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Virtual Images for Three New December Webkinz!

Our Webkinz Insider readers will be interested to see the virtual images for three Webkinz that are being released in December 2013. Above you will recognise the Signature English Bulldog, which is the very last of the line of Signature pets. Next to the bulldog's avatar is the Gift Box. Then comes the Pet Specific Item, which is the Double Decker Bus; despite its name, this is not a vehicle but a bed. Finally is the Pet Special Food, the Great Puppy Poundcake
Just in time for the first snow of the season, is the virtual-only Snowy Google! Its PSI is a vehicle, the Frosty Snowmobile, and its PSF is the Rock Candy.
Finally we have a pet that is obviously seasonal to the Christmas Holiday, the Green Peppermint Unicorn.  Its PSI is the Mystical Ice Sculpture and its PSF is the Green Magic Mint Smoothie. This is a virtual-only pet available from the Ganz eStore, and it joins the Red and the White Peppermint Unicorns that were both released for the 2012 holiday season.

Raziel Mega Collection Event in Webkinz World!

If you enjoyed the previous Collection events in Webkinz World, such as the Acorn, Marshmallow and Daisy Collections, you will like this one.
Start by clicking on Raziel's green Dragon Egg on your Kinzville Map. (Raziel is a dragon character from the Adventure Park.) Your goal is to provide heat for the egg. Each click gives a piece of coal to the nest to keep it warm. You can click on this egg once a day and must provide a total of 100 pieces of coal.  Unlike previous Collection games, you cannot enlist the help of your friends to give you coal, although Deluxe members get an additional piece of coal per day and can purchase more from the Ganz eStore.
Here is a screenshot of your work space:
You win prizes as you reach milestones: the Orange Adventure Parka when you reach 20 pieces of coal, Framed Adventure Park Map with 40 pieces of coal, Fiery Dragon Wings with 60 pieces of coal, and so on. When  you reach 80 pieces of coal, you get the Dragon Egg Music Box, with a model of Raziel inside it. Finally the Grand Prize when you reach 100 pieces, is the Raziel Slide.
The Raziel Collection begins today and will run until April 30, 2014! Think of it as a long-term activity similar to filling your purple jar with 100 moonberries in the game of Jumbleberry Fields, and it won't seem so bad.
Learn all about Collection events in our WIKI.

Starry Slumber Theme Part 2 Arrives in W Shop!

Thanks to Webkinz Insider member adrib for providing us with this view of their WW room decorated with some of the new Starry Slumber Theme.
The Starry Slumber Theme first appeared in the W Shop of Webkinz World on July 17, 2013. You can see the first installment of furniture by clicking HERE.
The second installment of furniture for this theme was added October 30, 2013. Three of the new items can be purchased by all members: Starry Side Table 350 kc, Starry Slumber Armchair 470 kc and Sweet Dreams Lamp 275 kc. The following items can only be purchased by Deluxe members: Starry Slumber Couch 700 kc, Starry Slumber Fireplace 900 kc, Starry Wonders Bookshelf 590 kc, Sweet Dreams Dresser 710 kc and Sweet Dreams Wardrobe 810 kc.
Please be careful if you are wishing to store your clothing, because despite its name, the Sweet Dreams Dresser is a decoration only, and you cannot put anything inside it. On the other hand, the Sweet Dreams Wardrobe is a storage item which can be opened and holds 8 items. The Twilight Toy Box introduced in July 2013 remains your best buy at 600 kc since it holds 12 items.

New Lego Friends Floaty Clicky in Webkinz World now for Canada Only! *UPDATE*

There is a new floaty-clicky event starting today in your Webkinz World account. Watch for this Gift Box floating across the screen of any page where your dock is visible. Click on the Gift Box and it will go to your dock. When you drag the Gift Box into your room, it will award you a cool new 3-piece outfit.
This event is a promotion of a new internet game, Lego Friends. There will be a link from the Gift Box to this game. There are 5 girls in this game, and a turtle. The girls are Mia, Emma, Andrea, Olivia and Stephanie.
There are 2 outfits to be won at this time: Mia's outfit and Stephanie's outfit. On the left is Mia's outfit consisting of the Butterfly Sky Tops, Lime Green Capris and Fuchsia Flip Flops. Stephanie's outfit is the Pink Star Tank, Pretty in Pink Skirt,  and Superstar Sneakers.
This event runs from October 30 to November 24 2013.
*UPDATE*: We are getting many reports of WW members not being awarded their Lego Gift Box, independently of the browser being used. Let's hope that the Ganz techies will soon work their magic and fix this glitch.
*UPDATE*: Thanks to marnabear for letting us know that this floaty-clicky is now for Canada-only, and this is at the request of the sponsor of this event.

