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Webkinz Insider Introduces Kinzstyle Outlet Rare Clothing Tracker!

We know that many of you have your own Webkinz fan sites and that some of you have wanted a way to more easily track the PJ Collie's Rare Clothing Items in the KinzStyle shop. As most of you Insiders know, the notification at the top of our forum is the most reliable tracker out there. We can now provide you with a cool "tracker image" that you can add to your own pages, forum posts and signatures, on any site for FREE!
webkinz rare clothing tracker
Just visit our Webkinz Rare Clothing Tracker and simply paste the code into your own site or favorite forum and you'll be able to provide a constantly-updating image that will change the instant we detect a rare clothing item in PJ Collie's KinzStyle Outlet, as shown above!
Stay tuned for another widget that we'll be introducing soon -- a Webkinz Curio Shop Rare Item widget -- and don't miss our free Webkinz Recipes Widget.

Webkinz Insider Introduces First Webkinz Widget - Webkinz Recipes!

We know that many of you have your own Webkinz fan sites and that some of you have wanted to use Webkinz Insider's Webkinz recipe database for your forums.  We can now provide you with a cool "widget" that you can add to your own pages, for free!
webkinz recipes widget
Just visit our Webkinz Recipes Widgets section and simply paste the code into your own site or favorite forum and you'll be able to provide a new recipe every minute to all of your visitors!
Stay tuned for a few more widgets that we'll be introducing soon, including a PJ Collie Rare Clothing widget and a Webkinz Curio Shop Rare Item widget!

Webkinz Insider Announces Pharaoh's Helm Contest

Originally Submitted by FIA on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 4:07am.
webkinz cheatsHave we told you recently how much we love our Webkinz Insider members? It seems like every week you all do something that amazes us! 

During the recent Webkinz Newz contest, during which players had to click on floating Thunderbirds to win feature codes for Pharaoh's Helms, over 1500 codes were sent in to Webkinz Insider! Now the time has arrived for us to give them away.

Feel like telling us a bit about your favorite Webkinz pet? It could win you a prize! Just click HERE to visit the official contest thread for instructions on how to enter.
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Webkinz Insider Announces 3rd Anniversary Contest Winners!

webkinz cheats
Now that the dust has settled from the past week's celebrations, it's time to announce the winners of the Webkinz Insider 3rd Anniversary Contest.  As you may remember, because the Anniversary thread went over 33,333 posts, we added ten of the most valuable Pet Specific Items we could get our hands on to the prize list.
Congratulations to the following members on being randomly selected as winners:
  • Sherbet Bunny = wwf316
  • Insider Insider Subscriptions = akoolaunt, Dragonsfly, xxaeroxx
  • Tender Hearts Love Seat = kayfookey
  • Springtime Basket Chair  = CardnlfanCarly
  • Springtime Basket Chair  = adrkmfdm
  • Rainbow Cloud Couch = SugarFrenzy
  • Bamboo Chute Slide  = eyeluvdogs5
  • Bamboo Chute Slide  = Emloveswebkins
  • Cat's Meow Garden  = 000000005
  • Cat's Meow Garden  = telogiatrisha
  • Banana Boom Box = katevans13
  • Sun's Embrace Bed  = Kiyoshi
The winners will receive instructions by PM on how to claim their prizes.  Congratulations!

Webkinz Insider Monthly Contest Bonuses Added!

Over a week ago, our members surpassed the 33,333 post mark that we set last month for our Webkinz Insider 3rd Anniversary contest! We surely didn't expect them to complete the challenge so early and were unprepared with our bonus prizes. We've finally been able to select and agree upon worthy virtual prizes to add to our contest that already includes a Free Webkinz Sherbet Bunny and 3 Insider Insider Subscriptions to our Webkinz Forum!
Webkinz Insider Anniversary Contest
Shown above are all the prizes -- the most valuable Webkinz PSIs we could get our hands on. Click "Read More" for details on how to win!
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Two New Sites Added to Insider Family - Lego Universe Insider, Club Penguin Insider!

