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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Winterfest Challenge has Members Scratching their Heads

After today's update, the Winterfest Challenge was added to Webkinz World.
The problem comes for Non Deluxe members. In recent weeks, Ganz has made certain games that are only available to Deluxe members and Waddell's Icecap Adventure was amongst the list of games that were made exclusive to them.
The last part of the Winterfest Challenge asks members to earn 20 KinzCash in a Deluxe Only game, which is not accessible to Non Deluxe members. Hopefully this oversight will be fixed soon and everyone in Webkinz World will be able to complete the Winterfest Challenge.

Longhorn Steer Pet Specific Item and Food Revealed

Yee Haw! Howdy Partners! Looks like GANZ has roped in the latest reveal of February Webkinz: Longhorn Steer. The friendly Longhorn Steer will greet others passing by atop their Pet Specific Item: Wild West Ranch Sign. The image does show the sign saying Webkinz Ranch and not Wild West Ranch, so not sure if that is a typo or not. The Longhorn steer will be chewing their cuds after they eat their Pet Specific Item: Grassland Griddlecakes.
So if you or your webkinz would like to experience a taste of the Wild West, the Longhorn Steer would be the perfect partner.
Speaking of partners, our partner Ameriwade is now taking pre- sale orders. You can visit Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping and no charge is made to your credit card until your order ships.

Webkinz Newz Release Sneak Peek at Virtual Images of February Pets!

Last month, Webkinz Insider brought you the newz of two plush pets to be released in February. Webkinz Newz has now released a sneak peek at the virtual images of these cute pets and their Pet Specific Items and Foods!
The sporty Brown Boston Terrier loves to keep in shape swimming laps in its Championship Pool and such strenuous activity definitely calls for a meal with lots of protein such as the Charred Baseball Steak!
The laid back Surfin' Turtle is much happier just relaxing at the beach and has its own Tropical Beach Towel on which to catch some rays! A lover of seafood, this pet's favourite, of course, is Spicy Seaweed Salsa!
If Webkinz Insider members would like to add either of these cute plush pets to their webbie collection, they should be sure to visit! Ameriwade features a $5 flat shipping rate and your credit card is not charged until your order is shipped!

Birthstone Gem Lamp Floaty Clicky Week Event Has Begun on WKN!

The January winter chill is settling in, but there is always fun to be had in Kinzville and on Webkinz Newz! Beginning today, January 2nd, and continuing until January 8th, Webkinz Insider members can win a prize a day in the new Birthstone Gem Lamp Floaty Clicky Week campaign!
 The schedule for the assorted birth month lamps is as follows:
January 2 - Alexandrite Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 3 - Ruby Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 4 - Peridot Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 5 - Sapphire Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 6 - Rose Zircon Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 7 - Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp
January 8 - Blue Zircon Birthstone Gem Lamp
If you missed out on one of these colourful birthstone lamps during previous ad events, now is your chance to grab one of these great items for your pet's room .. Just find the floating lamp on WKN, click and complete the form to have a Birthstone Lamp added directly into your Webkinz World account .. Have fun clicking!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Poofy Poodle!

It is now 2013 and the new promised January pets are arriving in Kinzville! In November, Webkinz Insider brought you the news of several new pets due to hit the shelves this month! Let us now all congratulate extravaGANZa on being the first Webkinz Insider member to adopt the adorable Poofy Poodle. Let's all welcome Tatanya, one of the first pets of the new year!
Tatanya is seen here on her very own Pet Specific Item, the French Chaise which matches her perfectly! .. And naturally, being a lady of leisure, she chooses to have Fluffy BonBons as her fave snack and her Pet Specific Food! 
 Welcome home, Tatanya!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Winter Solstice Stag!

Winter Solstice may have passed, but Webkinz Insider members can continue to celebrate in Webkinz World! In late November, we brought you the news of the Winter Solstice Stag soon to be arriving in Kinzville .. We are now pleased to congratulate vanberk on being the very first Webkinz Insider member to adopt this festive pet! Please welcome Equinox, shown here with his Pet Specific item, the beautiful Moonlit Evergreen!
Equinox has his antlers properly decorated for his fave holiday and loves the changing of the seasons! .. almost as much as he loves to eat Polarberry Perogies, his Pet Specific Food!
Welcome home, Equinox!

Holiday Gifts Arrive on December 25th

The calendar says December 25th and that means that the Holiday Gifts have arrived! When you log into your Webkinz World Accounts you are greeted with...
Once you drop it into your room, the gift is revealed: something to wear, something to eat, and something you wished for when you saw Santakinz in the Clubhouse.
Also happening today is the Super Wheel!  With all day activities, Super Wheel, Big Button of KinzCash, and presents, looks like today is a Merry Day to log into Webkinz World.

December 24th Log In Gift Awarded

Logging into your Webkinz World Account on December 24th will result in....
An Amazing World Christmas Poster for your room! This not a small poster either, it is a good sized one. So don't forget to log into Webkinz World on December 24th for this poster!

Super School Day on Sunday, December 23rd, at Kinzville Academy!

The pets are getting very excited! There are only two more sleeps until Santakinz arrives! Ms. Cowoline understands that it is hard to concentrate on their studies this time of year, but she believes that school should be fun. On Sunday, December 23rd, she is holding a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy and is giving double credit for any class that your kinz successfully completes on that day!
Your kinz can also earn some fun adventure and play on the playground at Recess time by attending classes regularly!
Webkinz Insider members will not want to forget to take advantage of extra credit at the Kinzville Academy for their pets on Sunday!  Ms. Cowoline will be so happy to see your little student! 

Nick's Holiday Peek-a-Newz Challenge on WKN! *Update*

The festive season has begun in Kinzville! Along with the pretty snow in the yards, comes a Holiday Peek-a-Newz event on Webkinz Newz!
Beginning now and ending on December 11th, Webkinz Insider members can have fun and win some seasonal prizes by finding Nick the hamster once they log into the Nick's Holiday Peek A Newz Challenge event to play!
Just find Nick five times, click on him each time, and complete the form ... a special prize will be added to your Webkinz World account! What a wonderful way to begin the holiday season! To view Webkinz Newz prizes from other events, visit our WIki! The usual limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day applies!
UPDATE: Nick's Holiday Peek A Newz Challenge has returned to WKN and will now end on December 31st!

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