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More Chances to Win the Sparkling Pegasus Coming Soon

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Ganz has announced that Webkinz World players will have some chances to win the Sparkling Pegasus soon!  In early April the Webkinz Newz is going to have a contest, and there will be two more chances to win these Pets on Webkinz Day.  No details yet, but as soon as more information is made available, we will bring it to you here.  It is worth noting that the Webkinz Newz listing for this pet has been updated to reflect that it is a "Prize Pet" and not an eStore pet.

Webkinz Insider Members Wonder About Thunderbird *UPDATE*

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We have been getting a lot of questions in the forum recently about the Webkinz Thunderbird.  It seems like all of you want to know when this new pet is going to be available to adopt.  Unfortunately, at this point we don't have any confirmed information to give you.  
According to the Webkinz Newz, the Thunderbird was released on March 6th.  Clearly, this is an error.  The Webkinz Newz says that the Thunderbird is an eStore pet, but given what happened with the Sparkling Pegasus early this week (The Creative Director has stated that it is not an eStore pet, but the Webkinz News still says it is.), we can't be certain that is correct either.
Since the Thunderbird was mentioned in the in-game survey in Webkinz World last week, hopes are that its release is just around the corner.  As soon as any verifiable information is released, we will bring it to you here.
UPDATE (2:25pm ET):  Thank you to WI member cuteforpop for sharing this tweet from Ganz with us:
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WW Tweets new info about Sparkling Pegasus!

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The latest WW Tweet message tells us this:  
Just awarded three lucky fans with a SPARKLING PEGASUS pet code. It can ONLY be won as a prize. Watch for more chances to win. Congrats!
UPDATE:  Thank you to our members who pointed out the following description of the Sparkling Pegasus on the Webkinz Newz site.  This description clearly indicates that the Sparkling Pegasus an eStore pet.  
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NEW UPDATE (Mon, 11:45pm, ET):  Ganz has tweeted this new information:  The Sparkling Pegasus will *not* be sold in the eStore, but we'll be giving them away and using them as prizes all year long! Stay tuned!
UPDATE (Tue, 2pm, ET):  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member SnowCrystal for sharing the following direct message she received from Webkinz with us:  "They were sent through Twitter direct messages.  We'll give future ones out through Webkinz Newz contests, and maybe even KinzPost."

Ganz' Endangered Species Contest Postponed

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The Endangered Species contest that was regularly scheduled from March 10th through March 16th on the Webkinz Newz site has been pulled due to technical difficulties. Once the problems are fixed, they will relaunch the contest and everyone can enter once again.

WI Members Wonder about Safari and Animal Rescue Jackets

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We have been getting a lot of questions in the forum today about the Safari Jacket and the Animal Rescue Jacket.  To help clear things up, here is a little bit of information about each.
The Safari Jacket (pictured on the left) is part of the Safari Costume.  The Safari Costume is one of the costumes available to players who enter a feature code from a Human Webkinz T-Shirt.  This item can be sent by KinzPost.  It is one of the potential prizes for this week's Communal Contest in Webkinz World.
The Animal Rescue Jacket (pictured on the right) is an item sold in the Ganz eStore.  It cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.  It is one of the prizes for the next Webkinz Newz Contest.  Ganz hasn't yet revealed the complete details of the contest.  As of the posting of this article, the Webkinz Newz is still showing the details from last year's Christmas Contest. UPDATE (March 9th): The correct contest details have been posted.

March Pet of the Month Video - Cat's Pajama Party!

The March Pet of the Month Video has arrived in Webkinz World.  It's a Cat's Pajama Party!  Check out this cute new video starring many of the Webkinz World cats.  You can see it on your Webkinz World account or on the Webkinz Newz by clicking the ad shown in the picture below.  In addition to featuring many of the Webkinz cats, the video also features the not-yet-released Ganz eStore items featured in a previous WI front page article located HERE.  These include the Pretty Party Vanity and Stool and the Pink Popcorn Machine that makes a Bowl of Popcorn.  Look for these items at the Ganz eStore soon.
Update March 10, 2010: The new POTM items are available in the Ganz eStore. 

WI Member adopts EStore Aquamarine Puppy

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member T-Bone on his adoption of a Webkinz EStore Aquamarine Puppy.  Here you can see "Bleuprynt" posing next to his Pet Specific Items, the Aquamarine Floor Lamp and Dresser.  The Pet Special Food for the Puppy is Aquamarine Angel Cake.  To view pictures of this pet's PSF and Gift Box, please click HERE.
The hat T-Bone is wearing is the March clothing item for Deluxe account owners, the Lucky Leprechaun's Hat.  It's an animated item with a rainbow that pops up out of the buckle in the front.

The Communal Contest Has Started -- Post Your High Scores! *UPDATE*

The Communal Contest began at midnight (US) kinztime! We need all of you to try your best at Goober's Lab, so we can work together to achieve the goal! Make sure that, before you start playing, you sign up on Webkinz World to participate in the contest by clicking the "Communal Contest" link and "Enter"! Anyone is still eligible to participate and receive the 500 Kinz Cash prize if we reach 6,000,000,000 points collectively.
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The Communal Contest counter is currently running and we have a few answers from Ganz to some of the questions you've been asking!
  1. You have to play Goober's Lab in the arcade for the points to count. Don't play in the Tournament Arena.
  2. In the future, we are going to make Daily Activities - like Big Button of Kinzcash or Wheel of Wishes - options for prizes sometimes. If those are voted for, you have to do the activity on the Monday.
  3. The contest runs for everyone over U.S. Kinz Time.
We're also running a chat thread/high score thread here on WI to "sweeten the pot"! Post your screen shot of your high score in the thread linked below and you might win a prize from the WI prize vault!!

Webkinz Newz Valentine Poetry Contest Winners Announced

webkinz cheatsCongratulations to Anna, Nicole, Mady, Jade, and Rhonda on being selected as winners in the Webkinz Newz Valentine Poetry Contest.  Ganz has sent each one of them a feature code for a Bed of Roses Superbed.  
To read their winning entires, please visit the Webkinz Newz contest page, HERE.

Maintenance Creates New POTM Glitch: System Awarding Duplicate Prizes

Many of our users who have all of the Pet of the Month exclusive items, except the carousel have discovered that after adopting their White Terriers, they are getting a duplicate of a POTM they already own instead of the new POTM item.
According to information on the Webkinz World login under Bulletinz and then Questions about Pet of the Month? Read This... it states this:
1)What do you get for adopting a Pet of the Month?
When you finish adopting your Pet of the Month, and you go to your pet's room, you will receive a Loot Bag. Click on the Loot Bag and it will open to reveal your prizes! You will receive:
  1. One random*** Pet of the Month Item not available anywhere else!
  2. One of our latest special recipe foods. Many of these recipes are still undiscovered!
  3. A W-Shop Coupon to use however you'd like
  4. Between 500 and 1000 KinzCash as a special bonus!
Note: If you adopt multiple pets at the same time, you MUST select each pet from the My Pets page to get their Loot Bag.
***SPECIAL NEWS FOR COLLECTORS: If you adopt multiple Pet of the Month pets on the same account, you will NOT receive duplicates! We will look at your account, find an item you don't have, and award it to you! Note that if you sell or trade an item, you won't have it anymore, so you may get it again. Also, if you have all of items, you will of course get a duplicate.
We advise all players planning on adopting a White Terrier
this month to hold off until this glitch has been fixed.

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