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Glitch News

Winterfest Challenge has Members Scratching their Heads

After today's update, the Winterfest Challenge was added to Webkinz World.
The problem comes for Non Deluxe members. In recent weeks, Ganz has made certain games that are only available to Deluxe members and Waddell's Icecap Adventure was amongst the list of games that were made exclusive to them.
The last part of the Winterfest Challenge asks members to earn 20 KinzCash in a Deluxe Only game, which is not accessible to Non Deluxe members. Hopefully this oversight will be fixed soon and everyone in Webkinz World will be able to complete the Winterfest Challenge.

Webkinz Insiders Find Workaround for Crashing Internet Explorer

Ever since Wednesday's update, many of our members that use Internet Explorer 9 have reported that when they try to log in to Webkinz World, it crashes their browser consistently. In the past, Webkinz Insider members knew workarounds for various login bugs but none appeared to have worked until just recently!
Thanks to the tireless efforts of our members and hundreds of posts in the support thread (specifically those of MysticZon), we can offer you a temporary solution to the issue so you can get in and take care of those pets! Please thank them for their hard work in the thread.
All you need to do is click the following link, which will open a new window and launch a Webkinz World login window that should alleviate the Webkinz Internet Explorer crashing bug:

Members Reporting Issues With Webkinz World *UPDATED*

Members have been reporting issues with Webkinz World early starting early Saturday morning. The game servers, and Webkinz Newz, were responding as unavailable. Normally we would wait and report the results of the downtime, as it is related to maintenance, however no maintenance appeared to be scheduled this weekend.
There have been no reports from Ganz yet on the cause of these issues. Seeing as this is affecting many users, we wanted to assure our fans that this is not an issue you alone are experiencing. 
Players are beginning to report that webkinz newz is starting to come online, and some have reported being able to log into Webkinz world for short periods of time. Glitches are still affecting gameplay. Those who have been able to log into Webkinz have been unable to play or participate on most of the site due to server issues.
Update: As of 10pm EST, members have been reporting they are able to log into Webkinz world once again. Although most have logged in, many are still expiriencing issues with the servers including green screens and games freezing, hopefully things will return to normal soon!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Sleepy Woodland Dragon *UPDATE*

Let's all say Congrats to kawee on their adoption of their Sleepy Woodland Dragon. Here were can see them pictured next to their Pet Specific Item: Cedar Toy Trunk. We have seen this item in December when there was a glitch and this Pet Specific Item was award to the Cotton Candy Puppy. kawee received this code via email congratting them their one year renewal, yet they never renewed. So check your emails to see if there is a code waiting from you from GANZ as others have reported getting this dragon code also.
*UPDATE*  Webkinz Newz has clarified its position on the awarding of this coveted virtual pet by email to members.  Every week until April 9, 2012, 100 Ganz eStore Deluxe members will receive an email with the code for the Sleepy Woodland Dragon.  Deluxe members will have a chance to win the dragon whether they have a 1 month or 1 year Deluxe account and will be chosen randomly.
Good luck! and don't forget to check your email folder, including your spam or deleted folder as Ganz emails often end  up being automatically sent there.

Webkinz World Down / Webkinz.Com Not Responding *Update from GANZ*

Normally, we don't make any posts when Webkinz is down, as it is usually part of a scheduled maintenance or a short interruption in play. Unfortunately, the Webkinz World servers stopped responding last night around midnight Kinz Time, according to AnotherKinzDad's thread in our Webkinz Insider forum. down
We haven't seen any tweets from Ganz's official twitter account and aren't sure what the cause of the issue is. Since this is an extended downtime, we wanted to keep all of you in the loop so that you don't think you're alone when Webkinz World and Webkinz Newz won't load for you and is down.
It appears to be some kind of misconfiguration between the server groups that Ganz has dedicated to Webkinz World, Webkinz Newz and the Ganz eStore, as the servers respond initially and loads some code to indicate that the servers are overloaded. Unfortunately, the information never makes it to the browser and you get either a blank page, broken image, or are told that your browser can't open the page. We'll keep you updated with any information that we can get.
UPDATE: I've heard from Ganz directly about the extended downtime. The problem is not with any of their servers or network, but rather with the network switching on the Internet. Ganz's Network Operations team has been working with their upstream provider, who is waiting for hardware replacement to correct the issue. Until then, we must wait. The good news is that the Webkinz servers are all working fine and you do not need to worry one bit about your beloved Webkinz or any items in your account!
UPDATE 2: At around 4pm Kinz Time, Webkinz-related services slowly began ramping up and it appears all issues have been corrected, although users have indicated that there are problems with Kinz Phones. 

Mystery Message Has Players Asking, Who is Tinker?

Last week a mystery message started popping up when Webkinz players entered the Mazin' Hamster Hamlet.  The message reminds players to "talk to Tinker and see what he's working on."  Unfortunately, there is no indication who Tinker is, and we have not had any reports of players being able to find him.
We will continue tracking this mystery and will bring you any new information as soon as it is revealed.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member RobKinz for this picture from his account.  

