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Exclusive News

Three New Exclusives In Webkinz World

Have you been saving up your Wish Tokens?  If so, you might want to take a look at the Wish Machine because Webkinz Insider members logging in to Webkinz World today are reporting that 3 new Exclusives.
The Wooden Horse Toy Box will hold up to 10 items and the Northern Lands Statue will make a stony statement in any Webkinz room.
The third new exclusive is the Medieval Canopy Tent.  Your pet will take comfort from sitting inside on the pillow floor and the blue flag on top gentle moves in the breeze.
In addition to adding these 3 new exclusives, Webkinz World has retired the 4-Wheel ATV, Disco Ball, and Topsy Turvy Window.  To see a list of all the previously retired exclusive, check out our WIki.

New Exclusives Announced, Old Exclusives Will Be Retired!

Webkinz Newz is announcing the introduction of two new Exclusives: the Big City Bus and the Playpen Trampoline, seen above. These new exclusives will be available starting Wednesday, June 6, 2012. The Big City Bus will be a vehicle which your Webkinz pet can ride in Webkinz World. The Playpen Trampoline will be an interactive item too, and your Webkinz can climb into the playpen and jump up and down.
Exclusive items can be obtained in one of five ways. When adopting a new Webkinz pet, you will receive a random Exclusive for every pet except the first one. In the Wish Factory, you can trade 10, 12 or 15 Wish Tokens for the exclusive of your choice. You can also make a Wish of the Day in the Wish Factory, and have a chance at winning an exclusive of your choice. Exclusives are also available on the Super Wheel. Exclusives are tradeable and kinzpostable and can be exchanged with other Webkinz World players.
4448-1.png   3218-1.png      3204-1.png
To make room for these exciting new items, Webkinz World will be retiring three older Exclusives: the Giant Gift Box, Giant Sandwich Table and Webkinz Theme Music Box. If you want to get one of these exclusives, you'd better hurry! They will be retiring on Tuesday, June 5 2012.

Webkinz Creative Director Answers Questions About Webkinz Friends!

With the surprise discovery of the new Facebook app Webkinz Friends, we immediately contacted the Creative Director at Webkinz for more information. We found that he is also the Creative Director for the Webkinz Friends project and that he was willing to answer any questions that we had for him.
We took a number of your own questions from the Webkinz Friends Forum and supplemented them with our own, for a total of 10 questions. Ganz plans to start officially promoting the Webkinz Friends game today, so expect a bunch of new players on Webkinz Friends and new friends here on Webkinz Insider!
If you're already deep into Webkinz Friends, please visit our Webkinz Friends Forum to help those who have questions and please contribute to our Webkinz Friends Wiki -- we need your help!
WI: Just to be clear, Webkinz Friends isn't a "new feature" of Webkinz World or in any way related to Webkinz World, right?
CD: Correct. Webkinz Friends is an all-new game set in the Webkinz “universe”. It can be played completely separately from Webkinz World (aka and playing it doesn’t have any effect on your Webkinz World account.
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Ganz Offering Free Access to Webkinz World!

Late last week, I was in contact with the Webkinz Creative Director who told me about a little-known, but likely to become very popular this summer, feature now available in Webkinz World -- free accounts! As part of a new strategy to bring in new players, Ganz is putting Webkinz World into the "freemium" arena.
This morning, I created a free account and took the new feature for a spin. I was unable to get the "Create a FREE account" button to appear in either Safari or Chrome, so I ended up using Firefox to create it. The free members have a great deal of content that they can access, although some missions that they cannot complete do appear (for example, the Earth Day mission requires you to play Ant Mania, but free members can't play the game). You can choose either a Mutt or Domestic Cat when selecting the pet for your free account.
In my limited time playing the game (you can watch me play a really awful couple of games of Cash Cow in the video above), there seemed to be a great deal of things available for me to do in Webkinz World. Of course, you can upgrade your account at any time with a Webkinz pet code. The things I seemed to be able to do included:
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Webkinz Rockerz Pets Coming to Webkinz World! *UPDATE*

