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UPDATED: Webkinz Friends and Tail Town Friends Applications to shut down on August 31st 2014

Ganz has announced that the Webkinz Friends and Tail Towns Friends Applications will be shutting down on August 31st, 2014.  This closure will affect both the Facebook and iPad versions of the game. While the application was popular with Webkinz Insider members, the application never found a large audience on Facebook or through the App store. Due to the lack of audience the development team experienced limitations in their "ability to add new content and give the game the attention it deserved."
As of Today (July 29th, 2014), Webkinz Friends & Tail Town Friends will no longer allow new players to sign up to play via Facebook or the App store.  All payments have also been suspended due to the pending shut down.  Current players, however, will be able to play as much as they desire as the energy requirements will be removed from the game. The prizes exclusive to Webkinz Friends will be added in due time to Webkinz World, to ensure that all members have the opportunity to enjoy them.
UPDATE (August 2nd @ 9:30am KT):  We have received multiple reports of  ads and news articles within Webkinz World directing members to the Webkinz Friends application.  The ad featured on the left instructs WI member FIA to hold on to their pet's secret code in order to participate in Webkinz Friends.  Members have also reported seeing daily News updates in Webkinz World mentioning exclusive prizes to be earned on Webkinz Friends.
While it may appear that GANZ is promoting the Webkinz Friends iPad app to members, we have no way to confirm that the application's shelf life will be extended in any way.
 At this moment in time we can only reiterate that, based on the previous update provided by GANZ, the Webkinz Friends application will be shut down at the end of this month.

Super School Day on Sunday, December 23rd, at Kinzville Academy!

The pets are getting very excited! There are only two more sleeps until Santakinz arrives! Ms. Cowoline understands that it is hard to concentrate on their studies this time of year, but she believes that school should be fun. On Sunday, December 23rd, she is holding a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy and is giving double credit for any class that your kinz successfully completes on that day!
Your kinz can also earn some fun adventure and play on the playground at Recess time by attending classes regularly!
Webkinz Insider members will not want to forget to take advantage of extra credit at the Kinzville Academy for their pets on Sunday!  Ms. Cowoline will be so happy to see your little student! 

New Floaty Clicky Promo Event in Webkinz World!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian WW accounts were pleased to find two different floating click to win items when they logged in today! They are part of a Webkinz Friends promo and award food items if you click on them!
The first floaty clicky is a floating Limo and the prize is the Gummy Limos that you see in the above image of the popup!
The second floating item is the Rockerz Cat which awards Sour Shades when you click on it! 
If you download Webkinz Friends, you will receive an exclusive Rockerz Limo which you can send to your Webkinz World account! However, if you click the 'Learn More' button at this time, the information page is not found. Perhaps by midnight in the NA accounts, this will hopefully be fixed.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Many October Webkinz

Let's all say Congrats to valntom on their following adoptions:
Timmone, the Meerkat is pictured next to the Desert Tree Sunning Station. Its PSF: Kalahari Quiche
Lover, the Spotted Spaniel is pictured next to the Spotted Sports Car. Its PSF: Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich
Arawn, the Signature African Dog is pictured next to the Gyrostalker. Its PSF: Wild Beef Brisket
Poof, the Rockerz Poodle is on the Disco Dance Floor. Its PSF: Disco Ball Cereal
Hippy Hop, the Rockerz Bunny is pictured on the Boom Box Bed. Its PSF: Microphone Snow Cone
Giddie, the Rockerz Horse is on the Country Banjo Stage. Its PSF: Blueberry and Bluegrass Cobbler

Ganz Offering Ambassador Program for Free Webkinz!

As many of you know, Ganz entered the arena of Facebook-based games in May of this year with both Webkinz Friends and Tail Towns Friends. Both games bear some similarities to well-known Facebook games like Farmville, with Ganz's own twist!
Now that both games and their user base are beginning to mature, Ganz is offering an ambassador program for both Webkinz Friends and Tail Towns Friends, and you can get great free stuff for participating including Free Webkinz and free Tail Towns Figurines!
Ganz wants to know what real-life players like yourselves think of their Facebook games and are offering a 6-week Game Ambassador Program for both games, where you will be a Game Tester for Ganz! We're also looking for input on Tail Towns Insiders and our Tail Towns Insiders Forums from avid Tail Towns Friends players -- we have many directions and features we can add to the site, we need to know what you want and would find useful!
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Webkinz Insider Member Solves Moonberry Dress Clothing Recipe

This beautiful Moonberry Dress was just released into Webkinz World a couple of days ago, but thanks to Bookworm255, we all know how to make this dress!
~ Purple Pajama Top
~ Plaid Buckle Hat
~ Smocked Sundress
Let's all say our Congrats to Bookworm255 for solving this! If you want to help fellow Webkinz Insider Member solve other clothing recipes, please visit our Clothing Machine Recipes Section. There are quite a few still not solved.

