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UPDATED: Webkinz Friends and Tail Town Friends Applications to shut down on August 31st 2014

Ganz has announced that the Webkinz Friends and Tail Towns Friends Applications will be shutting down on August 31st, 2014.  This closure will affect both the Facebook and iPad versions of the game. While the application was popular with Webkinz Insider members, the application never found a large audience on Facebook or through the App store. Due to the lack of audience the development team experienced limitations in their "ability to add new content and give the game the attention it deserved."
As of Today (July 29th, 2014), Webkinz Friends & Tail Town Friends will no longer allow new players to sign up to play via Facebook or the App store.  All payments have also been suspended due to the pending shut down.  Current players, however, will be able to play as much as they desire as the energy requirements will be removed from the game. The prizes exclusive to Webkinz Friends will be added in due time to Webkinz World, to ensure that all members have the opportunity to enjoy them.
UPDATE (August 2nd @ 9:30am KT):  We have received multiple reports of  ads and news articles within Webkinz World directing members to the Webkinz Friends application.  The ad featured on the left instructs WI member FIA to hold on to their pet's secret code in order to participate in Webkinz Friends.  Members have also reported seeing daily News updates in Webkinz World mentioning exclusive prizes to be earned on Webkinz Friends.
While it may appear that GANZ is promoting the Webkinz Friends iPad app to members, we have no way to confirm that the application's shelf life will be extended in any way.
 At this moment in time we can only reiterate that, based on the previous update provided by GANZ, the Webkinz Friends application will be shut down at the end of this month.

Neon Tutu Secret Recipe Is Solved

Thanks to the two hints provided during the #OneWebkinzWorld bonus challenges, WI member Starburst1425 for sharing the Neon Tutu recipe!  According to Starburst1425, this Recipe calls for Pink Cowgirl Boots (Friday's #Onewebkinzworld hint), Fall Floral Skirt (Saturday's #Onewebkinzworld hint), and the Thick Knit Sweater. Give the recipe a try and enjoy this chic new tutu on all of your lovely pets!
Thanks to Starburst1425, and thank you to our dedicated recipe solving community here on WI and throughout Webkinz World. And don't forget that you can see a list of solved clothing recipes on our WIki at any time!
UPDATE (August 10th @ 2:10pm KT):  An earlier version of this article incorrectly credited Starburst 1425 for solving the original recipe. While Starburst was not the original webkinz player who solved the recipe, they did share it on our clothing machine recipe thread.

Webkinz Community Successfully Unlocks #OneWebkinzWorld Prizes!

Congratulations to the Webkinz Community and WI Members for unlocking all ten levels of the #OneWebkinzWorld prize package.  For completing all of these challenges players have unlocked prizes to be enjoyed by all Webkinz World players on #OneWebkinzWorld play days -- running August 8th through August 10th. 
The total prize package earned includes: 
  • 10,000 Kinz Cash
  • Three extra spins on the Wheel of Wow
  • Three free Spree rolls
  • Three Jumbleberry Fields plays
  • One Spin on the Super Wheel
  • All Webkinz World mobile apps will be FREE during play days
  • 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, or 70% off specific eStore Pets.
  • A FREE Melanie Pet Buddy
  • An Adventure Park Backpack
  • The Goobers room theme
  • 3,000 4,000 eStore points
  • and Exclusive Play Day #OneWebkinzWorld themed Items!
There are still a few days to participate in the Bonus Goal challenges found via Webkinz Newz. Currently, members are working to unlock the recipe for the Neon TuTu recipe! Congratulations, and don't forget to log in during the Play Days to collect your prizes!
UPDATE (August 7th @ 3:15pm KT): GANZ has added 1,000 extra eStore points to the final prize tally as a thank you to everyone who participated.  Play Days start tomorrow, so don't forget to log in!

Two new pets coming soon to Webkinz World - Mystical Crab and Quirky Carnival Unicorn

Pictured above, is a quirky new friend that will soon be filling up our days with fun in Webkinz World. Check out the new Quirky Carnival Unicorn! Comfort is the name of the game with this Quirky Carnival Unicorn's PSI, the Quirky Carnival Wagon Bed. The PSF for this pet is the Twisted Candy Apple!
Also, coming soon to Webkinz World is the Mystical Crab. This pet loves things that shimmer including their percious PSI, the Wondrous Treasure Bed. The PSF that accompanies this pet is the Surreal Sushi Platter.
Please keep your eyes on the Webkinz Insider front page where we will let you know when these new pets are first spotted in Webkinz World!

