Winner: dragonkid07
Prize: Boiler Room Fireplace

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Last Minute Contest - Tubby Tummies, Nutcracker Winners Announced!

After a slight delay, we've retrieved the correct answers to our poll and have chosen the two lucky members to receive the two awesome virtual rewards! We received a prize donation from Robert at Ameriwade.Com, our partner store -- a Holiday Tubby Tummies Bear and an (original) Nutcracker!
Webkinz NutcrackerHoliday Tubby Tummies Bear
Out of 2350 votes on "How Many Visitors from Greenland has Webkinz Insider received in 2009?", only 93 (3.96%) were able to guess the correct answer -- 2!! I was as surprised as all of you are, but it turns out that Greenland only has 54,000 people on the entire island!
The winner of the Nutcracker is frogspajamas and the winner of the Holiday Tubby Tummies Bear is sdapp! Congratulations to both of you!
Remember, for any of the contests on Webkinz Insider, you must be a member of our forums. Go ahead and register now, it's free and fun! We'll have a new contest coming soon, check our Twitter feed for a hint!

*UPDATE* Santakinz Slept in! Webkinz Newz apologizes for delay.

The gift is not showing up like it has in the past. To see if you have your gift, click on 'Get Items From storage.' It is appearing in the dock without any warning or kinzpost notice.

Asian Accounts:  Gifts started showing up around 10am Eastern Standard Time.

European Accounts:  Gifts started showing up around 10:30am Eastern Standard Time.

American Accounts:  Gifts started showing up around 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

This just in From Webkinz Newz

Update On Presents Direct From Santakinz!
December 25th, 2009

Good news, everyone! We've received word from Santakinz himself that his long journey across the whole of Webkinz World has begun! Unfortunately, after hurrying from his workshop to make up for time lost from oversleeping, he ran head long into a snowstorm!

Though Santakinz has now begun to make his way from room to room, delivering presents to Webkinz around the world, the snow is keeping him from making his journey faster. He told us to let everyone know that he is well on his way to everyone’s rooms, but he needs time in order to complete his trip around Webkinz World safely. He said not to worry, though, as everyone will receive their gifts sometime today!

We're glad to hear that Santakinz is weathering the storm and working hard to get us all the presents! Keep enjoying yourself in Webkinz World with all our Christmas activities, and if you haven’t recieved your presents yet, don't worry: Santakinz is on his way!

 Keep checking back here on Webkinz Insider for updates!'

Don't Forget to Log On to Webkinz World on Friday!

webkinz cheats webkinz cheats webkinz cheats
Don't forget to log on to Webkinz World on Friday to claim your Christmas Holiday Gift Box.  If you don't log on Christmas Day, you'll miss out on some spectacular Christmas-themed gifts.  Previous Christmas Gift Boxes have contained decorations, clothing, food, and even Wish Tokens.  What will this year's Box contain?  We'll just have to wait to find out.  Remember, don't spoil the surprise for those who want to wait to see what they got when they open their own boxes.  
UPDATE:  According to the Webkinz Newz, the Christmas gifts are programmed to be distributed at 9am Eastern Time on Friday.  So, you'll need to log on to Webkinz World during Christmas Day, but after 9am EST to get your gift.  Asian, European, and American accounts are all on the same schedule.
And, there will be a Super Wheel to spin on Christmas Day too.  Ganz revealed that one of the items on the wheel will be a new addition to the rare Palace Princess Theme.  Previous Super Wheels have had KinzCash, Exclusives, Rares, etc. on them.  To learn more about the Webkinz Super Wheel, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki Guide, HERE.
This year, there's even one more reason to log on to Webkinz World for Christmas.  Every player who logs on will be entered into a random drawing to win a rare Sweet Tooth Tiger.  These virtual-only Webkinz were given as gifts to Webkinz employees this year, but Ganz has set aside twenty-five adoption codes to be given to Webkinz players.  Don't miss out on your chance to get one of these special pets.
webkinz cheats
UPDATE:  Thank you to all of our members with accounts set to the Asian time zone (who are a day ahead) for letting us know about a new MyPage Badge that is being given out for Christmas.  It appears that all you have to do is log on to Webkinz World on Christmas Day to receive the "Christmas Cheer" badge.  For more information on MyPage badges, please visit our Guide, HERE.

No Prizes in Today's Balloon Dart Activity - Update: Now Works

webkinz cheats
If you came up empty handed in today's Balloon Dart activity, you're not alone.  So far, we haven't had a single report of a player getting a prize from this game since Ganz changed the programing last week.  On December 20th, players were not able to get the game to load at all.  Today, players are able to shoot darts and pop balloons, but none of the balloons have prizes.  These glitches are affecting all accounts, in all time zones, on all servers.
This glitch is being tracked in our official Glitch Report in the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE.
Update: December 24th: On Asian accounts at 4pm KT, Balloon Dartz was working!  This event is similar to the Token Balloon Dartz where there is a power gauge.  The prizes so far that have been reported include "Sorry" notes, chattering teeth, KinzCash, and the good ole Cowboy Mini Boots and Bunny Clown which were featured as prizes in the previous Balloon Dartz.  We are not sure if there are new prizes to date. Good luck popping the Balloons!

