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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts eStore Fennec Fox

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Jagular on her adoption of "Ziva David", an eStore Fennec Fox.  Ganz has announced that the Fennec Fox will be available for sale at the Ganz eStore this weekend.  The Pet Specific Item for the Fennec Fox is the Sand Dune Buggy.  The Pet Special Food is Wild Egg Omelet.

Ganz Announces Ganz eStore Silkie Chicken Promotion

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Ganz has announced that they will be making the Webkinz Silkie Chicken available to Ganz eStore shoppers for the very first time.  On May 13, 14, and 15, players who purchase 75,000 eStore points will receive a free adoption code for a Silkie Chicken.  This is similar to the promotion Ganz ran for the Webkinz Swordfish in March.

Zodiac Estore Pet Surprise Gifts begin to arrive! *Updated*

Previously WebkinzNewz had announced that players who have adopted one of the Zodiac pets would receive a special surprise gift.
A special thank you to Webkinz Insider Member Kinzmom1924 who was the first to report in about the gift.  The feature code will be delievered to the email from the purchase history attached to your estore account.  The special item is called the Star Crossed Chest!
Here is the prize award screen shot from the Code Shop entry:
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Here is a picture of the Star Crossed Chest in Kinzmom1924's house:
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 UPDATE - There is currently a glitch which affects some codes.  Instead of receiving the chest, the code is awarding 5 Spree Rolls.  If you have already used your code and had this glitch, the Estore needs to be contacted in a day or two to correct this problem.  If you still have a code that is not entered, you might want to wait to for a system update to take place before using your code.
UPDATE: As of 8:20pm KT, members have reported receiving replacement codes via email and receiving the chest. The new email will be titled Your Replacement Zodiac Surprise Gift...

Last Chance To Purchase Zodiac eStore Pets

 Webkinznewz has announced a special limited time offer for the Ganz eStore running from April 18th to 24th (2011).  This special offer will be the final time all 12 Zodiac pets will be available to purchase. According to the promotion details these pets will not be available following this limited time offer.
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In addition to the 12 pets being available, any new adoption or players who have adopted one of these pets previously will receive a special surprise gift. This gift has not been revealed and it has not been for sale in the Ganz eStore.  The feature code will be delievered to the purchase history attached to your estore account.

Spring Celebration Egg Basket Now in Ganz eStore

webkinz cheatsThank you to everyone who let us know that the Spring Celebration Egg Basket is currently available for sale in the Ganz eStore.  eStore shoppers now have access to some fantastic Spring-themed prizes that can't be obtained anywhere else.  
The basket, sold for 5,000 eStore points, contains six chocolate eggs.  When the eggs are fed to Webkinz pets, there is an 80% chance they will turn into prizes.  This is similar to the programming of the berries in the Jumbleberry Fields game.
For a more detailed explanation of how the Spring Celebration Egg Basket works, and to see pictures of all of the available prizes, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.
UPDATE (10:45am):  The Basket is no longer for sale in the eStore.  It was added in by mistake this morning.  It is scheduled to return on the 18th and to be sale through Easter Sunday, the 24th.
UPDATE:  The chocolate eggs will also be available in the Spring Celebration Click-to-Win!

Beautiful Assistant Outfit with eStore Points Purchase

Ganz has announced their latest promotion when buying eStore Points: Purchase 30,000 eStore points from April 13-April 14 and receive the Beautiful Assistant's Outfit!
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The code will be emailed to you on April 15th. For further information about this deal, please check out the eStore.

New "Magic Show" Theme Coming Soon to the Ganz eStore

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that a new theme will be coming to the Ganz eStore soon.  This Magic Show-inspired collection should be available to eStore shoppers sometime this Spring.  
So far, they have only shown us one item in the theme, just enough to pique our interest.  As soon as more items are revealed we will bring them to you here.  
And, in other "sneak peek" news, Ganz has announced that a new job will be coming to the Employment office soon.  The only clue they're offering is that the job will involve "tons of delicious candy".

Webkinz Game Cards Now Available at GameStop

webkinz cheatsWebkinz Insider members keep your eyes open because Ganz has announced that the Webkinz Game Cards are now available at GameStop. This is wonderful news for members who are unable to buy points in the estore. This also means that the cards should now be available outside the United States.
The Webkinz Game Cards can be redeemed at the Ganz eStore. Thanks to YOMCNUGGET for alerting us to this news. For complete details on how to use the Webkinz Game Cards, please visit the Ganz estore.

Ganz Estore Daily Double Sale April 4th-8th!!

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Ganz has announced a truly terrific sale coming to the Ganz Estore starting midnight Eastern time April 4th and ending 11:59pm Eastern time April 8th! Different Daily Doubles will be added on each of those days. They will be bundled in pairs, and you will receive 2 seperate codes for the items. Thank you PoliceProperty for alerting us to this great sale opportunity for all you Estore fans!

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