Happy Halloween! Don't Forget to Log In!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts, where it is already Oct 31, are getting their Halloween special activities. A nice greeting card from your furry friends at Webkinz, is awaiting in your kinzpost inbox.
Here is the Halloween Gift Bag for 2013.There is an announcement screen on login, and your gift bag will be in  your dock if you log in on Halloween Day. This is in kinz time, meaning that you must log in when your account is reading October 31, and not your real life calendar! If you live in North or South America but have an Asian account, log in today for your Gift bag; tomorrow will be too late.
Please do not post the content of the Gift Bag as many of our members like to be surprised. Suffice it to say that there are 2 foods and one item of clothing, all very interesting.
There is a Super Wheel all day to celebrate Halloween.
If  you have not yet completed your collection of candies from Spooky in the Clubhouse, hurry! You can still collect candy every 3 hours and complete your 2013 Jack O'Lantern.

Signature Ocelot PSI and PSF Revealed!

Here are the virtual images for the Signature Ocelot, the Signature pet for the month of November 2013. First is the virtual avatar, then the Gift Box, the Pet Specific Item and the Pet Special Food. The PSI is the Aztec Cat Fountain and the PSF is the Cha Cha Chili. The ocelot, or Aztec Jaguar, was revered by the Aztecs and other native American Indians for its beauty and hunting skills.
You can see this beautiful plush pet by clicking HERE
As you may remember, the Signature line is being discontinued at the end of this year, making the Ocelot the second-from-last siggie pet. The last Signature pet will be the Signature English Bulldog in December.
If this gorgeous pet appeals to you, don't forget our partner store Ameriwade. Ameriwadecharges a flat shipping fee of $5 in the US ($8 in Canada), for any size order up to 8 Webkinz; and your credit card is not charged until your order ships.

Donut Pup and Sassy Skunk Virtual Images Revealed!

These are two plush pets, regular-sized Webkinz, that are being released in December 2013. First is the Donut Pup, looking remarkably like the Ice Cream Pup that just came out this month. Here are his Gift Box, his PSI the Cup of Cocoa Tub, and his PSF the Donut Sandwich.
For a totally different look, yet staying in the bathtub theme as far as PSI's are concerned, here is the Sassy Skunk! You can see the virtual avatar, the Gift Box, the PSI Scented Bubble Bath and the PSF Swanky Caesar Salad.
You can see the plush pets by clicking HERE.
If one of these pets appeals to you, don't forget our partner store Ameriwade. Ameriwade charges a flat shipping fee of $5 in the US ($8 in Canada), for any size order up to 8 Webkinz; and your credit card is not charged until your order ships.

Fox Terrier and Ice Penguin Virtual Images Released!

Our Webkinz Insider readers who have been following the new plush pets being released for December will be interested in these virtual images from Webkinz Newz.
Here are the Fox Terrier's virtual avatar, the Gift Box, the Pet Specific Item Windy Moors Den and the Pet Special Food After Run Bun.
The Ice Penguin is also coming out in December, and here are the virtual avatar, the Gift Box, the PSI Slippery Slide and the PSF Hot Fish Soup, yum!
If one of these pets appeals to you, don't forget our partner store Ameriwade. Ameriwade charges a flat shipping fee of $5 in the US ($8 in Canada), for any size order up to 8 Webkinz; and your credit card is not charged until your order ships.

Night Mare Retires Nov 3!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts are already seeing this announcement on login to their Webkinz World accounts. The Night Mare will be the next pet to retire. The weekend in question, is the Saturday November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd, 2013.

Retirement Party will be held on those dates, including a Count the Sailboats Game on the Saturday and some other special activity for owners of the Night Mare on the Sunday. The Night Mare is a regular-sized plush pet seasonal to Halloween and was released in August 2010.

If you want to acquire this pet in time for the party, remember our partner store Ameriwade. A virtual-only version of this pet should also be available this week in the Ganz eStore.

Catch a Floating Black Cat for Classic Movie Studio Prizes!

On October 1st, we brought you news of the floating Nibbles Hippo head in Webkinz News. This floaty-clicky event gave out prizes from the Classic Movie Studio set of items.
Now we are seeing Part Two of this click-to-win event. Just find the head of the Black Cat, as pictured here, floating on random pages of Webkinz Newz. Click on it, fill out the required fields and you will be awarded more prizes from the Classic Movie Studio series. So far, we are seeing the Noir Detective Trenchcoat, the Movie Star White Dress, and three posters: the Webkinz Frankenstein Movie Poster, the Webkinz Mummy Movie Poster and the Webkinz Vampire Movie Poster.
Although Webkinz Newz mentions the Movie Magic Theme in their announcement, this is a separate Room Theme available in the W Shop: none of those items are being awarded.
As usual it is one prize per account per day, and this event will end at midnight on the night of Halloween, October 31 2013.

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