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Glitch News

New Bright Ideas Lamps Get "Stuck" on Webkinz Accounts

webkinz cheatsThe new "City Styling Theme" that was added to the wShop last week is fun to decorate with, but, as many of our members have discovered, a glitch with one of the items can make finding the perfect furniture arrangement a bit difficult.  The new Bright Ideas Lamp seems to have a programming problem.  Once the lamp has been placed in a room, it cannot be moved.  At this point, the only way to pick the lamp up is to contact Ganz and have one of their employees do it.  Hopefully this glitch will be corrected soon.
You can use the "I Have Something Stuck" page (Click HERE) to report a stuck item.

Caring Valley Glitch Affects May's "Flowering Fringe" Trees

webkinz cheats
Here at Webkinz Insider we have been receiving wide-spread reports of problems with the programming for the Caring Valley trees.  As you may remember, in addition to a Caring Valley furniture item, players who enter a Caring Valley code on their account get four "saplings" to plant in the Caring Valley.  After planting the saplings, they get one special tree that they can customize and then place in their Webkinz' yards.  (Click HERE for pictures of "April's Fairy Forest Tree".)  However, something seems to be wrong with May's "Flowering Fringe Tree".  Players are discovering that  if they place this tree in their yard, the tree immediately becomes stuck.
Webkinz Insider member THREEAMIGOS spoke with a Customer Service Representative at Ganz this morning.  The Rep said that Ganz was flooded with calls on Friday about this problem and that the programmers are working on fixing things.  The Rep removed the tree from the yard, returned it to the dock, and advised THREEAMIGOS to wait two weeks before attempting to put the tree in her yard again.
Anyone who has Caring Valley saplings that they were planning to plant for May is advised to wait until this issue has been resolved.  Remember, it's the month in which you plant your saplings that determines the type of tree you get.  Saplings planted in May will get a "Flowering Fringe Tree".  Saplings planted in June will get a "Magic Maple". 

Renewal Glitch Reported With eStore Deluxe Memberships

webkinz cheats
If you signed up for a one month Deluxe Membership and received a notice that your membership is about to expire, you may want to wait a day or two before you process a renewal.  We are receiving widespread reports from members who, after being prompted by an e-mail to renew their accounts, have done so, only to have their memberships expire the very next day.  It appears that the original expiration date is overriding the renewal, and removing the Deluxe features from the accounts.  Thank you to WI member willkinskins for this picture from his account.  He received this letter via KinzPost after paying to renew his membership.
Anyone who has questions or concerns about their Webkinz Deluxe Membership can contact Ganz at 1-866-WEBKINZ (1-866-932-5469), Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.
Or, you can visit the Ganz eStore section of our forum to "compare notes" with other members.
UPDATE (Monday):  The following notice has been posted by Ganz on their Webkinz Newz site:

Recently an issue was discovered that was causing the accounts of members who had renewed their one-month Deluxe membership prior to their expiry date to expire despite the renewal.

We want to inform all of our members that we have located the issue and we are currently working on a fix. We expect this fix to take 2-3 days. This fix is of the highest priority. We have a record of all accounts that have been affected by this issue, and will be turning Deluxe membership back on for these members as soon as the fix has been completed. In the meantime we have turned off Deluxe expiry to prevent further issues.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


UPDATE (Tuesday):  Thank you to willkinskins and many other members for letting us know that the Deluxe features have been returned to their accounts.  Ganz appears to be hard at work on this problem.  Hopefully everyone will have their Deluxe account issues fully resolved soon.


webkinz cheats

No May Gifts or May eStore Points Yet for April Deluxe Accounts

webkinz cheatsThis weekend the Webkinz Insider forum has been flooded with posts from members who signed up for a Webkinz Deluxe Membership at the Ganz eStore in April but who have not yet received their prizes or eStore points for the month of May.  On Friday we learned that the prizes and points were programmed to be awarded on the monthly anniversary of signing up for the Deluxe Membership (click here for article), not on the first of the month, as most had expected.
However, many of our members who signed up for a Deluxe Membership did so on the first day the memberships were available, April 2nd, and they have not received their gifts either.  So, for those of you who are wondering about your gifts, don't worry, you are not alone.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to sort all of this out when they get back to work on Monday.
NOTE:  We have received reports from a handful of members who signed up for a Deluxe Membership in the last couple days of April who received the May gift box (with the Racing Jacket) instead of the April gift box (with the Racing Helmet).  It appears the programmers still have some "debugging" to do with the Deluxe Membership program.
UPDATE (Monday Morning):  We have started receiving reports of the May eStore points, but not Gifts, being added to some Deluxe Memberships.  

