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Webkinz Insider Member adopts Signature Dutch Bunny

We have seen adoptions over the past couple of days of all of the February plushies. The Beaver, Tree Kangaroo, Old English Sheep Dog and Marshmallow Bunny. It looks like we have saved the Best for Last.
Webkinz Insider Member Luciar would like to share their pet adoption of The Signature Dutch Bunny. Her name is Duchess and here she is pictured in the room with her special item, a Tulip Tower Windmill and her food is Boerenkoleslaw.

Webkinz Officially Retires Triceratops

On the WebkinzNewz site, today, it was announced that the recently introduced Triceratops is being retired. As many of us know here, sometimes, Ganz makes just a short run of pets and when they are sold out, they are retired. It seems that this little fellow was quite popular and such is the case. If you have any stores near you with the Triceratops, I would say get this special one of a kind buddy now.
Also our Partner store, Ameriwade seems to have some in stock. Here is the link: Ameriwade

Ganz Announces Webkinz Newz Winterfest Contest

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that they will be holding a contest on the Webkinz Newz site to celebrate the arrival of Winterfest in Webkinz World.  For this contest, they want players to design an "awesome outdoor room" using only items sold in the wShop.  
Five lucky winners will be selected to receive a Build-A-Snow-Fort Siege Tower from the Ganz eStore.  The Siege Tower is a vehicle your pet can ride around in.  Thank you to WI member jagular for this picture of the tower on her account.
Entries can be submitted at the Webkinz Newz site ( from January 23rd through January 29th.  

New Kid's Theme now complete.

For those of you looking to complete your new kids room, the new Kid's Play TV that we had been seeing in the ads is finally available in the W-Shop.
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The Magical Forest Bug Glitch Expected to be Fixed Soon ~ Now Open

 webkinz cheats
Back in the end of October we announced that the Woodland Forest Key Glitch was fixed, HERE
Members have utilized the Glitch Reporting System here on WI, to say that they are still having problems. Ganz announced this following statement:
As we announced with the recent update to Webkinz World, we’ve been working hard to fix the Magical Forest Silver Key issue that causes the game to freeze. We have received reports that the issue is persisting even after the recent update, so we are working to identify the problems and fix this bug now.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: as of January 12th, 9pm, The Magical Forest is OPEN

*UPDATE* Kid's theme retires, New 'Kid's theme' in its place, New Superbed

During this early morning a couple of our Webkinz Insider members Pollywog and Elefancy were really fortunate to get on to Webkinz World and tell us about the new theme that we were promised.
Today we say goodbye to the Kid's theme which was the standard set of furniture when you first adopted your first pet. It will be fascinating to see what it is replaced with in adoptions. However we DO know what it is being replaced with in the W-shop. The New theme is called 'Kid's Theme' just as the old one was. The New Superbed is called 'Explorer's bed' with a globe underneath, saddle bags on the side and a flashlight to keep you lit at night. We have no real answers as to whether the Kids theme is permanent or relegated to the Curio Shop. That news should come in later today, But here is the Twitter statement on this 'It'll be gone, no time to think of consequences.
 ~*~ WARNING, do not place wallpaper and Floors of New theme. They are showing as BLUE ~*~
As of January 12th, 6pm, the walls and floors load properly
For now, here is a picture of this new 'Kid's theme' and the New Superbed!
*Update* Thank you to WI member Ginny for providing the first in-room pictures of the new Explorer Bed!

Webkinz Code Shop shuts down, temporarily

Webkinz News has just announced that the Code Shop is being closed for repairs. This means that for the time being you will have to hang on to your Caring Valley, Zum Buddy, Kinz Klip and Trading card codes. Apparently it is preventing some codes from being redeemed. Once the issue has been addressed, they will reopen.
Many are hoping that this will also solve the duplicate/triplicate Virtual Trading Card problem that we have been seeing. We will keep you updated.
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Schnauzer Song and Floating Caring Valley Leaf Coming to Webkinz World

webkinz cheats
A few days ago we told you about a bunch of new events, activities, and items that were scheduled to appear in Webkinz World for January.  Today, we can bring you some more information on new stuff in Webkinz World.
First, many of you have been asking about the Pet of the Month song for the Webkinz Schnauzer.  Ganz has announced that "Moustache Louie" will be coming to Music Starz and to the Ganz eStore "later this month".  For those of you who like purchasing downloads of the POTM songs at the eStore, don't forget that you can now download copies of the videos there as well.  Click HERE for more details.  In the Webkinz News article Ganz has announced that a "special eStore surprise" related to the POTM videos will be coming soon.  We don't know what that's about yet, but will bring you more information as it is released.
Also, Ganz posted a little bit of a "teaser" in the Webkinz Newz regarding the Caring Valley.  According to the article, Webkinz player should keep their "eyes peeled in Webkinz World for a floating Caring Valley leaf!"   Could this be a new "fest-type" event coming to Webkinz World?  As soon as more information becomes available we will bring it to you here.  In the meantime, you can read about previous "click to win" events in the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE.

WI Member Receives New Deluxe Membership Prize

And reports of the new items in Webkinz World today continue to arrive!  Congratulations to WI member CrocoDuck4 on receiving a new prize given to those who activate a year-long Deluxe Membership.  Shown below is the triceratops Egao posing with the Mountain Cart Ride.  Although the ride is not currently working, that is probably just a small glitch that sometimes comes with new items.
UPDATE:  Ganz has officially addressed this glitch on the Webkinz Newz site.  According to the report, the ride will begin working sometime next week.  
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Sock Monkey Debuts in Ganz eStore New Year's Day

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Webkinz Newz has announced that we will be seeing our Sock Monkeys arriving in the eStore New Year's Day. Along with this announcement, Webkinz News has also stated this is the beginning of a 'Plethora of Pets' for the New Year.  The Sock Monkey's Pet Specific Item is the Puppet Theater and it's food is the Copabanana Split.

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