For some time now, Wendy and I have been working to create a pair of new sites to add to the Insider family -- Lego Universe Insider and Club Penguin Insider.
We know the Club Penguin site has been a long time coming and our users have asked and asked if we would ever start one. Your demands have been met and you can now visit Club Penguin Insider at (I'm ThinkNoodles over there)
We'd also like to introduce you to a new game that is currently in beta called Lego Universe. (I'm Just Kade on Lego Universe Insider). It has been touted as the "next big thing" for MMO games and we're ready with our awesome community team to welcome those of you who are already in the beta, or who are excited to start playing as soon as Lego approves you.
Both of these new sites are using a new forum software that allows a single-sign-on for both sites! It's something we've always wanted to do for our "Insider Network" and we'll see how it works out, hopefully integrating all of our sites at some point! All you have to do is register for either Club Penguin Insider or Lego Universe Insider and you'll be registering for both. Of course, as always, membership is free!

Important Notice Regarding Youtube Contest Videos

Originally Submitted by FIA on Fri, 04/02/2010 - 11:39pm.
We think it's great that so many of you are putting together videos for Ganz' "Webkinz Video Star" contest, but we'd like to remind everyone that posting Youtube videos and sharing Youtube usernames is NOT allowed on Webkinz Insider.  It is simply too much of a security concern for us.
If you are over the age of 13 and you are interested in creating a video for Ganz' contest, or in viewing the videos other have created, please visit the Webkinz Newz Contest Page for a link and for more information.
Thank you for your understanding.  Good luck to everyone who enters!

WI Thanks Canadian Members for Chipette Codes!

webkinz chipmunks
Now that we've wrapped up the Chipette Costume Contest, and all of the feature codes have been sent to the winners, it's time for Webkinz Insider to pass our own special thank you on to our Canadian members who made this event possible.
There is no way for us to know who contributed to the contest, so we have randomly selected winners from our pool of Canadian members to receive some of the Alvin, Simon, and Theodore costumes that were last available in December 2007! And one Canadian has been selected to receive a very rare pair of WZ Jeans!
Thanks again to our amazing Canadians, and congratulations to the following winners (click Read More):
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Webkinz Insider is Seeking Contributions to WI's Webkinz WIki

webkinz cheats
Have you visited Webkinz Insider's WIki recently? If not, there's no time like the present. Our database is growing by leaps and bounds every day and with the help of our members we are building what we hope will become the most comprehensive Webkinz World guide on the internet.

For those of you who may not know, a "wiki" is a special kind of on-line database. It's sort of like an encyclopedia where regular people, even those with no programming knowledge, can contribute information. But, unlike that dusty old encyclopedia sitting on a library shelf that still says Ronald Regan is president, a wiki can be kept up to date, moment by moment.

For those of you who are familiar with wikis and who may not trust them, we have news for you too. Only members of Webkinz Insider can contribute to WI's WIki, all contributions are reviewed by our Staff, and our Staff has the ability to edit and/or block as necessary. It is important to us that our guide be as accurate as possible.

Are you interested in adding to our Webkinz Insider WIkiFantastic! We'd love to have your contributions. Just click HERE to visit our newly created WIki discussion area.  If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact a staff member or WIki Sysop for help.
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April is Autism Awareness Month

As some of you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month. Autism affects many people around the world, and many of our Webkinz Insider members are touched by this disorder among their family and friends, or even have it themself. If you meet someone with autism, they may appear odd to you -- but remember that they have their own special abilities, which often include being really good at online games like Webkinz!
In order to raise awareness about autism, some of our members have adopted special webkinz that happen to be blue, the color of autism awareness. They have named them "Autism Awareness", and you may see them in the clubhouse!
Shown here is KinzDiva's Blue Springtime Chick and ElectraBuzz1's blue Pucker Fish in the clubhouse:
webkinz autismwebkinz autism
If you would like to join this effort to raise awareness, you can buy a blue webkinz at our partner store. And make sure to stop by our discussion thread for members who are touched by all kinds of special needs. And last but not least, there is much more information about autism awareness and a "blue pet parade" in our Wiki.

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