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Glitch News

Deluxe Curio Shop with missing Sale items

Asian Webkinz World members with Deluxe accounts were unable to access the Curio Shop Sales today.  There are no Sale items available in the boxes. European Deluxe Account owners are reporting the same empty boxes
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The Regular Curio Shop Sales is working fine, this glitch is only affecting Deluxe members. 
Deluxe members are guaranteed a Rare, but this won't be possible if the glitch is not fixed soon.
UPDATE: It appears that Arte is now offering 12 extra items once again on Deluxe Accounts. Looks like this was fixed during US Maintenance.

Wheel of Deluxe Glitch *UPDATE*

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Many of our members throughout the forum have reported a Wheel of Deluxe glitch.  When they have tried to spin the Wheel at 9pm KT on the Asia and EU accounts, they were unable.  
Update:  This glitch happened with the US accounts as well.  Let's hope this glitch gets fixed soon.
UPDATE:  (July 21st) A message from Ganz, "Yesterday, there was an issue with the Wheel of Deluxe and many members were unable to take their spin. That issue has been corrected and a replacement spin has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 22nd from 4-5pm. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Jellybean Challenge Glitches Continue in Webkinz World

webkinz cheatsAs most of you know, the Jellybean Challenge activity hasn't worked for the past few months.  Here on WI we keep getting reports of blank blue screens and missing jars.  In fact, since mid-April, we haven't received a single report of someone being able to see a jar and make a guess.
At this point there hasn't been any word from Ganz on what is wrong or on when it might be fixed.  We can just hope that their programmers are hard at work on the problem.
UPDATE:  (July 22nd)  The Jellybean Challenge event originally scheduled for today (Wednesday) at 4pm was changed to a Dunk the Zingoz event.  Hopefully this means Ganz is working on fixing the Jellybean Challenge.

Wheel of Deluxe offers a Surprise

Deluxe Asian Account holders were surprised on Thursday when they went to click their Wheel of Deluxe. They were greeted with this a notice about a survey.  After clicking YES, they had a blank screen, which then turned into an error message. Members are only left wondering what the gift was supposed to be.  No one was able to get their spin on the Wheel of Deluxe.
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WI Members Report Faulty Webkinz Caring Valley Tags

Lately in our Webkinz Insider forum, we've seen scattered reports of members receiving Caring Valley tags with unusable sample codes on them.  As these reports have increased and we now have images of the faulty codes, we solicited Ganz for information on what these users should do to get new, working codes.
Faulty Caring Valley Code
If you receive one of the faulty Caring Valley tags, which will contain the word "SAMPLE" plus a number after it, you should mail the tag directly to Ganz at the following address:
Attn: Webkinz Customer Service - Tag Issue
One Pearce Rd.
Woodbridge, Ont.
L4L 3T2

Simply include the tag, the store purchased at, and an email address at which Ganz can send the new code.
According to Ganz, these tags are part of the quality assurance program and appropriate parties have been notified of the issue.

Tawny Pup PSI has KinzPost Glitch, Card Collector Pedestal KinzPost Glitch Fixed *UPDATE*

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We have received word that there appears to be a problem with the programming of the Tawny Pup's Pet Specific Item, the Puppy Picnic Table.  For some reason, this item cannot be traded in the Webkinz Trade Room and it can't be sent via KinzPost.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will get this glitch fixed soon.  Thank you to WI member blueeyes1113 for this picture from her account.  
Also in KinzPost glitch news, you may remember that when the Series 4 Trading Cards were released back in February of this year, we discovered that the Card Collector Pedestal could not be traded or sent via KinzPost.  As of last week's system maintenance, this item can now be sent from one account to another.  This is fantastic news for our members who have had unwanted duplicates on their accounts.
UPDATE (July 9th):  The KinzPost glitch for the Tawny Pup PSI has been fixed!

New Curio Shop Glitch Discovered, Arte Seems Confused

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The recent Curio Shop update seems to have confused poor old Arte.  As we all know, he doesn't seem to handle programming changes well, and this week's update was no exception.
When the Asian accounts hit 4pm just a few minutes ago, a time that Arte had been indicating he would have a Rare item for sale, members with regular Webkinz accounts discovered that they didn't have a Rare item in their Curio Shops.  Members with Deluxe accounts, however, were able to find the Rare item, Manic Monitor, in the special Deluxe section of their accounts.
It seems that when Arte gives out his Rare information, he doesn't pay attention to whether the account is a regular account or a Deluxe account.  As a result, he is telling players with regular accounts about Rare items that they won't get a chance to buy.
Hopefully the programmers at Ganz wil be able to sort out this glitch soon.  In the mean time, please check out the Rare notice in our forum.  We will bring you the latest information on what time Rare items will be for sale, which Rare items will be for sale, and whether the Rare items will be available on regular accounts or only on Deluxe accounts.  You can even follow our Rare notices on Twitter @WIDOTCOM.