Ganz Officially Retires Lil Kinz Tiger

webkinz cheatsThank you to our friends at Ameriwade ( for alerting us to the fact that Ganz has officially retired the Lil Kinz Tiger. This plushie can still be ordered by retailers, so you should be able to pick them up for some time, but once they are gone, that is it.  The Webkinz (large) Tiger, has not been retired.

Our Partner Store, Ameriwade, still has some Lil Kinz Tigers listed for sale on their website. Click HERE to visit Ameriwade's Lil Kinz Tiger sale page.

March 2010 Pet of the Month Revealed: Himalayan Cat

 webkinz cheatsGanz has revealed that the Webkinz Himalayan Cat is going to be the Pet of the Month for March 2010. Players adopting a Himalayan Cat during the month of March will receive a special POTM Loot Bag with a POTM Exclusive item.
Remember, the POTM for February is the Webkinz White Terrier, and the POTM for January is the Webkinz Schnauzer.
If you're looking to pick up this POTM, don't forget to visit our partner store,  With flat-rate shipping, and great customer service, there's no better time to support our sponsor!

February 2010 Webkinz to go on Pre-Sale at Ameriwade on Thursday

webkinz cheats
Starting on December 24th, all of the Webkinz scheduled for release in February 2010 will be available for pre-sale at Webkinz Insider's Partner Store, The pre-sale starts at Noon, Eastern Time (9am Pacific Time). Ameriwade has $5 flat-rate shipping and features some of the lowest prices around.  And, remember, a portion of every sale made online at goes to support server costs here at Webkinz Insider.
The February 2010 Webkinz are the Beaver, Tree Kangaroo, Old English Sheepdog, Signature Dutch Bunny, and the Series 2 Zumbuddies.  

Deal of the Day at the Ganz Estore, Dec 1st - Dec 24th

webkinz cheats
Who doesn't love a good sale? Everyday at the Ganz eStore from December 1st through December 24th, there will be a special item for 5000 eStore points.  We will keep this article updated with the deal of the day special.
  • December 23rd: Magic Bean Seeds Regular 7,000 Sale 5,000
  • December 24th: Backyard Fun Tire Swing Regular 8,000 Sale 5,000
Read more to see the archive of specials ==>
 read more »

Winners of Wendy's Wishlist Magical Retriever Contest Announced!

Thank you to all of you who entered the Wendy's Wishlist contest here on WebkinzInsider.  The contest thread was so heartwarming to read, as many of you had very touching wishes for others.  Justin and I wish we could make them all come true.  We would like to wish each of you and your loved ones a safe, happy and prosperous holiday season.  Without further ado, here are the lucky winners in the order in which they were randomly selected:
NYC chic
In addition to the Magical Retriever, we also gave away the following items:
  • WI Premium Membership
  • Red Lava Lamp
  • Purple Lava Lamp
  • Reindeer Antlers
  • Red and Green Gemstone Tree
  • Fancy Tea Service
  • Winter Fun Zingoz
  • Fairy High Council Throne
  • Theater/Movie Screen
Congratulations to our winners!  Winners will be notified on how to claim their prizes.  Don't forget to enter the Ameriwade sponsored holiday contest that ends today!  Be sure to stay tuned for future contests from WebkinzInsider.
Remember WI contests are open to forum members only, so please sign up if you have not already done so.  Good luck everyone!

Last Minute Contest - Win a Holiday Tubby Tummies Bear, Original Nutcracker!

As most of you already know, we're running our annual "Wendy's Wishlist" contest for amazing prizes, such as a Webkinz Magical Retriever, red and purple lava lamps, fancy tea service and more. We've just received a prize donation from Robert at Ameriwade.Com, our partner store -- a Holiday Tubby Tummies Bear and an (original) Nutcracker! I don't have to tell you how thrilled we are to have these rare prizes to give out to our members!
Webkinz NutcrackerHoliday Tubby Tummies Bear
Since this has come so quickly, and we want to get them out to you before Christmas, we've made it easy for you to enter. All you have to do is visit the Official Contest Thread and choose your answer for the attached poll. On December 23rd, at midnight EST, we'll close the poll and on December 24th, we'll choose two random winners from those who chose the correct answer!
Remember, for any of the contests on Webkinz Insider, you must be a member of our forums. Go ahead and register now, it's free and fun! Good luck everyone!

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