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Longhorn Steer Coming to Webkinz World in February!!!

They say patience is a virtue and that must be true because I have been waiting for over four years for a Longhorn webkinz. Ganz has just announced on Webkinz Newz that the Longhorn Steer will be in stores in February! Yes, the Longhorn Steer will be a plush! The Longhorn has its name because the average horn spread is around 5 1/2 feet while record lengths span up to 9 feet. You may have seen some Cadillacs with these long horns as a hood ornament.
We currently do not know the Pet Specific Item or Pet Specific Food for the Longhorn Steer, but as soon as we do, we will share that with you here on Webkinz Insider. 
If Webkinz Insider members are hoping to add the Longhorn Steer to their kinz family, they can visit Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping and no charge is made to your credit card until your order ships.   

WKN Releases Sneak Peeks Of Brown Boston Terrier, Surfin' Turtle and Signature Arctic Hare!

This is an exciting time of the year as the holidays get closer, but when the gifts are long opened and winter has settled in, there are still wonderful things going to be happening in Kinzville! Webkinz Newz has released sneak peeks at three beautiful new plush pets to be released in February!
Be on the look out for the Brown Boston Terrier .. and what a cutie!  Also scheduled to arrive in Kinzville in February are the cool Surfin' Turtle and the cuddly lifelike Signature Arctic Hare! Not a lot is known about these pets yet, but as soon as we get more info, we will pass it along to you!
If Webkinz Insider members are interested in any of these lovely new February plush pets, they should be sure to visit Ameriwade features a $5 flat shipping rate and your credit card is not charged until your order is shipped!

Webkinz Newz Up and Running With a New GanzWorld Rewards System!

After several days of being down for maintenance, Webkinz Newz is up and running, although you may not recognize it at first with its new format and the introduction of the new  Ganzword Reward system!
The good newz is that every time you click on a page or area, you receive one GanzWorld Moneyz, the new currency that has replaced the KinzCash which you had previously been able to send to your Webkinz World account! You will also be able to earn Moneyz by entering contests, or playing Peek-a-Newz Challenges and Clicky Floaty events, Treasure Hunts, etc. on the new Webkinz Newz site.
Moneyz that you earn by playing games, entering contests, etc. in the WKN Arcade and by just wandering the site can now be spent to buy exclusive prizes which can be sent to various Ganz game sites including Webkinz World, Nakamas, Amazing World, etc. You can redeem your Moneyz by clicking the Spend your Moneyz  icon (seen here) on the left side of any page when you are logged into your GanzWorld account!
It may take a little while to get used to the new format, but it sure looks like fun and Webkinz Insider members will want to take advantage of the chance to win some great exclusive GanzWorld Rewards!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Sweetheart Pup and Cookies 'N Cream Guinea Pig!

It may be the Christmas season, but it is not too soon to welcome a February Holiday pet! In November, Webkinz Insider brought you the news and sneak peek at the Sweetheart Pup and its PSI and PSF virtual images (see HERE). Now let us all congratulate our own Gift Coach, cocoharry, for being the first Webkinz Insider member to adopt this adorable new kinz! Sweetheart naturally loves Sweetheart Cereal, the perfect Pet Specific Food when its time to have a snack and you can see Sweetheart happily napping in the Bean Bag Bed, her Pet Specific Item!
Also in November, we brought you the news of the Cookies 'N Cream Guinea Pig coming soon to Kinzville, along with its virtual images (see HERE). Now let's welcome Oreo and once again give a big shout out of congratulations to cocoharry for being the first Webkinz Insider member to also adopt this cuddly looking pet! Oreo's  PSI is a Sugary Sweet Shower and his PSF is Crunchy Chocolate Tacos.
Oreo sure looks happy getting showered with chocolate! LOL
Welcome home, Sweetheart and Oreo!

2012 Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas Announced on WKN! *UPDATE*

With snow in our yards, Santakinz in the Clubhouse, Holiday Challenges and festive Click-to-Wins, it really is beginning to feel like the most wonderful time of the year! To add to the holiday fun, another Webkinz World Christmas tradition begins on December 14th! Webkinz Newz has announced the coming of the long awaited 2012 Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas event! 
Webkinz Insider members will want to take their kinz to  the clubhouse each day until December 25th to receive a special gift! Ms. Birdy will be in residence to award a daily gift to all the kinz who pop into the Clubhouse during the 12 days of Christmas to wish her Happy Holidays! Once your webbie has collected all twelve gifts, they will receive a special badge for their My Page collection!
To view the lovely gifts awarded during the 2011 Countdown to Christmas event, visit our WIki! ... Happy Holidays, Ms Birdy! .. and to all the excited kinz as well! 
UPDATE: Ms Birdy is in the Clubhouse in the Asian accounts Santakinz Room for the beginning of Christmas Countdown! It has begun! Merry Christmas!
NA account holders should expect to see Ms Birdy in the Santakinz Room after midnight KT!

Super School Day on Friday, December 14th, at Kinzville Academy!

Friday, December 14th, is a wonderful day for all Kinzville Academy students! School Supervisor, Ms. Cowoline, is once again offering double credit to pets who successfuly complete any class on this Super School Day! Whether your kinz sign up and successfully complete classes in the Basic Pet Courses or the Pet Talent Courses of the Kinzville Academy curriculum, they will qualify for that extra credit! Thanks Ms. Cowoline!  
Webkinz Insider members wont want to miss this chance to further their pets' education   Take your pet to class on Super School Day on Friday! 

Surprise Gift from Nakamas in Webkinz World!

 Webkinz Insider Members with Asian time zone accounts got a pleasant surprise this morning upon logging in to their accounts!
A Huggy Hoodie was added to their docks courtesy of Nakamas as part of a promotion for the new gaming site. Make sure you log in and get your Hoodie! They should be available to holders of North American accounts at NA midnight! To view other gifts that have been received in the past during Nakamas promotions, check our WIki!

New Floaty Clicky Promo Event in Webkinz World!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian WW accounts were pleased to find two different floating click to win items when they logged in today! They are part of a Webkinz Friends promo and award food items if you click on them!
The first floaty clicky is a floating Limo and the prize is the Gummy Limos that you see in the above image of the popup!
The second floating item is the Rockerz Cat which awards Sour Shades when you click on it! 
If you download Webkinz Friends, you will receive an exclusive Rockerz Limo which you can send to your Webkinz World account! However, if you click the 'Learn More' button at this time, the information page is not found. Perhaps by midnight in the NA accounts, this will hopefully be fixed.

Super School Day on Wednesday, December 12th, at Kinzville Academy!

The holiday season is fast approaching! The pets are dreaming of the Santakinz presents that they hope to receive and even good little scholars have difficulty concentrating during this exciting time of year! Ms. Cowoline understands, so is holding a Super School Day on Wednesday, December 12th, to focus the pets on their studies, while awarding them double credit for their classes at the Kinzville Academy!
That's right! .. For every class successfully completed on this day, your pet will receive twice the credit! Webkinz Insider members can encourage their little students to achieve by taking them to school on Super School Day this Wednesday. Ms. Cowoline will be so thrilled to see them!

Hanukkah Brings Lighted Menorahs

Hanukkah started this past weekend and that means that our menorahs are starting to light. Menorahs unfortunately are not for sale this year as they were in years past. There have been colorful menorahs, gold menorahs, silver menorahs and even hovering menorahs in previous years.
Maybe hopefully soon Ganz will add the menorahs to the W Shop so that members can see these beautiful menorahs lit.
UPDATE: The Magnificent Menorah is now available at the W Shop for 250 KC

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