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Super School Day on Saturday, January 26th, at Kinzville Academy!

Tell your kinz to grab their backpacks and hats because tomorrow, Saturday, January 26th, Ms. Cowoline is having another Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy!
That's right! Your pets get another chance to get double the credit for any class successfully completed on this day! When your pets take classes at Kinzville Academy, they earn Pins on their Report Cards, special Actions, Prizes and even a cool Diploma to proudly hang on their wall! .. and Recess is so much fun!
So don't forget to take your kinz to Kinzville Academy on Saturday for Super School Day! Ms. Cowoline will glad to see her little students! introduces Ganzworld Moneyz

GanzWorld has introduced a new reward system titled "GanzWorld Moneyz." As you participate on any one of the GanzWorld websites (Webkinz Newz, Amazing World Newz, Tail Towns Newz, Nakamas Newz, and Ganz Parent Club) you earn Moneyz to spend on special rewards.
When you log into GanzWorld you should be able to see your Moneyz balance in the top right-hand corner. As your balance increases, notifications will alerting you to Moneyz added to your account. Then you can redeem your Moneyz for cool Ganz World Prizes. 
To see the prizes currently available, visit the GanzWorld menu by clicking the Moneyz balance, or clicking "Spend Your Moneyz!" This will open the Rewards Menu. The Prizes available will change over time and the prizes available are based on the hottest items current available in game.
Members can earn Moneyz by participating on Ganz World sites. Specifically, GanzWorld mentions these areas to earn some Moneyz to redeem. Please note that you MUST be logged in to earn Moneyz on Ganz websites:
  • Playing games in the new GanzWorld arcade.
  • Reading articles on any GanzWorld site.
  • Entering contests on GanzWorld.
  • Playing Peek A Newz and Treasure Hunts on GanzWorld.
  • Participating in Floaty-Clicky’s and Click-to-Wins on GanzWorld.
  • Parents Club Learn & Earn.
There is a daily limit of 500 Moneyz which you can earn. Members who already have GanzWorld accounts will start earning Moneyz as soon as they log in. Members who join GanzWorld today will earn 1,500 GanzWorld Moneyz!

New SPREE Prizes and Prize Retirements Announced for February 20!

Our Webkinz Insider members who are fans of the SPREE game in Webkinz World would do well to head to the Mall, roll the dice and start saving up their SPREE credits! Webkinz Newz has just announced the addition of these three beautiful new items which will become available on February 20, 2013. From left to right, here are the Arcade Pool Table, the Gold Leaf Coffee Table and the Gold Leaf Settee.
To make room for these new items, two older items will be retired also on February 20, 2013. The items slated for retirement are the Yoga Ball Bed and the Elephant Kinzband Wall Art seen below:
File:Yogaballbed.png File:Elephantkinzbanzwallart.png
You can see all the SPREE prizes HERE and learn all about the SPREE game in our WIKI by clicking HERE.

Webkinz World Unavailable January 15 in the Morning!

If you are unable to log into your Webkinz World account this morning, do not be surprised. Webkinz Newz is announcing that four Ganz sites will be closed for renovations from 8am to 11am Eastern Time on Tuesday January 15, 2013. The two little beavers pictured above, called Nuts and Bolts, will be doing updates to these four sites:
  • GanzWorld
  • Webkinz Newz
  • Hamsters

New PJ Collie Winter Clothing Peek-A-Newz Event!

If your pets need new warm clothes for the cold winter weather, you can't do better than to enter the new click-to-win event on Webkinz Newz.
This is a Peek-a-Newz event where you must find the head of PJ Collie five times. PJ Collie's head can be hard to find as it often gets cut off and you see only the top of her head, so search carefully.
Then fill out the form and an item of winter clothing will be deposited in your Webkinz World dock. So far, I am seeing the new KinzStyle Outlet winter clothing (the six items available to everyone), and these three exclusive items from Webkinz Newz illustrated above: the Black Winter Buckle Boots, the Brown Adventure Parka and the Green Cat Ear Toque. And as an extrra bonus, you don't have to be Deluxe to get these new items!
So save your kinzcash for other purchases and enter the PJ Collie Peek-A-Newz daily starting today and running until January 31. As usual, it's one prize per account per day.

