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Back To School and BFF Cupcake Floaty Clicky Events in WKN!

There are two new floaty-clicky events in Webkinz Newz. The first one is a Back To School event. Find the floating Stoogles on any page of Webkinz Newz, fill out the form and an item of clothing will be deposited in your dock.  I received a GW Striped Cotton Dress, GW Layered Skirt and Green Sporty Warm-Up Zippy.
The second click-to-win event is the BFF Cupcake floaty clicky. Click on Molly's head as it floats anywhere in Webkinz Newz to get a couple of Friendship cupcakes. The Friendship Cupcakes have been around since Friendship Month, June 2011, and can be seen in this page of our WIKI.
Both these events are running until September 20, 2013.

Spring Clothes Retire, New Fall Line on Sept 18!

Fall is now here, and it's time to clean out the clothes closet! Webkinz Newz has announced that the entire spring line of clothes (the ones introduced this spring only) will retire on September 18, 2013. A new line of fall clothing will be added. This will be in the Kinzstyle Outlet, also known as PJ's Outlet.
All these items of clothing are Deluxe Only except for the Blue Striped Top, Candy Striped Wellies, Fresh Spring Hat, Good as Gold Hairband, Petal Power Shorts and Plaid High Tops which can be purchased by all Webkinz World members.
Some of the spring line will come back next spring, and some will be retired permanently; but we don't know which ones.
A new line of Fall Clothes will appear on September 18.

Eight GanzWorld Reward Prizes Retire on September 9!

File:Digitalcamera.png  File:Funandsunbeachset.png  File:Shopaholicdirectory.png
Webkinz Insider members who collect GanzWorld Moneyz will be interested to know that 8 items will be removed from the list of prizes available as GanzWorld Rewards on Webkinz Newz
These are all eStore items which have been available for all to purchase in Webkinz Newz this past July and August. They will be returned to the eStore at noon on Monday September 9. Please note that since these are eStore items, none of them are kinzpostable.
Three of these items, pictured above, are the Digital Camera, the Fun and Sun Beach Set and the Shopaholic Directory. These are regularly available items in the Ganz eStore.
Two other items are the Lovely Larkspur Garden and the Mini Larkspur Plant. These are for your WW outdoor or treetop rooms and currently available in the Ganz eStore as part of a Larkspur Multipak with the purchase of an Enchanted Sapling only.
The remaining 3 items are for your Webkinz Map. They are the Spree Mall, the Wheel of WOW and the White Tiger Lily Patch. Note that the Spree Mall will lead you to the SPREE game but not directly to the mall. Similarly, the Wheel of WOW is a map link to that once-a-day game only. The White Tiger Lily Patch is a decorative item for your Kinzville Map and NOT for your WW room.

Four Jumbleberry Fields Prizes Retire on September 18!

Webkinz Insider members who are fans of the Jumbleberry Fields game will be interested in this information from Webkinz Newz. It has just been announced that these four prizes will be retired on September 18. They are from left to right, the Berry Farm Scarecrow, the Farmer's Hat, the Farmer's Boots and the Jug of Pickleberry Juice.
The Farmer's Boots and Hat are prizes awarded when you fill a jar of Jumbleberrries. The Berry Farm Scarecrow is a prize for a full jar of Sugarberries, as is the Jug of Pickleberry Juice despite its name.
You have until September 18 to get these prizes, but also consider saving your berries in case new prizes are introduced. Our members will remember that six new prizes were introduced recently; read about it HERE.
Learn all about this game in our forum HERE and in our WIKI

Lunchbox Fridge Floating Event in Webkinz Newz!

Just in time for back-to-school, here is a very cute and most useful item now available in a click-to-win event in Webkinz Newz! It is the Lunchbox Fridge seen here on the left with my pet to give an idea of size.
Just find a floating lunchbox on any page of the Webkinz Newz, click on it, fill in the form, and it will be deposited in your dock. As usual, there is a limit of one per day per account.
This event takes place from Sept 1st to Sept 6, 2013.
The Lunchbox Fridge is an item of furniture, and while it occupies only one square of floor space, it will hold 6 foods. It will take W Shop foods and Recipe foods, but refuses to take a lot of other foods. Oddly enough, the Recess Foods do not fit in the lunchbox. This Fridge will go in all kinds of rooms, Inside, Outdoors, Treetop and Underwater.
Best of all, it is both kinzpostable and can be sold back to the W Shop (for 375 kc).

