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Webkinz Introduces New Free Account Promotion

Webkinz has recently updated their Free Account program for new webkinz users. Previously, any user who opened a new free account could adopt the Webkinz Mutt or Domestic Cat. With this new update any user who opens a brand new Webkinz account will be able to select one of nine eStore pets to adopt. The nine eStore pets include: The Pink Zebra, Ice Fawn, Leonberger, Afghan Hound, Floppy Eared Bunny, Marshmallow Chipmunk, Sun Fox, Wolf, and Cotton Top Tamarin.  
Members may be interested to know that previously Pink Zebra has only been availble through an eStore promotion. Furthermore, the Ice Fawn is a seasonal winter pet and only available once a year (providing it is released by the eStore).  The Leonberger, Afghan Hound, Floppy Eared Bunny, Marshmallow Chipmunk, Sun Fox, Wolf, and Cotton Top Tamerin are all virtual pets and available to purchase by members exclusively through the eStore (note that some may not be currently available as the pet selection rotates through the year).
New users who create Free Accounts are limited in their participation throughout Webkinz World. These accounts are unable to access Kinzpost, the trading room, the items they can purchase, how many rooms they can create, and more.  Members can remove these limitations through the purchase and adoption of any other Webkinz pet, or the purchase of a deluxe membership through the eStore.
For more information on the Free AccountsFull Membership, or Deluxe Membership options please visit our WIki.

Sneak Peek at the Red Velvet Raccoon Webkinz!

Here are the virtual images of a new pet coming soon to the Ganz eStore! This is the Red Velvet Raccoon, its gift box, its PSI the Luxurious Clock and its PSF the Creamy Cocoa.
This sweet raccoon is the third red velvet webkinz, joining the Red Velvet Fawn released on the 1st of January this year, and the Red Velvet Rabbit from February 2012. This last pet was a special Promo Kinz, available only with the purchase of a Deluxe membership. It is not yet known how or when the new Red Velvet Raccoon will be offered, but it will be in the Ganz eStore.
With its red polka-dot PSI, this pet is a very good match for the Creative Studio theme available in the W Shop. Click HERE to see this theme in our WIKI. There is also a Red Velvet Theme available in the Ganz eStore also, which you can see HERE and some of it is in our WIKI HERE.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Gingerbread Puppy!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member weedpatchfarm on being the first to adopt the virtual Gingerbread Puppy! This pet is currently available for 12,500 points in the Ganz eStore.
This sweet pet's name is Molasses, and her nickname is Lassie. Here she is with her Pet Specific Item, the Gingerbread Bed. Her Pet Special Food is the Gingersnap Pie.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Snowy Googles!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member R3dRulez for being the first to adopt the virtual Snowy Googles!
His name is Indigo, and here he is with his Pet Specific Item, the Frosty Snowmobile! The Snowy Googles' Pet Special Food is the Rock Candy.
The Snowy Googles is a virtual-only pet available for the first time this month in the Ganz eStore as a special offer for Deluxe-only members. He is the Deluxe Advantage Exclusive Pet for the month of December, and will be available all month for 10,000 points.
The Webkinz Googles have always been especially popular and you can see the Googles Collection in our WIKI.
Did you know?  Ganz was making Googles stuffed animals many years - decades! - before the inception of Webkinz, and even before the Google of the Internet was invented.

Sneak Peek at Three New Virtual-Only Webkinz!

Webkinz Newz is giving us a sneak peek at three upcoming virtual-only Webkinz that should be available for purchase soon at the Ganz eStore. First, looking like Frankenstein's monster, is a Halloween seasonal pet, the Zombie Bloodhound. Here he is with his Gift Box, Pet Specific item the Cobweb Couch and Pet Special Food the Frightening Fritter.
The other seasonal Halloween offering for this year is the Midnight Owl, released in August. Learn all about Halloween in Webkinz World in our WIKI.
If you're looking for a tenant for your Zodiac Theme room or your castle's laboratory, you might like the Enchanted Goat with its Gift Box. The PSI is a box of clothing, the three-piece Wise Enchanter Outfit. The PSF is the Beguiling Bagel.
Here is the bright green Neon Pallas Cat with its Gift Box, PSI Neon Futon and PSF Florescent Frozen Yogurt.  The Pallas Cat is a small Asian wildcat classified as Near-Threatened.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Bedtime Puppy!

Let's congratulate Webkinz Insider member Blythe on the adoption of the new Bedtime Puppy!
Here you can see the aptly named Slumberina sitting on the Bedtime Puppy's Pet Specific Item, the Pizza Party Perch. The Bedtime Puppy's Pet Special Food is the BFF Buttery Popcorn.
The Bedtime Puppy is a virtual pet and part of the Deluxe Only series of pets.  It is available to the Deluxe Advantage eStore customers for the entire month of March only. Normally it will sell for 12,500 points; but for March 1st only, it is available for the reduced price of 10,000 points

Ganz Reveals Winged Tiger

What is blue, has stripes and wings? That would be the Winged Tiger. This is the latest virtual pet that Ganz has revealed. Have you wished that there would be an pilot outfit in Webkinz World that your webkinz could wear when flying the Hot Air Balloon or the Airplane? You are in luck because the Pet Specific Item for the Winged Tiger is Kinz Air Pilot Outfit and its Pet Specific Food is none other than Airline Cuisine.
Good to see that this pet is not serving peanuts! We are unsure when this pet will be released, but as soon as we know, we will let you know.

Three More eStore Pets Revealed - Webkinz Green, Blue Piglet, Sizzling Swan

We previously have shown a future Purple Piglet Webkinz that was due to arrive at the eStore soon, but what good is one little piggy when there could be three? Also arriving at the eStore soon will be the:
Green Piglet
The Green Piglet comes with a Green Spring Green House PSI and a yummy looking Green Marzipan Truffles PSF.
Blue Piglet
The Blue Piglet comes with a Blue Spring Greenhouse PSI and a yummy looking Blue Marizpan Truffles PSF.
Are you a fan of the fire looking webkinz? Then you are just in luck. Rounding out the third eStore Pet announcement is:
Sizzling Swan

Ganz Offers Sneak Peek of Chillaxin Penguin

Another virtual pet has been announced by Ganz, the Chillaxin Penguin!! This chilly little guy comes with an Arctic Airplane PSI and Frosty Sardine PSF!
Stay tuned to Webkinz Insider for more info and breaking news and availability of this awesome new pet!

Ganz Offers Sneak Peek of Snowy Summit Wolf

Ganz has given us a Sneak Peek of a new virtual pet, the Snowy Summit Wolf! This adorable pet comes with a Snowy Mountain Peak PSI, and Wolf Pack Snack PSF.
Stay tuned to Webkinz Insider as to when this pet will be available to you!

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