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Ganz Announces Spotted Sea Monster Contest

webkinz cheatsJust yesterday, we were told about the upcoming eStore pet, the Spotted Sea Monster. Today, Ganz announced the latest contest for this eStore pet. For this contest, they want to know what secret the Spotted Sea Monster is keeping.
Five entries will be chosen. For official rules on the Spotted Sea Monster Contest, click HERE. The contest runs from November 14th through November 15th.

Cloud Sheep Contest Winners Announced

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Ganz has announced the winners of the Cloud Sheep Contest. Say Congrats to Amanda, Traci, Sage, Haley and Clarissa. They each won a Cloud Sheep. The contest had asked for what fun things you can see in the clouds. To view the winning entries, click HERE

Daisy Tortoise Pet Special Item (PSI) and Pet Special Food (PSF) Revealed

Ganz has revealed that the Pet Specific Item (PSI) for the Daisy Tortoise is going to be the Daisy Driver, and the Pet Special Food (PSF) is going to be Delicious Daisy Danish.  Webkinz Newz describes the Daisy Tortoise as follows:  "This adorable tortoise has gentle eyes, rosy cheeks, and jellybean colored paws."
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The Daisy Turtle is scheduled for a December release.

Ganz Announces Cloud Sheep Contest

Have you ever looked up at the clouds to see what images you can see? Then you are all set for the next contest where the prize is a Cloud Sheep! For this contest, Ganz would like to know, what kind of funny things do you see in the clouds? The contest runs from November 7th through 8th. For complete rules to this contest, click HERE Time to get Drawing!
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Webkinz Hug a Pug video for November POTM -- Possible Sharpei?

The new Video for the November Pet of the Month, the Webkinz full sized pug has been released for viewing.
This delightful video with a quick beat and slick dance moves highlights a Shar Pei whom the pug says is their best friend and wrinklier than they are. Will this be a new addition to our pets soon?  Time will tell, let's keep our eyes open on Webkinz News for further developments.
Adopt the Webkinz Pug during the month of November for extra activities and an additional Pet of The Month loot bag.

Ganz Announces Contest Winners

Ganz has announced the winners to the Trick or Treat Troll Contest. Say Congrats to  Sarah, Catherine, Sally, Isabella and our own Dixiecup. For this contest, they asked for designs for a treat for a Trick or Treat Troll. To view the winning entries, click HERE  Winners received the eStore Trick or Treat Troll.
Ganz also announced the winners to the Halloween contest, where they asked for spooky stories. Say Congrats to Sharon, Joyce, Tricia, Gregg and Kristin. They each won a Halloween Prize Pack: a Creature Closet, Hotdog Costume and Mermaid Costume. To read their entries, click HERE

More Ghostly Sightings from Webkinz News

Webkinz News has stated that As Halloween approaches, it looks like they are going to step up the hauntings in the rooms. Get out your Trick or Treat bags and find that ghost to complete your Ghost Busting quest and get the Customizable pumpkin for your room. You only have until the 31st to complete this quest.
Based on reports from members in our forum, it appears that the ghost is now on a 15 minute schedule instead of a 20 minute schedule.  That means the times we posted in our earlier article have changed.  Now he is following this pattern:
He goes to light blue, yellow, and green at these times past the hour- :08, :23, :38, and :53.
He goes to gold, dark blue, and pink at these times past the hour- :12, :27, :42, :57.
To keep things simple, for those of you who don't want to do the tracking, on this new timing, if you stay in the same room, in the same color, you will have two chances an hour at finding the Ghost.  Remember to look for him at 15 minute intervals.
Despite what the front page article of the Newspaper says, you can still only get candy from the Ghost once every three hours.
For more information on how to track the ghost, go to this thread:
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Ganz Announces Find a Rare Diamond Contest *UPDATE*

Now that the Snow White ad is gone, here is our chance to own the Evil Queen Dress! Ganz has made a new contest on the Webkinz Newz site. Here is the is the new advertisement in Webkinz World
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When you click on the ad it tells you a little more about this rare diamond.
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WI member glasspassions, just so happened to be on Webkinz News and saw a diamond float by. Looks like it is answering the math questions for the prize contest. Good luck everyone. Contest runs from October 24th through October 25th
UPDATE:  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member adrkmfdm for sharing this first in-game image of the "Fairy Tale Witch Costume" with us:
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The diamond floating by will appear in Webkinz Newz like this:
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~Remember that the code is case sensitive, so be careful entering your code~

Winners Announced on the Ganz Purple Monster Contest

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If you remember, the contest was how did the Purple Monster come to be? Five lucky winners were chosen. Say Congrats to: Ashley, Maddy, Hannah, Katie and Amy. To read their version of how it came to be, click HERE They each received a code for the Purple Monster

Ganz Announces Halloween Contest

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Once upon a time, there were some webbies that didn't have a costume to wear for Halloween. Have no fear because  Ganz announced their latest  contest and the Halloween Prize Pack includes: A Creature Closet, a Hotdog Costume and a Mermaid Costume! The contest this time is write a scary story in a thousand characters or less. Five lucky winners will be chosen. The contest runs from October 24th to October 25th. To find out more about this contest, click HERE

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