th. In addition, we want a big turnout and wanted to give members of Webkinz Insider a little "extra" for casting their vote. Every member who logs into their WI account and votes will be entered to win:
  • One of (2) (7) Golden Turkeys
  • One of (10) Webkinz Tour Vans
Thanks to all of our members on Webkinz Insider for your enthusiasm, dedication and support. We could never have become such a great community without each and every one of you!

Winners Announced in WI's Veteran's Day Contest

webkinz cheats
Thank you to everyone who posted their thanks on the Veteran's Day Thread. The veterans who read it, were much appreciative of your kind words. The four randomly selected winners of the Webkinz Cares Garden Statue are: robertcleveland, figuresk8er, CheezDoodle23 and fernflower.

WebkinzInsider's Veteran's Day Contest

webkinz cheats In honor of today being Veteran's Day, why not post your appreciation for those who have served/are serving your country. Four randomly selected posts will win a Webkinz Cares Garden Statue. In no way does this contest represent a political view of WebkinzInsider. This is not a debate on the war or politics, but rather an appreciation thread for those that serve. Please do not post real names of soldiers that you may know. Any post not reflecting appreciation will be deleted. Contest starts now and ends on November 11th at 11pm EST.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Signature Harp Seal

Congratulations to WI member Denimbutterfly on the adoption of the Signature Webkinz Harp Seal.  Here you can see "Hoover" next to their Pet Specific Item the Icy Arctic Organ.  The Pet Specific Food for the Harp Seal is Flounder Quarter Pounder.

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