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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Midnight Carousel Horse

 Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member SpotHarris for being our first member to adopt the Midnight Carousel Horse. Maleficent is pictured here next to her Prize Klaw Machine. The Midnight Carousel Horse's special food is the Licorice Snow Cone.  
The Midnight Carousel Horse is a Virtual Pet available to Deluxe members at the Ganz eStore right now.  The Pet is also  included in the yearly deluxe membership bundle.

Blue W Pattern Wallpaper Floating in Webkinz Newz!

Our Webkinz Insider members who enjoy room decorating, will be interested in the latest floaty-clicky event in Webkinz Newz. There is a new Blue W Pattern Wallpaper floating in various pages of the Webkinz Newz. Click on the wallpaper icon, fill in the required field and a Blue W Wallpaper will be deposited in your Webkinz World account. This click-to-win event starts today and runs until February 7, 2014. As usual, it's one prize per account per day. You will all be happy to know that this wallpaper is kinzpostable.
What does it look like in the room? here it is from my account. You can see our Wallpaper Collection page in our WIKI by clicking HERE.

Sneak Peek at the Red Velvet Raccoon Webkinz!

Here are the virtual images of a new pet coming soon to the Ganz eStore! This is the Red Velvet Raccoon, its gift box, its PSI the Luxurious Clock and its PSF the Creamy Cocoa.
This sweet raccoon is the third red velvet webkinz, joining the Red Velvet Fawn released on the 1st of January this year, and the Red Velvet Rabbit from February 2012. This last pet was a special Promo Kinz, available only with the purchase of a Deluxe membership. It is not yet known how or when the new Red Velvet Raccoon will be offered, but it will be in the Ganz eStore.
With its red polka-dot PSI, this pet is a very good match for the Creative Studio theme available in the W Shop. Click HERE to see this theme in our WIKI. There is also a Red Velvet Theme available in the Ganz eStore also, which you can see HERE and some of it is in our WIKI HERE.

Virtual Images for the Howdy Horse, Raccutie and Poshy Poodle!

Webkinz Newz is giving us a sneak peek at the virtual images of these three new plush pets to be released in stores soon, probably for March 2014. First is the online avatar for the Howdy Horse, his Gift Box, Pet Specific Item the High Noon Chair and Pet Special Food the Lasso Linguine. Yee-haw indeed!
Second in the lineup is the Raccutie with its online avatar, gift box, PSI Racc-liner and PSF Delightful Dumpling.
Last but not least is the Poshy Poodle, its avatar, gift box, PSI Chic Divan Couch and PSF Ritzy Rice Balls.
If any of these pets are on your shopping list, keep in mind our partner store Ameriwade. Ameriwade charges a flat shipping fee of $5 in the US ($8 in Canada), for any size order up to 8 Webkinz; and your credit card is not charged until your order ships.

Howdy Horse, Raccutie, Poshy Poodle Coming to Webkinz World!

Webkinz Newz is showing three new plush pets that will be coming to Webkinz World sometimes in the new year, although we do not yet know exactly when these pets will be released. From left to right, say Howdy! to the Howdy Horse, the Raccutie and the Poshy Poodle!
If these pets are on your shopping list, keep in mind our partner store Ameriwade. Ameriwade charges a flat shipping fee of $5 in the US ($8 in Canada), for any size order up to 8 Webkinz; and your credit card is not charged until your order ships.

Kinzlet Milanese Recipe Revealed by WKN!

4818-1.pngHave you been wondering how to make this marvelous food that looks like the sinking of the Titanic? Wonder no more! Webkinz Newz has just revealed the ingredients of the Kinzlet Milanese. This secret recipe was first released in July 2009 but had remailed unsolved until now. In the Mega Stove, combine these ingredients:
  • Baked Potato
  • Cheeses
  • Granola Cereal
  • Hot Dog
  • Pretzel
Mega Stove Recipes are very difficult to solve because five different ingredients must be guessed or deduced.
You can buy a Mega Stove in the W Shop or you can use the one provided in the Super Chef Room of the Clubhouse. All the ingredients are bought in the W Shop.
Read all about the History of Mega Stove Secret Recipes, and which ones are solved, and who solved them, by clicking HERE. You will see that only one recipe has been solved by a Webkinz Insider member, meadandspencer who solved the Yibbles recipe in August 2011 and won a trophy as a result. Most Mega Stove Secret Recipes are still unsolved. You can join our members in their group effort to solve secret recipes HERE.

Winterfest Returns January 10 to 19!

Webkinz Newz has just announced the dates of the 2014 Winterfest: January 10-19!
This most beloved event consists in snowflakes flying across your Webkinz World screen, anywhere that your dock is also visible. Some members have been known to skip meals in order to collect more snowflakes and we even have a special Recipe section for easy-to-make meals for that particular week! Click HERE.
Here is one of the prizes new to this year: the Darling Winter Coat. You can see the prizes from previous years in our WIKI. Click HERE to learn all about Winterfest.

Detective Cap Recipe Revealed By Webkinz Newz!

Webkinz Newz is revealing to its readers the open secret of the Detective Cap Recipe (also called the Detective Hat).  However, this is a well-known recipe which has been solved now for almost 4 years by Webkinz Insider member mlachance9. Above you can see the screenshot taken by mlachance9 when solving this recipe on February 10, 2010. Combine the Blue Ball Cap, the Red Ball Cap and the Tan Suit Jacket in the Clothing Machine.
The Detective Cap was introduced as a Secret Recipe on Sept 16, 2009 and was solved in 4 months and 25 days by the collective effort of our members, culminating in mlachance9's success. However, even prior to that date, there had been many sightings of the Detective Cap in the Clubhouse, so that many members must have solved the recipe on their own.
We have a lot of interesting information on Clothing Recipes in our WIKI. You can see a list of our Solved Recipes HERE and HERE, and you can learn all about the History of Solved Outfits by clicking HERE. We have a special section for them in our forum HERE, where you could join in our efforts to solve one of the yet unsolved clothing recipes.
This is reminiscent of the recent revelation of the Yummytummy Tumbler Recipe. It is very thoughtful of Ganz to share these recipes with all Webkinz World members.

School Theme Retires on January 8! *UPDATE*

Webkinz Newz is announcing the retirement of the School Theme from the W Shop. This will happen on January 8, 2014, to make room for the returning Winter Wonderland Theme. You will remember that the Winter Wonderland Theme was removed from the W Shop in June 2013, with a promise that it would return seasonally.
The School Theme will also return, next fall, just in time for the start of the new school year. However, not all the items will be returning, so you would be wise to stock up now with your favorites. There will also be new items added to this theme when it returns.
Click to see the School Theme in our WIKI. Click HERE to see all the Room Themes.
UPDATE: This week, visit the Kinzville Map and do the Webkinz Video Challenge in the Kinzville Movie Theater for a FREE Classroom Wallpaper! You can get one every day.

Winter Wonderland Theme Returns With New Items!

In the continuing saga of the Winter Wonderland Room Theme, here are the latest developments. Here are the new items that will be added to the theme: the Winter Wonderland Clock, the Snowball Beanbag Chair and the Ice Cold Wardrobe. Let us hope that these won't be Deluxe-only items. Also, our Webkinz Insider members will remember that some items from this theme will not return but will be permanently retired.
The Winter Wonderland Room Theme will return to the W Shop as anticipated, on January 8 2014, taking the place of the School Room Theme which will in its turn be seasonally retired until next fall.

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