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Ganz Adds New Prizes to Hamster Mazin' Mall

webkinz cheatsGanz has added several new prizes to the Mazin' Hamster Mazin' Mall.  To get a look at all of the items you can win/buy in the Mazin' Hamster feature, please check out the Webkinz Insider WIki:  Mazin' Hamster Items.

New Webkinz - KinzKlip - CD Combo Pack Discovered

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Thanks to Webkinz Insider member jeans94 for reporting a new combo pack discovery! A new Webkinz/KinzKlip/CD pack was found at Toys R Us. Reportedly it is $15.99. Looks like there are a few different pet combos available. Sounds like an awesome deal!  
The original CD packs, released in July 2010, contained a Webkinz and a CD, but no KinzKlip.  

2010 Holiday Webkinz Revealed, Ameriwade Presale Starts on May 10th

The Webkinz for the 2010 Holiday season have been revealed!  
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Halloween:  If you missed either the Webkinz Black Cat or the Webkinz Bat in previous seasons, you're in luck.  Both pets will be returning for 2010.  Joining them is a new pet, the Webkinz Night Mare.  The KinzStyle Pumpkin Costume and Witch Costume will be available as well.  All Halloween products should begin hitting stores in mid-August.  The Webkinz Lava Dragon, which was officially retired last year, will, of course, not be returning.
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Thanksgiving:  It appears that the Webkinz Turkeywill not be returning for 2010.  Instead it is going to be replaced by the by the plumper Webkinz Gobbler Turkey.  This chunky fellow should start hitting stores in mid-August.
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Christmas:  The Webkinz Reindeer and the Reindeer KinzKlip will be celebrating Christmas in Webkinz World this year along with the KinzStyle Red Santa Suit, and they are going to be joined by the new Webkinz Minty Moose.  At this point it appears that the Webkinz Snowman and Webkinz Peppermint Puppy will not be making the trip back.  The Christmas products should start hitting stores at the end of September.
See a pet on the list that you've just gotta have?  Check out our partner store,  Ameriwade features $5 flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada, no matter how many Webkinz you buy, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to support Webkinz Insider.  Ameriwade is going to start pre-selling all of the 2010 Holiday pets on their website at 3pm Eastern Time on Monday, May 10th.  

Webkinz Insider Member Finds Tricky Zums, Receives Zum Topiary

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member SnowCrystal on finding all of the "Tricky Zums" in the Zumwhere feature.  For her effort, she has received a Zum Topiary.  Here you can see the Topiary displayed in her Webkinz' yard.  
For more information on the Zumwhere feature, please come on in to our forum and visit our Magical Forest section, located HERE.

Webkinz Insider Member Unlocks Zumwhere Zippy Zum Prize

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member dpac5 for unlocking a Zippy Zum Prize after she completed a Zum group collection.  Dpac5 unlocked The Field Guide Pedestal.

Here we can see her Spring Celebration Bunny, Jelly Bean posing next to her new Field Guide Pedestal.  This item is an Indoor or Outdoor item, and can rotate.
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WI Member Activates Webkinz Walrus, Gets Mouse Kinz Klip!

One of the members of our Webkinz Insider Forum, splish-splash, just became the first to activate July's Webkinz Walrus! The PSI is animated and is called the Northern Lights Lamp, and the PSF is One Ton Won Tons.  He also was able to pick up a Mouse Kinz Klip, which have been quite difficult to find in stores.
Webkinz Walrus, Mouse Kinz Klip
Congratulations on his adoption of Bubbles the Walrus and on snagging a Kinz Klip!  A word of warning to all of you planning to pick up the Walrus, splish-splash discovered that the Walrus is NOT an underwater pet as he thought it may be!

Ganz announces NEW Kinz Klips to arrive in July

This afternoon, at the Webkinz Newz site, Michaelgorab caught this Front apge announcement. It looks like we will be getting MORE wonderful klips to add to our collections.  Announced to be released are Cocker Spaniel, Dalmation, Toco Toucan, Dolphin, mouse and Cocoa Dinosaur.
When Kinz Klips are registered, you receive 500 KC and increased chances of finding items in Zumwhere.
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Webkinz Insider Member Completes "Giggly Zums" Collection

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member choover on finding all of the "Giggly Zums" in Zumwhere.  As a reward for her persistance, she was given a complete Zum Outfit consisting of a Zum Hat, Zum Body, and Zum Feet.  Just like the Zum Crossing Sign that was unlocked by a WI member last week (story HERE), the Zum outfit parts cannot be traded or sent via KinzPost.

Pet Specific Item Awarded as Prize in Zumwhere

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According to Ganz, the more KinzKlip codes you have entered on your account, the better your odds of finding prizes in Zumwhere are.  They've said this for different features before, but it appears that this time they really meant it.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member skatergirl80 for sharing a picture with us of her latest Zumwhere prize, the Bobbin' Robin Jukebox.  We have previously seen members receive Holiday and Trading Card prizes in Zumwhere, but this is the first time we've seen a Pet Specific Item be awarded as a prize.  
skatergirl80 reports that, based on her own experience, you only get Zum-food until you have about 10 KinzKlip codes entered on your account.  On the account where she received the PSI, she has 12 KinzKlip codes entered.  At this point we are not certain if this is the way Ganz intends for the feature to work, or if this is just a glitch.  Either way, congratulations to skatergirl80 on receiving such a great prize.

Webkinz Insider Member Completes "Lazy Zums" Collection

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member funkyc63 on finding all of the "Lazy Zums" in Zumwhere.  In exchange for her hard work, she was awarded a "Zum Crossing Sign" to place in her Webkinz' house.  funkyc63 also exchanged some of the Zummies she had been collecting for a "Field Hat" and a "Field Jacket".  The Hat and Jacket can be sent via KinzPost.  The Crossing Sign cannot.  
Since entering the code from her first Kinz Klip on April 1st, funkyc63 and her daughter have been tracking, taking pictures, and fully documenting their experiences in Zumwhere.  If you have any questions about Zumwhere, Zums, or Zummies, please check out her thread "I Caught ZUM-things!" located HERE.
EXOTERIC's "Zumwhere Adventures" Guide is also a fantastic resource.  (Thread located HERE.)

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