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Ganz Blocks Certain Advertisements Based on Player Age

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For months now we have been hearing complaints from players about the advertisements showing up in Webkinz World.  There was a concern that many of the ads were "too old" for the children visiting the site.  As of today, we now know that Ganz was listening to these posts.
Starting this morning, many players noticed that some of the advertisements were replaced with a note showing the player's age.  Here you can see a picture from an account owned by a grandchild of one of the staff members.  It appears that Ganz has ranked the third party advertisements by whether or not the are appropriate for certain age groups, and any ads that are ranked above the player's age are being blocked.

Winners Announced in WI's Friday the 13th Bunny Clown Contest

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The Bunny Fairy reviewed all the entries and was surprised to see some of those numbers posted. The actual number of avatars the Bunny Fairy bunnified was 249. One member guessed correctly and that was Hit The Ball, who wins the Grand Prize of the Rabbit Eared Television. Let's also say our Congrats to the other thirteen lucky winners who will receive some form of a bunny or clown prize:
Mickey26, WebRegi, Jilly213, batty42, fluffy113, Olin Friod, Mix35, poodlekd, pigtoes95, lemony, AgHornsRock, tiffc, ImHappy and lego.

Winners Announced for WI's 20 Million Post Contest

You may remember a few weeks ago that Webkinz Insider surpassed 20 million posts and we ran a contest for two free Webkinz Hippie Hippos! We apologize for the delay in selecting the two lucky members, but we've just now done so and have sent them both their codes.
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The two lucky Webkinz Insider forum members are Glamourqueen and yadyram. Congratulations to both of them on winning the rare Webkinz Hippie Hippo! Thanks again to each of our amazing members for shaping the WI community and helping us to surpass this mind-boggling milestone!

Webkinz Insider Friday the 13th Bunny Clown Contest!

Members across our Webkinz forum couldn't help but notice the presence of bunny clowns in members' avatars this past week. We can see that the bunnies even made an appearance in our banners! Thanks go to Vanilla3244 for the forum-wide banner and to iamsam for this contest banner:
What would cause bunny clowns to just drop in on avatars out of the blue? Speculations were made, but nothing was confirmed. It was an unsolved mystery that plagued our members...until now.
Welcome to the Friday the 13th Webkinz Insider's Contest! That's right, a contest. We do love to have contests here on Webkinz Insider and this is no exception. This contest will run until May 20, 2011 at 10pm KT.
The Bunny Fairy has been busy dropping bunnies into avatars, hopping from one member to the next. For this contest, you must post what you think is the number of avatars The Bunny Fairy bunnified. Please post your answers here on this thread. Thirteen lucky winners will be chosen along with 1 grand prize winner, who will receive the Rabbit Eared Television! Let's see who has been paying attention. To make things more challenging, the bunny threads have been temporarily removed. Good Luck!

Winners Announced in WI's Mother's Day Contest

webkinz cheatsThe mothers would be so proud to read all those nice webkinz cheatsposts that were made on our Mother's Day Contest thread. There are some amazing moms out there! And so for the moment you have been waiting for... the Winners. I am pleased to announce the 58 randomlly selected winners of clothing are:
2WebbiesMomz, ajoysmom, Angel_tOriginal, atb124, anmahree, babyhope01, BlessedbyGod, boogiemom, Breener, bubble38gum, Catspoodle, catzrock, Catlover200710, chris73, choover, Dollspace, dprice28, dragonite, dreamersdream, Electra XT, gimmeabook, goosigirl, gramearp, grandmag, grandmajo2, horsejumper, jean1956, jinxks, jkirk53163, joshgrobanfan, judy999, Katieawesome8, kdal, kramadooza, las, lich74, linda929, Magicpern13, MAMA5517, ManyPets, Meowme1948, missquarejane, natetaylor, panda886, pieisawesome, pixie1101, Polkadot54, romeo, SilverpinkPony, sdf9, TexasAnne, tribbles, Unicornluv, uniquecowgirl, vanberk, victoria19, Webbylover and WolfPuppy
Congrats everyone!

Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

webkinz cheatsMother's Day is coming up and what better reason to hold a contest here on Webkinz Insider!
The contest will start today and will end on May 8th at 10pm KT. For this contest all one has to do is post their gratitude towards their mother on this thread. Fifty-eight randomly selected posts will win clothing items.
Why fifty- eight? Because Mother's Day is May 8th afterall. Please remember no full names, but first names are fine. Let's start posting how much we love our moms! Good Luck!

