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Hockey Theme Retires From Curio Shop

For the first time ever, a set of "Curio Shop Only" items is being retired from the Curio Shop.  Arte will no longer be selling the furniture from the Hockey Theme in his store.  As many of you will remember, the Hockey Theme used to be available in the wShop, but for the past year or so it has only been available in the Curio Shop.  Now that Arte is no longer selling this theme, that means it has been retired from Webkinz World.


The items in the retired Hockey Theme are: Goalie Mask Shelf, Helmet Lamp, Hockey Bed, Hockey Chair, Hockey Coffee Table, Hockey Couch, Hockey Desk Chair, Hockey Dining Table, Hockey Flooring, Hockey Locker, Hockey Side Table, Hockey Study Desk, Hockey Table, Hockey Wallpaper, and Scoreboard Television.


Thank you to all of our members with Asian accounts who sent in copies of this article.


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New Room Added to Clubhouse -- Survey Room

We have even more news to bring you following this morning's extended maintenance.  A new room has been added to the Clubhouse.  It's called the Survey Room, and every five minutes a new survey pops up for the Webkinz in the room to answer.  So far the questions have been things like "What is your favorite type of fruit?" and, unlike the surveys in the Newspaper, you do NOT get $50 KC for answering a question.  However, just like any other room in the Clubhouse, you can still relax on the couch and chat with your friends.  As of now, the Survey Room is only available in the KinzChat Plus area of the Clubhouse.


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Thank you to WI members DramaQueen and JulieBear01 for letting the staff know about this new feature!

Treetop Room Available For Flying Pets in Webkinz World!

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The users in our forum finally uncovered the reason for the long downtime in Webkinz World last night.  With a few small improvements such as the Gem Hunt Count in the Curio Shop and the Blooming Dandelion POTM Prize, we weren't sure why the servers were down for so long.


That mystery has been solved, thanks to Copious and jeLlyBeAn1573, who have provided us with pictures of the brand-new treetop room added to Webkinz World.  It appears that you must have a bird in your Webkinz account to be able to select this room option when buying a new room.  New activations of birds, if it is one of your first 10 Webkinz, such as the Webkinz Phoenix in the eStore today are automatically awarded a treetop room.


Webkinz World Bird Treetop Room


We've received reports that a great deal of furniture can't be placed in the treetop room, but this may be a glitch that will be corrected soon.  It does appear that most outdoor furniture can be placed in treetop rooms.


UPDATE: We are receiving mixed reports as to who can and cannot buy the new rooms.  Some members without birds have been able to purchase them, and some with birds cannot.  At this time, we aren't sure how or why certain members are qualified for buying the room.  Thanks to Dixiecup for showing us a night time screenshot from her Asian time zone account -- the sky turns dark!


UPDATE:  Thanks to the new Webkinz newspaper article, we now know that Treetop Rooms are only available on accounts that have "flying" animals.  So, Penguins and Ducks don't count, but Bats do.  Also, a new Treetop Theme of furniture should be arriving in Webkinz World soon.


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UPDATE 2: Thanks to 00jacksonredwall for providing us with a picture of the Treetop Room during the evening, where the sun is setting! From what we now understand, it is not all "birds" but all flying animals will unlock the new Treetop Rooms (sorry, penguin owners!).


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New Webkinz Newz Contest -- Pot of Gold Story


Ganz has announced a new contest on the Webkinz Newz site.  It's another creative writing contest and the theme is for St. Patrick's Day.  In 1000 characters or less tell Ganz about "your encounter with a Pot of Gold" and you could win a Rainbow Coffee Table.  The Rainbow Coffee Table is an Exclusive adoption gift.  Entries should be submitted at the Webkinz Newz site on March 7th and 8th.  Complete contest details can be found here:


New Gem Hunt Feature -- Arte Tells You How Many You Have!

Another new feature was added with this morning's maintenance in Webkinz World.  One of the users of our forum, totallyaddicted, was the first to notice that your gem count was added to the decision page in Gem Hunt!


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In the past, you could always check the number of each gem in your gem box, you couldn't check it when Arte asked you to make a decision on whether to keep or sell the gem.  Now, it displays clearly underneath the gem and you can decide whether or not to keep it or sell it and there's no need to keep track of it on a list as many of our users have done! Thanks to Ganz programmers for adding this feature to Gem Hunt!

New Webkinz Pet of the Month Item -- Blooming Dandelion!

With an unexpected extended maintenance period, Webkinz World came back up this morning with a new Pet of the Month item! It's been some time since one has been added, so here is the Blooming Dandelion for you all to see.  The plant cycles through stages of growth when you click on it, with a smooth animation between each stage.  Here is a preview of three of the stages of growth!


Webkinz World Blooming Dandelion

Webkinz Wednesday, March 4th *UPDATED*

Ganz has announced that the Webkinz Phoenix will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Webkinz Wednesday, March 4th:


UPDATE:  It looks like Ganz forgot to update the Webkinz Wednesday link at the eStore, but thanks to Webkinz Insider member mbeaser we can bring you the page:


Possible New Medieval Items Discovered on Webkinz Newz

While browsing through the pictures on the Webkinz Newz ( site today, Webkinz Insider members mills96er and ClaraZ25 made some interesting discoveries.  In the preview for the rare Royal Estate Bed, mills96er spotted a unicorn shield, a lion shield, and a bear tapestry.  In the preview for the Medieval Stone Column, ClaraZ25 spotted a pig shield, a bear shield, and a pig tapestry.  Could these new items be coming to Webkinz World in the future?


NOTE:  In response to the comments we have been getting.  The Medieval Unicorn Tapestry (not the shield pictured) was a prize in a Kinzville Newz contest last year.  The Medieval Lion Tapestry (also not pictured) is a Rare item. 


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New Medicine Discovered in Dr. Quack's Office

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member webkinzgaia for sharing this picture with us of her latest visit to Dr. Quack's office.  Today when her Love Monkey Amore got sick, instead of prescribing a $25 KC bottle of medicine, Dr. Quack prescribed a $50 KC pair of tablets.  Reports are that the new tablets have worked, and that Amore is feeling just fine.


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Ganz Announces Best Dressed Pet Contest Winners

The winners of the Best Dressed Pet contest have been announced.  Congratulations to Carmel, Angie, carrie, raeven, and adam michael.  Ganz has e-mailed each one of these players a code for a Webkinz Phoenix.


NOTE:  In response to all of the questions we have been getting about the Fire Fawn's outfit, the Orange Army Shirt and the Red Sports Pants used to be wShop items.  They were retired from the wShop back in August of 2007.  The Orange Army Shirt isn't available in Webkinz World anymore.  The Red Sports Pants are now a KinzStyle item that you can get with the code that comes with the Red Sports Pants for your plushie.  The Pants cannot be purchased in the online KinzStyle Shop.


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