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Ameriwade to Pre-Sell Webkinz Signature, Webkinz Jr.

We've just received word from Robert at Ameriwade.Com that they are planning to pre-sell the very limited quantities of the Webkinz Signature line and their second allotment of Webkinz Jr.  We wanted to make sure that all of our members had the best chance of getting their hands on these hard to get items!


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Both the Webkinz Signature and Webkinz Jr. items will be posted for sale on at 12 noon Pacific Time (3pm Kinz Time) on Friday, March 13th.  There is a limit of 1 Webkinz Signature pet per customer.  Thanks to Robert, our retail partner, for giving our members advance notice of the sale time! Remember, a portion of each sale on Ameriwade.Com goes toward supporting WebkinzInsider.Com!


UPDATE (3:10 PM KT): Just heard from Robert, his Webkinz Signature allotment sold out in less than 60 seconds and shortly after, the Webkinz Jr. selection sold out as well.  He did let me know that he was in negotiations with other retailers to secure additional Webkinz Signature plushes and will keep us updated!

Ganz Updates Webkinz Jr. Site, More Information Revealed

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member redstar55 for calling our attention to the fact that the Webkinz Jr. site has been updated with new information.  The actual game site isn't scheduled to open until sometime in April, but the main page now has a link to a "tour" that is full of information about this new product.  


Click HERE to visit the Webkinz Jr. site and check out the tour.


The debut of Webkinz Jr. is just around the corner.  Plushies could arrive in stores as early as next week.


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Webkinz Wednesday at the Webkinz eStore, March 11th

Ganz has announced that the Phoenix will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Wednesday, March 11th:


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Adoption and HHH Issues Addressed by Webkinz Creative Director

Over the past week, I've seen users in our forums concerned, upset, even outraged.  There are two issues currently in Webkinz World that have been upsetting everyone, and I decided that it was time to get reliable information from the Creative Director at Ganz's Interactive Division.  He quickly responded to my inquiry with some answers to the questions that many of you have been asking.

With the adoption issue, Ganz is taking it very seriously and has a team dedicated to fixing it. They want to assure you that it is just as frustrating to them as it is to us.  It has been very difficult to diagnose, as it only affects some people and not others, but they are working as quickly as they can.  We urge you to try your best to hold off on adopting new Webkinz until we can be sure that the issue has been resolved.  For those that are locked out of your accounts, please call the following number and leave a message. Ganz has assured us that you will receive a call back -- 1-866-932-5469 ext 6848.
The second issue, which has caused quite a stir here on WI, is the Health - Hunger - Happiness dropping issue. This feature was part of Webkinz World when it was launched, but was removed in late-2006 due to performance issues.  As part of their current efforts to repair glitches in Webkinz World, the code for the HHH calculations was re-written more efficiently and returned into the Webkinz World program.
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Unfortunately, since it was designed some time ago, it is affecting people more than Ganz expected. Initially, some members got a larger drop than they were supposed to. Secondly, members who have a large number of pets are burdened both in time and Kinz Cash by the new feature.
The Creative Director explains that the HHH dropping is not to force people to play on the site daily, rather to make the Webkinz seem like they are more alive -- something that he believes is essential to the spirit of Webkinz World.  The idea that your non-active pets get hungry when they aren't fed or miss you when you aren't with them lends itself to this belief.
The Creative Director has assured me that Ganz has heard your voice and is making changes as we speak.
The HHH drop feature has already been taken out of Webkinz World to have the numbers reworked. The feature will return, but the impact on non-active pets will be significantly reduced and will be calculated based on the number of pets you own.  For members with very large accounts, non-active pets will be unaffected by the HHH dropping feature.
I hope that this answers a few questions that many of you have had and lets you know that Ganz has heard your voice and responded with action!

Possible New Webkinz Discovered on Trading Card

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member thecarters05 for providing us with a clear picture of what has come to be know as the "Brown Yorkie" sticker from the Series 4 Trading Cards.  Is this sticker an indication that Ganz is planning on releasing a Brown Yorkie, or is this just a more accurate picture of what a Webkinz Yorkie should look like? As many of our members pointed out back when the Webkinz (white) Yorkie was originally released, there is no such thing as a pure-bred "White Yorkie" and the animal released by Ganz looks more like a Maltese.   If/when Ganz releases any information, we will let you know.


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Tuesday, March 10th Update on Recent Webkinz World Glitches



It's a new day and everyone wants to know if we have any news on the glitches affecting Webkinz World.  Unfortunately, we don't have any new information to offer, but here is a summary of what we do know.


Adoption Glitch:  As recently as this morning we have been getting reports of some members adopting Webkinz without any problem and some reports of members being totally locked out of their accounts following an adoption.  We have also been getting reports of members processing one successful adoption only to be locked out after a second adoption.  The glitch appears to be totally random and there doesn't seem to be any way to predict if your account will be affected.  If you are totally locked out of your account following an adoption, you must contact Ganz to have your account reset.  


H/H/H Glitch:  The points are still dropping and no one knows why.  From what we have been able to piece together from the statements made by Ganz customer service representatives, the drop is related to a new feature that was added to Webkinz World a few weeks ago.  The way it appears the feature is supposed to work is for every day you don't log on to your account, the H/H/H points on your account will go down by a small amount.  What no one has been able to figure out is why some accounts have had a dramatic drop in H/H/H points, even with the account holders logging on every day, and why other accounts haven't been affected at all.  If your account is one of those hit by a large and unexplained drop in points, please contact Ganz to let them know.