Jumbleberry Warning Mystifies Webkinz Insider Members!

Webkinz Insider members are totally mystified by this warning on Webkinz Newz, which reads:
"Too many Jumbleberries are jumbling about and being dropped between Webkinz Newz and Webkinz World!

Alyssa has dispatched a team of fairies to go fetch the berries that have been left behind, but each one has to be picked up individually- so she says it's going to take a little time!

To help Alyssa's clean up effort, don't transfer ANY berries from Webkinz Newz to Webkinz World until Wednesday August 1st or they may get dropped too! Don't make any extra work for Alyssa, just hold off on moving over those berries!"

Although Ganz uses the term "Jumbleberries", the accompanying illustration suggests that all berries are included in this term.
Perhaps Ganz meant to say that the berries collected on their Webkinz Friends site are not transferring properly? You can read about this problem at the bottom of this post:
At the present time, all berries appear to be transferring well from Webkinz Newz to Webkinz World. Let's hope that Gans clarifies this mysterious warning soon.

Ganz Issues Official Press Release for Webkinz Friends

Ganz has officially launched Webkinz Friends on Facebook, as they have issued an official Press Release announcing the new game! Many of our members have been enjoying the new game and, thanks to our Webkinz Friends Interview with the Creative Director, are anxiously awaiting the iPad version of Webkinz Friends due out this summer.
Our members have been putting together a great deal of Webkinz Friends information in our Webkinz Friends WIki and have been answering questions in our Webkinz Friends forum! If you think you're an expert in Webkinz Friends, we need your help in continuing to build the Webkinz Friends Wiki. If you're new to the game and have a question, feel free to stop by the Webkinz Friends forum and ask for help!
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Webkinz Creative Director Answers Questions About Webkinz Friends!

With the surprise discovery of the new Facebook app Webkinz Friends, we immediately contacted the Creative Director at Webkinz for more information. We found that he is also the Creative Director for the Webkinz Friends project and that he was willing to answer any questions that we had for him.
We took a number of your own questions from the Webkinz Friends Forum and supplemented them with our own, for a total of 10 questions. Ganz plans to start officially promoting the Webkinz Friends game today, so expect a bunch of new players on Webkinz Friends and new friends here on Webkinz Insider!
If you're already deep into Webkinz Friends, please visit our Webkinz Friends Forum to help those who have questions and please contribute to our Webkinz Friends Wiki -- we need your help!
WI: Just to be clear, Webkinz Friends isn't a "new feature" of Webkinz World or in any way related to Webkinz World, right?
CD: Correct. Webkinz Friends is an all-new game set in the Webkinz “universe”. It can be played completely separately from Webkinz World (aka and playing it doesn’t have any effect on your Webkinz World account.
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Webkinz Bowling Trophy Awarded as Webkinz Friends Prize!

For those old-timers out there in Webkinz World, you know the story of the Webkinz Bowling Trophy. It has been a legend, shrouded in mystery for many years. The prevailing rumor about the Bowling Trophy was that Ganz had awarded 10 trophies in 2005 and no one had ever seen one in another Webkinz player's home. In 2009, the Creative Director at Ganz dispelled the rumor by giving Webkinz Insider the official word about the trophy -- it had never been given out to anyone, and only existed in the Club House. That is, until now!
The yearned for bowling trophy can now be yours in Webkinz World, as the fabled trophy is a prize that can be earned in the new Webkinz Friends game and sent to your WW account! Thanks to pinkbellygirl in the Webkinz Friends area of our forum for showing us the new prize. We're putting together as much information as we can about the new Facebook Webkinz Friends game in our forum and the Webkinz Friends article on our WIki. We need all of your help to create guides for new players of the game, so please don't be afraid to contribute everything you've learned!

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