Curio Shop Programming Fixed, Time to Clear Your Cache

We are pleased to report that the programming for the Curio Shop appears to have been fixed.  It is no longer necessary to log out and log in to get the Rare item to show up for sale.  This is good news for all players, but it is great news for players with Deluxe accounts.
The programming changes Ganz made yesterday were designed to give Deluxe members an advantage in the Curio Shop.  Each hour, instead of having 12 items for sale in the Curio Shop, Deluxe members have 24 items for sale.  They have the 12 items that regular members can see plus an "extra" 12 items.  As a result, Deluxe members will also have an extra chance at getting a Rare item each day.
Here on Webkinz Insider, we will continue to bring you the latest Rare information as it becomes available.  You can find this information at the top of every page in Webkinz Insider, or you can find it on WI's Twitter account, WIDOTCOM.  When a Rare is coming that will only be available on Deluxe accounts, we will be certain to make a note of that, so everyone will know.
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If you are still having a problem with your account, please clear your internet browser's cache.  Here is a link to a set of instructions that will tell you exactly how to do that:  wikiHow

Webkinz Creative Director Addresses Curio Shop Changes

Webkinz Insider was contacted by the Webkinz Creative Director this evening regarding the recent problems players have been having with the Curio Shop.  According to him "The logging-in-and-out randomness was a bug, not intended.  It should be fixed now.  Regular members will see the same 12 every time, and the Deluxe bonus items will only be available to Deluxe members."
As of the 10pm KT rare this evening (Wednesday) on American accounts, we were still getting reports from members that Arte was telling them they had "come at the right time" for a rare, but there was no rare in the Curio Shop.  Some were able to get the Egyptian Vase to show up after logging out of Webkinz World and back in again, but many were not.  Hopefully the Creative Director's statement means that the programming has been fixed, and we will see the results after this evening's maintenance.  
At this point, we are not certain how, when we ask Arte for the rare time, he will let us know what rare items will be available to everyone, and what rare items will only be available on Deluxe accounts.  We will continue working on this mystery and will bring you the latest information as it becomes available.  
UPDATE (Thursday morning):  We are hearing from our members that the "bug" has not been fixed.  Members with Asian accounts are reporting that Thursday's 12pm, 4pm, and 10pm rares showed up in the "Regular" section for some players and in the "Deluxe" section for other players.  Logging in and out is still getting the items to move around.  And, even if you have a regular account that doesn't show a Rare item, Arte is still saying he has a Rare item for sale. 
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Thank you to WI member theacate for these pictures of Thursday's 10pm rare on her accounts.

Webkinz Creative Director Addresses Inaccuracies in "Interesting Conversation" Article!

Webkinz Doug the DogA little background to catch you all up.  Late last week, we published an article containing the details of a long conversation that one of our Webkinz Forum members had with a Webkinz Customer Support Supervisor -- Webkinz Member has Interesting Conversation with Webkinz Supervisor. This article quickly became one of the most popular we've had on WI in some time, but later that evening, we were contacted by Ganz informing us of numerous inaccuracies in what the member had been told.  In order to allow Ganz to address the inaccuracies and give accurate information to our readers, we pulled the original article and asked Ganz to help us set the record straight.
The Creative Director for Ganz's Interactive Division (Webkinz) has re-contacted us here at Webkinz Insider to address and correct the inaccuracies contained in our original article which has now been republished with a note and link to this article.  Here is the official statement from the Creative Director, verbatim.
1) Priorities for bug fixes are created by myself along with our lead project manager only, and I can assure all our members that we never said that these issues are not important. I will look into the issues that are mentioned in the post, particularly the Bingoz issue. I do not know what is specifically meant by the "rare trophy table" issue - so I would welcome some more information on this, or a link to the discussion about this issue.
2) In response to the original post, we have done testing to confirm that yes, Cooking and Grooming DO count towards your Recess. That said - we ARE aware that some members are not getting their Recess as expected. This appears to be happening primarily on our European and Asian accounts. This is a priority issue that is being dealt with.
3) While I can not go into the Doug the Dog issue in detail, the issues after release were strictly due to a programming problem. Our team worked very diligently and fixed the issue within 24 hours. The taken gems were returned on Tuesday (I got mine back too). I am unaware of any issues in Doug the Dog since that time. Again I welcome more information about this, if there is an issue. A quick note about 2nd (and more) pets playing Doug the Dog. The challenge was actually originally intended to be once per day per account. After seeing how much our members were enjoying it though, I decided to leave it in.

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