POTM Food Glitch in Hourly Activities

 webkinz cheats
Cocker Spaniel owners who picked up the free "Doggie Bone Burger" this morning may want to think twice about feeding it to their Webkinz.  We can pretty much guarantee that they aren't going to like it.  As many of our Cocker Spaniel owners have noticed, the free food given away in this morning's Hourly Activity, the Doggie Bone Burger, is the Pet Special food for the American Cocker Spaniel.  The Pet Special Food for the regular Cocker Spaniel is Beef Flavored Gum Drops.  Thank you to WI member sunnybunny for this picture from her account.

Webkinz Day Coundown Exclusive Glitch Continues

 webkinz cheats  
Over the past couple of days, many of our members have noticed something strange with the Webkinz Day Countdown exclusive.  As you know, this exclusive is supposed to count down how many days are left before the next Webkinz Day, on April 29th of each year. 
On Thursday, April 30th, however, instead of resetting to "364", all of the Countdowns displayed the number "15".  And, today, instead of showing "363", the Countdowns are showing the number "14".  Is this a glitch, or are we counting down to another event?  Hopefully Ganz will clear up this mystery soon.

Unattainable Score for Eager Beaver Adventure Park Game

Many members on the forum are finding out that if they play the new Eager Beaver Adventure Park game in the tournament, they receive this notice.
They are not receiving their KinzCash for the game either. This is only in the Tournament Arena and not the Arcade. We hope that Ganz programmers will correct this glitch soon.

Webkinz Rally Glitch Fixed, WI Member Wins Trophy

 webkinz cheats
We are pleased to report that the programmers at Ganz have corrected the glitch in the Webkinz Rally game. Players completing the final level of the game are no longer kicked out of Webkinz World. Thank you to Webkinz Insider member chapman12 for sharing these pictures from her account with us. Here you can see "FLY-SWATTER" posing with his brand new trophy. (The helmet is a Deluxe membership prize.)
chapman12 has completed the game several times this morning and has confirmed that only one trophy can be won per account.  We have also confirmed that this new trophy cannot be traded or sent via KinzPost.  So, just like with Bamboo Break and Treasures of the Crystal Sea, unless you really enjoy the game, once you have received one trophy, there is no reason to continue playing.
If you're looking for tips and tricks on how to beat the game, please visit the Webkinz Rally section of our forum:

Webkinz World Survey Seeks Your Opinion on Webkinz Rally

webkinz cheats
A new Webkinz World survey is out and this time Ganz wants to know what you think of the Webkinz Rally arcade game.  Specifically, "how difficult do you find Webkinz Rally?".  Answering this survey, which can be accessed from the front page of the Webkinz World Newspaper, will earn your Webkinz 50 KC and it will give Ganz valuable feedback about the game.
webkinz cheats
In the nearly two weeks since Webkinz Rally was introduced, we have had many members report on reaching the end of the game.  Unfortunately, there still appears to be a glitch in the system that is kicking players out of Webkinz World the moment they cross the finish line.  The instructions for the game reveal a picture of a trophy.  Could it be that the system attempting to award this trophy is what is causing the game to crash?  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz are hard at work on the problem and will have it solved soon.

WI Members Develop Theory on Kinzville Academy Fashion Class Glitch

webkinz cheats
For several months now, we have been getting reports from our members of a glitch with the Kinzville Academy Fashion class.  Specifically, at the higher levels (8, 9, 10), sometimes the model never comes out, forcing the player to "x" out of the game and fail the class.  Many members have had to resort to using the "tutor" option to get up to Level 10, and then just trying their luck for Level 10 itself.
Thank you to SnowCrystal, vcs28, and all of the other WI members who posted in likmfurry's thread,  Fashion Class Froze Up On Me Again Today, we may have a theory as to what is causing the problem.  Although we can't say for certain, it looks like the "Pink Hearts Bow" may have something to do with the class locking up.  Although everyone seems to remember having this particular bow as clothing option in their classes, no one ever remembers seeing it appear on a model.  Could it be that this is the fashion accessory that turns the models invisible?
At this point we can't confirm what is causing the glitch, or when Ganz might have fix for it.  We can just hope that the programmers are hard at work on the problem and that they will have it corrected soon.

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