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WI member adopts Signature Arctic Fox and Patchy Pup

 Congrats to WI member Valntom on their adoption of two new furry friends, the Signature Arctic Fox and Patchy Pup!  Below is Brisk the Signature Arctic Fox, and Quilt the Patchy Pup. 
The Signature Arctic Fox comes with the Daring Den Slide, and its PSF is Frozen Fish and Chips. The Patchy Pup PSI is Backyard Bubblemaker, and the PSF is called the Twisted Fruit Slushy. You can see a list of PSIs and PSFs of all webkinz at our WIki HERE.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Dodo Bird

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Congrats to Webkinz Insider Member Ocean_Sapphire on their adoption of Sapphire, the Dodo Bird. Here we can see Sapphire on her Pet Specific Item, Homemade Helicopter. The Dodo Bird's Pet Specific Food is Goofy Grapefruit Gelato. Remember that the Dodo Bird is being released as a "Limited Availability" webkinz.

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Gloprisma Secret Recipe

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Lucy Hippo for solving the secret recipe Gloprisma! This recipe was introduced to Webkinz World on August 3, 2011!
This recipe is made with Apple, Artichoke, and Blueberries in the Blender.
Make sure and visit our WIki for all things Webkinz and for even more solved secret recipes! 
To check out all of the Webkinz Recipes, solved and unsolved in Webkinz World, check out our interactive Webkinz Recipes Cookbook!

Winners Announced in Webkinz Insider's Christmas in July Contest

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Thanks to everyone who entered Webkinz Insiders's Christmas in July Contest. It was really touching to read the entries and how the recipients loved their gifts. After reading all the entries, we, The Staff, have felt that we should give away more than FIFTY winners and decided to double it! That's right; 100 randomly selected winners were chosen as it is the season for giving. What did they win? What kind of Christmas in July present would it be if we told you? That is the fun of opening presents. Please help us say congratulations to the ONE HUNDRED winners:
1998Sweet, AbbyL714, abeautifullife, anniekodi1116, appletina1, auntjenny7, Auntielmk, awryalot, babymuggy, beclev, birthdayman98, blonde_gurrl, blue_jean_girl, blueajah, Broccoli1997, broevil222, Bubbuh, cammieobrien, CC1028, cg7gg, charming20, cheerio16, cheesepudding, cherylkb, China, chindio, chrisjaye, cocoharry, dark dragon, Dolphinheart, Dutdedo, Earthcake, firepuck, FraggleMom, frogwoman09, Gemini3562, giraffemartina, goosigirl, gracekiara, GramsHansen, hartygirl, hpfan9, i<3spaghetti, ilovebunnies123, Itsmekinzie97, jehannah4, JGHart5, Joann617, JoKinder, Jude2221, Kayfookey, kittycat mommy, ladyb266, laemge, leftykinz, lionkinz13, LivvieB2000, lsujules, lucke13, mamaquilts, margo1211, mariomaniac17, marnabear, MaryAn, MathFrog, mayapal, Meka1994, merry312, mkivvy, MrsPanda, MyjesticS, NancyDrew, NTIMID8, PearlPata, phoenixsprite, Pisces2ps, poppercats, ptandme, pup5115, Rascal666, ratgirl57, redsoxgirl94, ryhill, ShoutingDreams, sindarin, smwcat, tablecat, taffeta, terrimama, tjsie, Toastlady, tristan556, truite12, TurtleChuck, webkinzfan91,webkinzgirl12, webkinzlover397, wikylo, xx_jenny_xx, yadyram
WINNERS:  Please check your Private Messages for instructions on how to claim your prizes.

Webkinz Insider Christmas in July Contest

Originally Submitted by COWS4YOU on Sat, 07/09/2011 - 12:14am ET.
The thermometer may say it is hot outside, but here at Webkinz Insider, things are much cooler. We have been wrapping presents and getting them ready for our Christmas in July Contest! There is no time like the Summer Time to have a cool contest like this. We all love opening presents and we have all heard the saying 'Tis better to give than to receive. So for this contest, simply post on this thread what was the best present you ever gave? The contest starts now and will close at 10pm KT on July 24th. There will be FIFTY randomly selected winners. Good Luck!
NOTE:  Only registered members of Webkinz Insider are eligible to enter the random drawing.  If you haven't yet signed up for an account, what are you waiting for?  It's free, and it's fun!  C'mon in and join us today!

Calling All Insiders! $10,000 Insider Giveaway, We Need Your Help!

It appears that we've won!!

WI Member Receives Love Puppy, Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat Plushies from Ganz!

Webkinz Insider member cheree31 was shocked when Ganz used a picture of her Webkinz plushies to promote the new Webkinz Newz Webkinz Collection Contest.  At that time she had no idea that even more surprises were on their way.  Yesterday she received a very special package from Ganz containing a Webkinz Love Puppy, Cheeky Dog, and Cheeky Cat!  
cheree31 had written a letter to Ganz saying how upset she was that it would be impossible for her to complete her Webkinz collection because she couldn't afford to pay the high prices for the three hardest to find pets.  The owner of Ganz was so impressed with her collection that he wrote her a personal letter and sent her the missing plushies.  Click HERE to read cheree31's complete report.
cheree31 says, "Thanks so much Ganz if you are reading this it was the best gift I could (have) ever got!"

Ganz Blocks Certain Advertisements Based on Player Age

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For months now we have been hearing complaints from players about the advertisements showing up in Webkinz World.  There was a concern that many of the ads were "too old" for the children visiting the site.  As of today, we now know that Ganz was listening to these posts.
Starting this morning, many players noticed that some of the advertisements were replaced with a note showing the player's age.  Here you can see a picture from an account owned by a grandchild of one of the staff members.  It appears that Ganz has ranked the third party advertisements by whether or not the are appropriate for certain age groups, and any ads that are ranked above the player's age are being blocked.

Winners Announced in WI's Friday the 13th Bunny Clown Contest

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The Bunny Fairy reviewed all the entries and was surprised to see some of those numbers posted. The actual number of avatars the Bunny Fairy bunnified was 249. One member guessed correctly and that was Hit The Ball, who wins the Grand Prize of the Rabbit Eared Television. Let's also say our Congrats to the other thirteen lucky winners who will receive some form of a bunny or clown prize:
Mickey26, WebRegi, Jilly213, batty42, fluffy113, Olin Friod, Mix35, poodlekd, pigtoes95, lemony, AgHornsRock, tiffc, ImHappy and lego.

Winners Announced for WI's 20 Million Post Contest

You may remember a few weeks ago that Webkinz Insider surpassed 20 million posts and we ran a contest for two free Webkinz Hippie Hippos! We apologize for the delay in selecting the two lucky members, but we've just now done so and have sent them both their codes.
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The two lucky Webkinz Insider forum members are Glamourqueen and yadyram. Congratulations to both of them on winning the rare Webkinz Hippie Hippo! Thanks again to each of our amazing members for shaping the WI community and helping us to surpass this mind-boggling milestone!

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