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Warning: Beware of Fake Webkinz App!

A warning is in, by Webkinz Newz and therefore from Ganz itself, about a fake Webkinz app. Beware of this app which has just appeared on Google Play. This Webkinz World Mobile App, by AppymanDev, is an imposter. Do not download it, click on it or most important, don't pay for it. It is not a real Webkinz app and does not even work. It is just a fake.

Fancy Flamingo Plush Pet Revealed!

Our Webkinz Insider members who are bird fanciers, will be flapping their wings with joy when they see the new plush pet being released for the month of May!  Although she does have a passing resemblance to the Blufadoodle, the Fancy Flamingo is the first real flamingo in Webkinz World.
If this or any other webkinz plush pet is tempting you, don't forget Webkinz Insider's partner store Ameriwade. You can pre-order your pets and your credit card won't be charged until your order ships. Ameriwade also features a flat shipping rate of $5, no matter the size of your order.

Loot Bag Prizes Retiring, New Prizes Coming Soon!

Webkinz Newz is announcing the retirement of the three Loot Bag Prizes pictured above: the Dunce Cap, the Chocolate Zingoz, and the Zum Balloons. The exact date of this retirement has not been announced yet, but it will be SOON! Of course new prizes will be introduced to replace them and we are all anxious to see them.
Loot bags are obtained at the end of a Webkinz Party, held either in the Clubhouse or in your own webbie house. Party Packs can be purchased with your KinzCash from the W Shop in Webkinz World. Invite some friends over, play games, eat a special treat or piece of party cake, and at the end of the 30-minute party you can bring a loot bag home. Each loot bag contains three random prizes. You can learn all about Webkinz Parties and Loot Bags in our WIKI by clicking HERE.
The Dunce Cap is particularly interesting due to its history, and you can learn all about it HERE.

Watch for Gators on Webkinz Newz March 15 - April 7th

Over on Webkinz Newz there will be floating Gators. Try to click on one and if succeed, your Webkinz World account will be credited with 150 KinzCash! 
This floating Gator is named Chomp from the novel, by Carl Hiaasen. If you would like to read more about this, click HERE
Good luck! and keep your eyes open for Chomp.

Two Backstage Prizes are Retiring March 13th

Webkinz Rockerz Pet Owners may recognize the Bass Case Closet as one of the Backstage Pass Prizes. According to Webkinz Newz, on March 13th, the Bass Case Closet and one other item will be retiring! So if you don't own the Bass Case Closet, now may be the time that you adopt a Rockerz Pet so that you can own this great item. What do you think the other will be that is retiring?

Pink Peek-A-Newz

 With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Webkinz Newz is looking to celebrate this fabulous holiday with a peek-a-newz all focused on PINK. Those who are interested in winning some fabulous prizes should look for Peresephone five times a day to win a random pink prize now until February 13th. 
Webkinz Newz also published the following "how to play" instructions for thsi Peek-a-Newz event:
  • Click the button below to start the Peek-A-Newz Challenge -- you will be taken to the front page of Webkinz Newz!
  • Then, search Webkinz Newz for the featured host by visiting different pages. The host could "peek" out from anywhere on a page! Make sure you let the page finish loading before visiting another one.
  • When you find the host, click on him or her.
  • Find the host five times, then fill in the form and a special prize will be added to your Webkinz World account. One prize per Webkinz World account per day.
If you are not logged into GanzWorld, or you haven't linked your Webkinz World account you will be asked to log into your account from the pop-up window to claim your prize. If it does not show a notfication after you log in, check your account's dock.
Please note that you are limited to one prize per webkinz world account per day.  Good luck to all those who play!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Lots of Dots Rhino!

Early in January, Webkinz Insider brought you the newz of a new Virtual Only Pet that was due to arrive soon in Kinzville. The info may have been 'spotty' at the time, but we have more news!
Please welcome Spike and give a big shout out of congratulations to mememe1000 for being the first Webkinz Insider member to adopt the Lots of Dots Rhino!
Spike is sure to be loved for his colourful dots and when he plays his Polka Dot Drum Set, the other kinz will be amazed at his musical prowess! Afer a few hours showing off his drumming skills on his Pet Specific Item, this Rhino will be more than ready for a snack of Polka Dot Cookies, which just happens to be his Pet Specific Food! 
Welcome home, Spike!