W Shop Room Theme Being Retired to Deluxe on Jan 9! *UPDATE*

Rumors are rife and speculations are flying in Webkinz World following an announcement in Webkinz Newz today! Ganz has announced that one room theme will be retired from the W Shop and moved to Deluxe Only. The room theme being retired, will join the Enchanted Train Station theme as a theme available only to Deluxe members.
This change is expected to take place during the overnight maintenance in Webkinz World, on Wednesday January 9. Let us hope that this will clear some room in the Webkinz World warehouses for a new room theme available to everyone!
*UPDATE*: It's now January 9 and we can confirm that the City Styling Theme, also known as the Mocha Theme, has been moved to a Deluxe Only status. You can still see this entire theme in the W Shop, but like the Enchanted Train theme, you can only purchase it if you are Deluxe. Read more to see a picture of this theme.
Click to find out more...
 read more »

New Plumpy Click-To-Win Event to Start on January 1st! *UPDATE*

There will be a new Peek-A-Newz event starting on January 1st, 2013, on Webkinz Newz. This click-to-win event will feature Plumpy!
Prizes will include various amounts of KinzCash or a Wish Token. As usual, it will be one prize per account per day. This event is supposed to run from January 1st to January 9th 2013, and will be replacing the current Nick's Peek-A-Newz Challenge which gives out various Christmas items. Today is your last day for the Nick event.
To enter these events, just go to the Contest tab in Webkinz Newz, click on the Events tab and then on the Enter Campaign tab. Find the Plumpy head five times; she will be peeking out from behind various ads on different pages of Webkinz Newz. Sometimes only the very tip of her head will show, but the blue hair should betray her. When you have found her five times, you will be asked to provide your Webkinz World username and password, and the prize will be added to your account.
You can learn a lot of interesting facts about Plumpy in our WIKI.
Happy Hunting!
UPDATE: Many of our members are having difficulty with this Peek-A-Newz. Perhaps due to a formatting problem in the new "improved" Webkinz Newz, Plumpy's head is often almost completely hidden behind the ads, looking like this, on my account:
I've added two red arrows pointing to the top of Plumpy's head, but even then, it is hard to see.

Webkinz Newz Release Sneak Peek at Virtual Images of February Pets!

Last month, Webkinz Insider brought you the newz of two plush pets to be released in February. Webkinz Newz has now released a sneak peek at the virtual images of these cute pets and their Pet Specific Items and Foods!
The sporty Brown Boston Terrier loves to keep in shape swimming laps in its Championship Pool and such strenuous activity definitely calls for a meal with lots of protein such as the Charred Baseball Steak!
The laid back Surfin' Turtle is much happier just relaxing at the beach and has its own Tropical Beach Towel on which to catch some rays! A lover of seafood, this pet's favourite, of course, is Spicy Seaweed Salsa!
If Webkinz Insider members would like to add either of these cute plush pets to their webbie collection, they should be sure to visit! Ameriwade features a $5 flat shipping rate and your credit card is not charged until your order is shipped!

Birthstone Gem Lamp Floaty Clicky Week Event Has Begun on WKN!

The January winter chill is settling in, but there is always fun to be had in Kinzville and on Webkinz Newz! Beginning today, January 2nd, and continuing until January 8th, Webkinz Insider members can win a prize a day in the new Birthstone Gem Lamp Floaty Clicky Week campaign!
 The schedule for the assorted birth month lamps is as follows:
January 2 - Alexandrite Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 3 - Ruby Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 4 - Peridot Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 5 - Sapphire Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 6 - Rose Zircon Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 7 - Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 8 - Blue Zircon Birthstone Gem Lamp
If you missed out on one of these colourful birthstone lamps during previous ad events, now is your chance to grab one of these great items for your pet's room .. Just find the floating lamp on WKN, click and complete the form to have a Birthstone Lamp added directly into your Webkinz World account .. Have fun clicking!

Nick's Holiday Peek-a-Newz Challenge on WKN! *Update*

The festive season has begun in Kinzville! Along with the pretty snow in the yards, comes a Holiday Peek-a-Newz event on Webkinz Newz!
Beginning now and ending on December 11th, Webkinz Insider members can have fun and win some seasonal prizes by finding Nick the hamster once they log into the Nick's Holiday Peek A Newz Challenge event to play!
Just find Nick five times, click on him each time, and complete the form ... a special prize will be added to your Webkinz World account! What a wonderful way to begin the holiday season! To view Webkinz Newz prizes from other events, visit our WIki! The usual limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day applies!
UPDATE: Nick's Holiday Peek A Newz Challenge has returned to WKN and will now end on December 31st!

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