UPDATED: Webkinz Newz Announces #OneWebkinzWorld Contest

 Webkinz Newz recently announced a new contest running from July 3rd to July 31st. This contest will require members to use various platforms of Social Media to earn points, and collect prizes for the entire Webkinz Community.
Members who are registered (with parent permission) on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram, are encouraged to create fun pictures and videos of their webkinz plush toys and share them on these social platforms in order to earn points.  These images and videos must include:  A tag on the official Webkinz social media accounts using @Webkinz, include the provided banner image, and include the hashtag #OneWebkinzWorld. Additionally, pictures must feature one pet at a time (no group plush pictures). Members are, however, able to enter as many pictures/videos as they would like to create.
Those who are uncomfortable using social media, or who do not have permission of their parents, may participate in challenges released on  These challenges will unlock points towards the many rewards available at the end of the contest.  Keep an eye on Webkinz Newz for information on these challenges as they are released.
At the end of the Contest Period (July 31st, 2014), the points will be tallied and unlock special rewards for all members of the Webkinz Community.  Each photo or video shared will count as one point on each platform shared, there is no word on how many points the challenges will reward when completed.  For further information on the rules and regulations of the #OneWebkinzWorld contest, please visit Webkinz Newz.
We would like to remind our Webkinz Insider members at this time of our rules on Social Media.  We do not allow discussion, sharing, or links to any social media accounts.  This includes posting links to contest entries. This is for the safety of our members. Those who participate should also ask their parents for permission to open accounts on any of these websites.
UPDATE: ( July 9th @ 6pm KT) The Webkinz Community has successfuly earned 30,000 points in total. In addition to the 30,000 (3rd level) rewards of 1,000 Kinz Cash & Three Jumbleberry Fields Plays, those who log in during August 8th to 10th will also receieve 2,000 Kinz Cash, two wheel extra wheel of WoW spins, and three free spree rolls.  Remember, these prizes will not be available until August!
UPDATE: (July 14th @ 8pm KT).  Ganz has announced that the Webkinz Community successfuly completed the requirements for levels four, five, and six.  Members have now unlocked the following prizes (in addition to previous levels): 3,000 kinz cash, three free wheel of wishes spins, a spin on the super wheel, all webkinz world apps downloadable for FREE during play days, and 30% off select eStore pets during play days.
UPDATE: (July 24th @ 9am KT):  The Webkinz Community has successfully earned 90,000 points in total. This means that users have unlocked the 70,000, 80,000, and 90,000 levels since our last update. Including previous prizes earned, members will now receieve: an additional 3,000 Kinz Cash, Free Melanie Pet Buddy, 40% off specific pets, an Adventure Kinz Backpack, 2,000 eStore Points, 50% off specific pets, Goobers Room Theme, and 60% off specific pets.  Remember, that you only have until July 31st to unlock the 100,000 level prizes and unlock the bonus goals (by earning over 100,000 points)!
Keep an eye on Webkinz Newz and Webkinz Insider for additional challenge updates!

April is Autism Awareness Month

 Latest Data - 1 in 68 Children identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder

It is more important than ever to campaign to raise awareness for Autism. Please join us in our efforts by dressing your pets in blue this April! Get your family and friends on board and light it up blue on April 2nd, World Autism Day. Wear BLUE, light your house up with BLUE, draw attention to and educate people about Autism.
Through out April we will be having AUTISM AWARENESS PARADES. Dress your pet up in BLUE & join us in the Kinzville Park! Please click HERE to visit the Autism Awareness Thread for INFORMATION, AVATARS, SIGNATURES and PARADE INFORMATION! Please visit our WIKI for more information on Autism.
WED., APRIL 30th
(Pucker Fish)

New Big City Streetcar Exclusive in Webkinz World

There is now a brand new exclusive in Webkinz World! Pictured above is the Big City Streecar. Your pets are going to love riding in this classic streetcar. In a surprising move Ganz has chosen to retire the Neo Gothic Piano. You may remember this exclusive was just introduced to Webkinz World in August of 2013.
Exclusive items can be obtained five ways. When adopting a new Webkinz pet you will receive a random Exclusive for every pet except the first one. Visit the Wish Factory and trade Tokens for the exclusive of your choice. Make a Wish of the Day in the Wish Factory and you might win an exclusive of your choice. And don't forget the Super Wheel. Exclusives are tradeable and kinzpostable and can be exchanged with other Webkinz World players.

Sneak Peek of Patchwork Leopard

The new Patchwork Leopard will soon be sewing up hearts in Webkinz World. This talented new pet is a wizard with a needle, thread, fabrics and patterns. The Patchwork Leopard comes complete with their PSI, the Cute Quilted Couch and their PSF, the Quilted Cake!
We will let you know how and when this Patchwork Leopard arrives in Webkinz World!

Sneak Peek of Midnight Carousel Horse

We have a beautiful new horse to look forward to in Webkinz World. This elegant new pet is called the Midnight Carousel Horse! This free spirited pet loves to spend time riding carousels and visiting fairs and circuses. The Midnight Carousel Horse enjoys playing on their PSI, the Prize Klaw Machine! The favourite treat for this pet is it's PSF, the delectable Licorice Snow Cone!
We will let you know how and when this Midnight Carousel Horse rides into Webkinz World!

Webkinz Insider member adopts American German Shepherd

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member tuxeysnoopy2013 on their adoption of the American German Shepherd. Pictured here is Ace of Diamonds, proudly posing beside his awesome PSI, the Puppy Patrol Motorcycle. The PSF for this pet is Off-Duty Donut.
If you are interested in purchasing  this or any other Webkinz then be sure to stop by Ameriwade. Ameriwade features a flat shipping rate of $5 in the US and $8 to Canada for up to eight Webkinz. Best of all, your credit card will not be charged until your order has shipped.

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