Two New Virtual Pets Coming Soon to Webkinz World!

Webkinz Newz has released sneak peeks of two new Virtual Only Pets that will soon be arriving in Webkinz World! 
First up is the Lollipop Snail, a sweet, cheerful and colourful pet, that is sure to liven up any Kinzville home with its bright personality! Its Pet Specific Item is the Candy Car, and after cruising the streets of Kinzville, this pet can re-energize with some Rainbow Meringues, its Pet Specific Food!
Magical and smart, the Charming Rat is the perfect pet to take up residence in any room in Webkinz World! It comes with its own Tricky Magical Blackboard, a must for any lab rat and its snack of choice is naturally its own Pet Specific Food, Enchanted Cheese! This pet is sure to cast its spell on Webkinz Insider members!
You will want to be on the lookout for these exciting new Virtual Only Pets to be available and remember to stay tuned to Werbkinz Newz for how and when!

Valentine's Day Collect Chocolates with Cinnamon Event Coming Soon!

February is almost here and with it comes Valentine's Day which is always fun in Kinzville! This year is no different and your pets will love the new Collect Chocolates with Cinnamon event!
Between February 7th and February 14th, your kinz can visit Cinnamon the Hamster in Kinzville Park once a day to receive a special Chocolate! Once you have collected all six of these special treats, you can win a cool Grand Prize! ... a Cinnamon Chocolate Fridge for your pet! 
Please note that one of the six Chocolates for this event will only be available as a Click-to-Win on Webkinz Newz, so Webkinz Insider members will have to find and click the floating chocolate to finish their collection!
This 2013 event is similar to the 2011 Be My Valentine Collection event in which the pets had to visit Cinnamon's Flower Stand to collect flowers and which also took place in Kinzville Park. Just like that event, eStore Shoppers will have the option of purchasing their Chocolates by clicking the Get It button on their Collection Window.
Yay!  Let's get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day, everyone!

Snowball Collection Event in Webkinz World! *UPDATE*

Winter is now in full swing in the northern hemisphere, and in Webkinz World also! The much-anticipated Snowball Collection Event has started and will run from January 18 to February 10, 2013.
If you enjoyed the Flower Collection, the Marshmallow Collection event back in July 2012, or the Halloween Candy Collection, you will like this one also since they are the same type of Click-to-Win contest. Open your Webkinz World account and go to the Map of Kinzville. In the bottom right-hand corner of your Map, you will find the snowball as pictured here on the left. Click on it to play the Snowball Collection game. You get a free bonus snowball just for showing up! Then, you can ask up to 5 of your Friends (from your Kinzphone) and send them requests for snowballs. You can send a total of 10 requests per day but only 5 snowballs will be counted. For a seventh snowball, look for the ad in Webkinz Newz.  A word of warning: get your seventh snowball from the Webkinz Newz ad LAST; otherwise, it will just count as one of the 5 from your friends!
Here are the prizes that you win as you reach the 3rd, 8th, 15th, 20th and 30th snowballs:
They are the Icicle Icing Cupcake, the Winterfest Snow Globe Hat, the White Magnolia Tree (which was a promo item for the movie: "Mirror Mirror"), the Snow Cushioned Bench (an eStore item) and the grand prize of the Webkinz Willow Sapling from the retired Caring Valley Webkinz Foundation.
Our Webkinz Insider members will be happy to know that when they have completed their collection, they can start all over again and get more of these prizes, over and over again.
UPDATE: When this event first began, there was an option to complete your collection for the grand prize and begin again .. That option is no longer available once you complete your snowball collection after the recent "fix". If you started a second round before the "fix", you are able to complete it and get your grand prize, but once done, you will no longer be able to begin a new collection.

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