Webkinz Insider's Earth Day Contest Winners Announced!

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Thank you to everyone who entered our Earth Day and Arbor Day Contest.
We have some very creative members on our forum. It was really tough to
pick the winners. It was really neat to see everyone's visions of Earth Friendly.
The moment everyone has been waiting for.... The list of winners!
  • 5th Place winner of the Mysterious Pool and the Charm Forest Rune Stone: Birdgirl
  • 4th Place winner of the Emerald Eye Pyramid and the Charm Forest Rune Stone: Angel Daisy
  • 3rd Place winner of the Rockin' Croc Swamp Storage and the Charm Forsest Rune Stone: blueajah
  • 2nd Place winner of hte Frozen Fountain and the Charm Forest Rune Stone: chicknbemus
  • 1st Place winner of the Cat's Meow Gardens and the Charm Forest Rune Stone: 4000kitties
We also had 40 randomly selected entries who each won the Wand Sparkle Tree.
aibo7m3, Aimless, bamboobreak, Belle Quesnel, bullfrogg, ButterflyFlower, calypso, CCBMom, chmoneybags, dancerchick914, DragonforceFan3, eludedreverie, elymic, flutterby7, Iamwebkinzfan, imaswimerrmsc, jsh5034, k9jenn, KinzDiva, kissylips84, LittleBird, Liw, marnabear, Mercury, mommysbabe19, NightMareLuv, phoenix424, Pokemon Trainer, Pollybear, rissybissy, skittlesqueen, snowspot10, spottedfroggy, stovetop0896, sunnybunny, Tcat77, tjsie, webkinzgirl12, Yoendris, zxc0101
Please say Congrats to all our winners and thank you for making your webkinz pet an Earth Friendly Room!


Webkinz Insider Earth Day Contest

Originally Submitted by COWS4YOU on Wed, 04/20/2011 - 12:35am.
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In Celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2011 and Arbor Day on April 29, 2011, we at Webkinz Insider thought a contest was in order! The contest will start now and run until April 30th, 2011 @ 10pm KT. For this contest, we want to see your Earth Friendly Rooms. Any size or type of room is allowed and please no eStore items. All entries must be on the Official Contest Thread located HERE.
Now for the part you have been waiting for... The Prizes:
  • 5th place: Mysterious Pool, Charm Forest Rune Stone
  • 4th place: Emerald Eye Pyramid, Charm Forest Rune Stone
  • 3rd place: Rockin' Croc Swamp Storage, Charm Forest Rune Stone
  • 2nd place: Frozen Fountain, Charm Forest Rune Stone
  • 1st place: Cat's Meow Gardens, Charm Forest Rune Stone

Also, 40 randomly selected entries will win the Wand Sparkle Tree. So get decorating and Good Luck!

Webkinz Insider Reaches 20 Million Posts! Win a Webkinz Hippie Hippo Code!

WOW! I mean really... WOW! I've been watching the post count on the bottom of our Webkinz Insider forum for the past 2 weeks, watching us get closer and closer to TWENTY MILLION posts!! And, last night, we crossed that milestone! What an amazing community this is! I am humbled by your amazing accomplishment here on Webkinz Insider. As many of you may not realize what 20 million posts means on a forum, it easily puts us in the top 100 forums on the entire Internet in terms of post count!
I want to thank all of you, each and every single one of you, for contributing to our community and making it successful enough to achieve this astounding accomplishment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Of course, we have to celebrate with a contest! Please simply post/comment on this article and congratulate yourselves on helping WI reach 20 million posts and we'll randomly select 2 lucky winners to receive an adoption code for a rare Webkinz Hippie Hippo! This contest will end on Sunday, May 1st at 11:59pm US KT. Thanks again everyone and good luck!

Winners Selected for Webkinz 2011 Touring Van Contest!

I'm terribly sorry for the delay, everyone! The system has selected 4 random winners from the thousands that entered to win the (4) 2011 Webkinz Touring Van codes that were generously donated to Webkinz Insider by one of our members!
webkinz cheatsThe winners are:
  • Ham4life
  • PenguinsMom
  • webbimom
  • ElfeofMoon
Congratulations to the 4 of them! For those of you who entered and didn't win, keep an eye on our Webkinz Free Codes click-to-win contest that runs everyday. We have been entering a number of 2011 Touring Van codes to the system that were also donated by a generous member, so you will have plenty more chances to win! If anyone else would like to donate any Webkinz codes to us here at Webkinz Insider, please fill out this form!

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