Thanks to Robert at Ameriwade and the Creative Director at Ganz, we've been able to put together all the information we've received to give you an exclusive look into the new limited-edition Webkinz Rockerz pets!
Ganz is launching these new plushes with four offerings: Bad to the Bone Bulldog, Peace Love Moosic Cow, Punk Princess Cat and the Rock n' Roar Lion!
Each Webkinz Rockerz Pet comes with everything you'd expect from any other Webkinz -- PSI, PSF, exclusive item -- PLUS an exclusive Pet Specific Outfit, AND a Backstage Pass and VIP Pass that can be traded in for items from a new Rockerz-only theme!
We expect these new Webkinz Rockerz to be available in June, 2012! What do you think of the new pets?
UPDATE: Robert from Ameriwade has confirmed that these pets will be limited-edition and higher-priced pets. Retailers are limited to 6 of each pet and Ameriwade.Com will be offering them between $16.99-17.99 each.
UPDATE: These pets, which are set to hit the stores in June 2012 are now available for presale at Ameriwade. You can pre order now and if you use your credit card you will not be charged until the items are in stock and ready to ship.

New Owner Takes Possession of WebkinzInsider

It is with great excitement and pride that I announce that I am now the owner of As many of you know, the Insider communities on multiple sites have not been getting along. This has created great tension between Wendy and Justin. Since neither of them could agree on what to do, they allowed me to buy their portion of WebkinzInsider. They will still own the other Insider sites, so if you have any questions, please ask them there.

As for me, my name is COWS4YOU. Many have wondered about me and so I will tell you a little about myself. I am a male that enjoys camping, fishing, my cows and playing on Webkinz. I have been a member for close to five years now. Many of you know me already so I hope that this transition will be a smooth one.

Webkinz Insider Member Solves "Aminkle Grog" Secret Recipe

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Lucy Hippo on solving the secret recipe Aminkle Grog.  Early this morning she discovered that it is made in the Blender using Blueberries, Licorice, and Raspberries.  Sounds like a tasty treat! This is the fourth recipe Lucy Hippo has solved!  Her other solves were GloprismaMataruk-Lucks, and Mocha Polka.  
Would you like to work with the "super chefs" on Webkinz Insider to try and solve some of the remaining mystery recipez?  Come on in to the Webkinz Insider recipe section to check out the ongoing discussion, HERE.  Maybe some day your name will be on our front page with a winning combination.  Good luck to all our chefs!

PSI, PSF, Virtual Images for Webkinz Mohawk Puppy, White Tiger, Charming Panda!

Yesterday afternoon, Ganz announced 9 new plush Webkinz for January 2012 and gave us images of each plush. With this morning's update, Webkinz Insider can show you the virtual images, PSIs and PSFs for the Webkinz White Tiger, Webkinz Mohawk Puppy and the Webkinz Charming Panda!
january webkinz cheats
The White Tiger's PSI is the Jungle Cat Perch and its PSF is Roaring Steak Tartare. The Mohawk Puppy's PSI is the Rocking Wardrobe, while its PSF is Punksicles. Finally, the Charming Panda's PSI is the Bamboo Chute Swing and its PSF is Bamboo Biscuits!

Webkinz Insider Gets Exclusive Sneak Peek at New Arcade Game

webkinz cheats
webkinz cheatsA new arcade game is coming to Webkinz World in December 2011, and we have your exclusive sneak peek here on Webkinz Insider!  This evening the Creative Director of Webkinz contacted WI with this picture from their newest game, Scramble!  We know that the game has chickens, we know that it has eggs, and we know that it has a trophy!  For any more details, it looks like we're going to have to wait for the game's official release sometime next month.  We can't wait!
Thanks again to the Webkinz Creative Director for sharing this Exclusive Content with us!

Webkinz Insider Receives Exclusive News Regarding Adventure Park Quest

webkinz cheatsWe have been hearing from many Adventure Park players regarding the inclusion of the Whimsy Skies game in one of the new Adventure Park Daily Quests.  As many of you know, Whimsy Skies is a game that is exclusive to Deluxe accounts.  There was confusion as to why Ganz would include this game in a challenge that is open to non-Deluxe players.  Today Webkinz Insider has received exclusive word from the Creative Director of Webkinz regarding this issue.
It turns out that, during the quest, even non-Deluxe players can click on the game link and be taken to the Whimsy Skies game.  However, the Creative Director went on to say, "as not everyone can access the game at any time, we will be changing that Daily Quest to use Tile Towers instead."  There is no word yet on when this change will take place, but we now know that even the current quest is "winnable" by both Deluxe and non-Deluxe players.
Thank you to the Creative Director for contacting Webkinz Insider to clear things up!

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