Webkinz Players Wonder About Cotton Candy Closet Glitch - *UPDATED*

Over the past week, many of our members here on Webkinz Insider have been asking about the Cotton Candy Closet, the Pet Specific Item for the Cotton Candy Puppy.  As many of you are discovering, there is a glitch affecting this item.  Players who adopt the Cotton Candy Puppy are being awarded the item shown above.  
As you can see, it has the name "Cotton Candy Closet" but it has the picture of the Cedar Toy Trunk, which is supposed to be the Sleepy Woodland Dragon's PSI.  Thank you to WI member stargumdrop1 for this picture from her account.
Several of you have placed calls to Ganz Customer Service about this issue.  Hopefully their programmers can sort the glitch out soon and match the proper item up with the proper pet.
UPDATE (12/29/11 @ 1:00pm EST): Webkinz Newz has posted the following update: 
 According to Webkinz Newz, "Nafaria has intercepted the Sleepy Woodland Dragons on their flight to Webkinz World and has stolen all of their precious Cedar Toy Trunks!"  GANZ is aware of the issue and hopes to have the problem resolved by January 4th, and things put back into their proper places. 

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Four New January 2012 Webkinz

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member ssparavier on the adoption of four new January 2012 Webkinz.  Above you can see "Jagger" the Mohawk Puppy with the Rocking Wardrobe, "Twizzler" the Cotton Candy Puppy, "Teeko" the Signature Siberian Husky with the Northern Research Igloo, and "Pebbles" the Blossom Sea Turtle with the Sea Floral Cave
The reason Twizzler is not shown with a Pet Specific Item is because there was glitch when ssparavier opened the Pet Gift Box.  Instead of being awarded the Cotton Candy Closet, she was awarded the Cedar Toy Trunk which is supposed to be the PSI for the Sleepy Woodland Dragon.  ssparavier has contacted Ganz and is expecting a return call on Monday.
Thinking about adding one of these cute critterz to your Webkinz family?  Please consider shopping at Ameriwade, Webkinz Insider's partner store.  Ameriwade features $5 flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada, customers who pay with credit cards are not charged until their orders ship, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to supporting Webkinz Insider.

Ganz Investigates Webkinz Party Pack Glitches *UPDATE*

Over the past week, many of our members have been complaining about unsucessful attempts to use Party Packs in Webkinz World.  From missing color zones to missing "Go to Party" buttons, there have been widespread reports of problems.  These problems started immediately following the site maintenance on December 7.  
Thankfully we know that Ganz is looking into the issue.  Yesterday Ganz posted the following message on Twitter:
"Hi everyone!  Please let us know if you're
having issues with Webkinz World parties."
So, if you are having a party problem, and you have a Twitter account, please send Ganz a message @webkinz.  If you don't have a Twitter account, you can post your information in the Glitch Reports section of the Webkinz Insider forum, HERE.
UPDATE:  Thank you to our members for letting us know that Ganz is refunding the purchase prize of Party Packs that have failed.  Players who contact Ganz to complain are having the KinzCash added back to their accounts. For information on how to contact Ganz, please click HERE.
UPDATE (4pm):  Next week, as a thank you to everyone for being patient while Ganz works to sort out this programming glitch, Ganz will award every player a free Christmas Party Pack!

Ms. Birdy Returns to the Clubhouse for Christmas Countdown 2011 *UPDATE*

Ms. Birdy has returned to Webkinz World, and to the delight of players everywhere, she is super easy to find!  Instead of wandering around the Clubhouse, jumping from room to room, she stays put in the Santakinz Room, and she is there all day long.  To collect your prize, just go to the Santakinz Room and click on her.  
Remember, in order to collect all of Ms. Birdy's prizes, you need to click on her once a day for the next twelve days.  If you miss a day, you can't go back and get that prize, unless you spend points at the Ganz eStore.  To learn more about the Countdown to Christmas 2011, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki.
Players who have Deluxe accounts but who have not adopted a new Webkinz in the past twelve months can't participate.  When they click on Ms. Birdy a message pops up saying they are not allowed to get a gift.  Since Deluxe accounts are supposed to have full access to Webkinz World, this appears to be a glitch.
Several of our members with Asian accounts discovered the glitch early on Tuesday, and they were able to get in contact with Ganz Customer Service to report the problem.  Although there has not been any official word from Ganz, the word from several customer service representatives is that the programmers are looking into the problem and they hope it will be corrected soon.
UPDATE:  The glitch has been fixed!  Now, if you have a Deluxe account that has not adopted a pet in the past 12 months, you can get gifts from Ms. Birdy.  If you missed out on the gift from day one due to this glitch, please contact Ganz to let them know.  Reports from our members are that the Customer Service Reps are giving players 2000 eStore points so that the players can purchase the missing gift.  To contact Ganz, please click HERE.

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