Ganz Customer Service:  1-866-932-5469 ext 6848 and leave a message. We have been assured by Ganz that you WILL get a call back.


Those of you who are unable to call Ganz can contact them using the Customer Service section on the Webkinz website.  Go to  and select "Did you see a totally different error message?" 


Hopefully Ganz will make an official statement regarding these glitches soon and clear up the confusion.

Drop in Happiness/Health/Hunger Points Still Affecting Accounts *UPDATE*

We are still getting questions from many of our members regarding the drastic H/H/H drop that has affected a number of Webkinz World accounts.  Unfortunately the only news we can bring you is that the problem is on-going.  Everyone who has had this glitch hit their account is still affected.  Back on February 24th, WI member FroggyDoodle was told by a Ganz customer service representative that this problem is related to a new feature that has been added to Webkinz World to force us to feed our pets and that a story addressing the glitch would be posted on the Webkinz Newz site on February 25th.  So far, this has not happened.  


Webkinz Insider member cheree31 had a conversation with a customer service representative just this morning regarding the H/H/H problem with her daughter's account:


"I wasn't hit but my [child] was and she was pretty upset.... she spent the night spending all her kinz cash to get them to at least 50 percent. Then when she ran out of money she started selling her stuff and she was crying cuz she didn't want them to die. I called ganz this morning and explained that I spend a lot (probably have spent 1000's on this site) and I really didn't appreciate watching my little girl cry. He told me there was nothing he could do and said to tell my kid to take them to the spa....[to] which I replied "Are you going to give her 29000 kinz cash to do that?" He said then don't feed them. I will be getting a call back from a supervisor about this issue he said to see if there was something they could do. This is all very disappointing and sad. I wish it had been my account and not hers. I also explained to him that if this was how it was going to be that it was not fair because kids have homework and chores and activities that sometimes keep them from getting on the computer. He didn't seem to care. I will let you all know what the supervisor says. Very disappointing."  --cheree31


UPDATE:  Thank you to WI member meowsrus for sharing her conversation with a customer service representative with us:



"OK, Got to talk with a real live human being over at Ganz. She was VERY kind. She said pretty much the same as what we have heard from others, except also that since they have received so many complaints over this new feature/glitch that more than likely it might be eliminated. I gave her my 2 cents to add to the plethora and I heard her typing them away in the background. (I won't go into them all here, but the gist was that this is mostly meant for kids, if we wanted them to be like 'real pets' we would have gotten those, adults can't even go away for a day, kids with disabilities/afterschool activities, and I went on even more!)

She also told me that this was supposed to have been a feature from the beginning, but was taken off for a while (well about almost 2 years it was eliminated).

But what I also got was kinzcash added to my girls' account to help feed the pets back up to par. This was wonderful, especially considering the responses many of you have gotten from them over the issue. She added in an arbitrary amount to help them stay up over the next few days as well.

PLUS! She said to expect a notification about this issue off of their main page more than likely within the next few days (she figures within the business week)." --meowsrus



Thank you to WI member tarsky781 for this picture from her affected account.


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Webkinz Customers Wonder: Is it safe to adopt?

We here at Webkinz Insider have been flooded with questions this morning from members who want to know if it is safe to adopt a new Webkinz to their accounts or not. Ganz has not yet made an official statement regarding this problem, so the only thing we have to go on is the reports that come in from our members.  As of this morning, we are still getting reports of members being totally locked out of their accounts following new adoptions.  We are also getting a number of reports from members who were able to adopt new Webkinz to their accounts without any problems at all.  We have not been able to figure out why some accounts are affected by the glitch and others are not.  


Whatever you decide regarding new adoptions on your account, it is worth noting that Ganz Customer Service is closed for the weekend.  The office should re-open on Monday morning.  Telephone: 1-866-WEBKINZ * 1-866-932-5469


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Super Sunday at the Webkinz eStore, March 8th

Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Sunday, March 8th:

  • Webkinz:  Purple Floral Fox, Tinkerpup
  • Exclusives:  Bounding Big Top Cannon, Circus Dresser, Circus Spotlight, Big Ple of KinzCash Bed
  • Charm Codes:  Black Lab, Plumpy, Black & White Cat, Polar Bear


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What Happened to the "Release Notes"? *UPDATE*

With Webkinz World being shut down for so much time over the past few days, many of our members have come up with suggestions and ideas for what Ganz could be doing to make this time easier on their customers.  The number one request that has been popping up is that Ganz would do a better job of informing their customers about what is going on.  Webkinz Insider member gma2r put it this way:


I wish there was some official word from Ganz as to what we can expect. I am not sitting around waiting for the site to come would be respectful of them to let us know more then we do now.  --gma2r


The fact is that Ganz does have a way of passing this information on to us.  Back on November 1st, 2008, Ganz created a special area on the Webkinz Newz site called "Release Notes" that was made specifically to keep the customers informed:


Release Notes will have a list of recent changes to Webkinz World, such as bug fixes and updates. Look for these articles to find out what we’ve been working on.  --Ganz


Unfortunately, over the past four months, Ganz has only updated that section twice, once on December 1st and once on December 18th.  With so many glitches to the system currently pending, hopefully Ganz will take the time to update the Release Note section and let us know what is going on.


UPDATE, March 18th 2009:  We are pleased to report that Ganz has updated the Release Notes section of the Webkinz Newz site.  Click HERE to check out the latest fixed glitches in Webkinz World.  Hopefully this is a sign that Ganz plans to keep it's customers more informed in the future regarding problems with the site and their fixes.

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