Acorn Collection Event Begins in Webkinz World!

Our Webkinz Insider members who enjoyed the Marshmallow Collection event earlier this summer in July, will like this one too. Since fall is quickly approaching, it's now time to collect acorns! The Acorn Collection event will last for the entire month of September. You must collect 40 acorns to get the grand prize of an Ancient Oak Sapling.
To get started, find the acorn symbol in the lower right corner of your Webkinz World room:
Click on it to open the acorn screen. You can ask up to 10 friends per day for an acorn, but only the first 5 will count. You also get an extra acorn just for showing up. There is also a floaty-clicky event in Webkinz Newz where you can get another acorn per day; do this one before asking your 10 friends so that it will count. As you collect acorns, you will get the Fallen Leaves Headband, the Green Oak Leaf Chair, the Blue Fall Season Window and finally a customisable Ancient Oak Sapling. This tree was first introduced in the Caring Valley program in August 2009.
Find out all about Collection Events in our WIKI.

Get Your Portable Road Trip Fridge on Webkinz Newz!

Our Webkinz Insider members who are looking for yet another food storage will be interested in winning this free prize today.
There's a click-to-win event that's been going on all week in Webkinz Newz: the Road Trip Celebration. You can win a different prize every day, one prize per Webkinz World account. Just find the floating item on any page in Webkinz Newz, fill out the form and this item will be deposited in your dock.
Today -  August 28 and Day 5 of this event, has a particularly interesting prize. It is the Portable Road Trip Fridge, seen here on the left. This fridge will hold 4 foods. It also complements the Polka Dots & Stripes Theme and there are many polka dot pets who will enjoy storing their snacks in this Portable Road Trip Fridge.
The Portable Road Trip Fridge is an Item (instead of a Furniture) and you will find it at the extreme right of the Items in your dock.
Get yours today! The Road Trip Celebration is running from August 24 - 31 in Webkinz Newz, and there is a new prize awarded each day.

Sneak Peek at Three New Virtual-Only Webkinz!

Webkinz Newz is giving us a sneak peek at three upcoming virtual-only Webkinz that should be available for purchase soon at the Ganz eStore. First, looking like Frankenstein's monster, is a Halloween seasonal pet, the Zombie Bloodhound. Here he is with his Gift Box, Pet Specific item the Cobweb Couch and Pet Special Food the Frightening Fritter.
The other seasonal Halloween offering for this year is the Midnight Owl, released in August. Learn all about Halloween in Webkinz World in our WIKI.
If you're looking for a tenant for your Zodiac Theme room or your castle's laboratory, you might like the Enchanted Goat with its Gift Box. The PSI is a box of clothing, the three-piece Wise Enchanter Outfit. The PSF is the Beguiling Bagel.
Here is the bright green Neon Pallas Cat with its Gift Box, PSI Neon Futon and PSF Florescent Frozen Yogurt.  The Pallas Cat is a small Asian wildcat classified as Near-Threatened.

PSI and PSF Revealed for the Signature Moose and the Holidoodle!

Webkinz Newz has posted its images of the avatar, Gift Box, Pet Specific Item and Pet Special Food for the last two of the October Webkinz. Above we have the Signature Moose with its Gift Box, PSI Forest Ranger Tower and PSF Maple Syrup Brownie. There will be only two more Signature pets after this one, and then the line will be discontinued.
Here we have the Holidoodle, which will be this year's Christmas Holiday seasonal pet, with its Gift Box. The third image is the PSI, the Candy Cane Slide, which promises lots of fun winter sliding for your little webbies. The last image is the PSF, Green Mint Shortbread, which looks delicious!

PSI and PSF Revealed for the Ice Cream Pup and the Teacup Yorkie!

Webkinz Newz is giving us a sneak peek at the virtual images associated with the Ice Cream Pup to be released in October. Here you can see the Ice Cream Pup's virtual avatar, Gift Box, Pet Specific Item and Pet Special Food. The PSI is the Ice Cream Sandwich Maker and the PSF is the Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches.
And here is the Teacup Yorkie's virtual avatar, Gift Box, PSI Tea For Two Table and PSF Tiny Tea Scones. Both pets are plush full-size Webkinz slated for October release. Hopefully these images will help our Webkinz Insider members decide whether they wish to acquire these new pets.

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