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Super School Day on Friday, February 1st, at Kinzville Academy!

Ms. Cowoline likes to start a new month off right for our little kinz, and for her, education is up front and center! On Friday, February 1st, the beloved superintendent of Kinzville Academy is holding a Super School Day and will be allowing double credit for every class that your pet successfully completes!
Our kinz love to learn and being able to win Prize Boxes as they complete the tenth level is a real bonus for all that hard work! Receiving double credit for classes means that your kinz can complete levels on their Report Card a lot sooner! They can also earn prizes such as cool Actions after completing the fifth level!
So Webkinz Insider members will want to grab their lunch and head on over to the Kinzville Academy with their little student on Friday for Super School Day! Ms. Cowoline will be so impressed!

Two New Virtual Pets Coming Soon to Webkinz World!

Webkinz Newz has released sneak peeks of two new Virtual Only Pets that will soon be arriving in Webkinz World! 
First up is the Lollipop Snail, a sweet, cheerful and colourful pet, that is sure to liven up any Kinzville home with its bright personality! Its Pet Specific Item is the Candy Car, and after cruising the streets of Kinzville, this pet can re-energize with some Rainbow Meringues, its Pet Specific Food!
Magical and smart, the Charming Rat is the perfect pet to take up residence in any room in Webkinz World! It comes with its own Tricky Magical Blackboard, a must for any lab rat and its snack of choice is naturally its own Pet Specific Food, Enchanted Cheese! This pet is sure to cast its spell on Webkinz Insider members!
You will want to be on the lookout for these exciting new Virtual Only Pets to be available and remember to stay tuned to Werbkinz Newz for how and when!

Valentine's Day Collect Chocolates with Cinnamon Event Coming Soon!

February is almost here and with it comes Valentine's Day which is always fun in Kinzville! This year is no different and your pets will love the new Collect Chocolates with Cinnamon event!
Between February 7th and February 14th, your kinz can visit Cinnamon the Hamster in Kinzville Park once a day to receive a special Chocolate! Once you have collected all six of these special treats, you can win a cool Grand Prize! ... a Cinnamon Chocolate Fridge for your pet! 
Please note that one of the six Chocolates for this event will only be available as a Click-to-Win on Webkinz Newz, so Webkinz Insider members will have to find and click the floating chocolate to finish their collection!
This 2013 event is similar to the 2011 Be My Valentine Collection event in which the pets had to visit Cinnamon's Flower Stand to collect flowers and which also took place in Kinzville Park. Just like that event, eStore Shoppers will have the option of purchasing their Chocolates by clicking the Get It button on their Collection Window.
Yay!  Let's get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day, everyone!

Super School Day on Tuesday, January 29th at Kinzville Academy!

Tuesday, January 29th, means Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy! If you have been wanting to get your kinz started on classes, or if you only have a few classes left to reach the next level, it's a perfect time to take your pets to school! On this Super School Day Tuesday, Ms Cowoline is awarding double credit for each class your little pet successfully completes!
There is a full selection of courses in the Kinzville Academy curriculum, both in the Pet Talent Course section and in the Pet Basic Course Section and there is sure to be a fave class for your little scholar! .. and best of all, there are no Fees to have your pets enrolled in any course! 
Webkinz Insider members will not want to miss this opportunity and Ms Cowoline will be so happy to see all her little students on Tuesday!

Super School Day on Saturday, January 26th, at Kinzville Academy!

Tell your kinz to grab their backpacks and hats because tomorrow, Saturday, January 26th, Ms. Cowoline is having another Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy!
That's right! Your pets get another chance to get double the credit for any class successfully completed on this day! When your pets take classes at Kinzville Academy, they earn Pins on their Report Cards, special Actions, Prizes and even a cool Diploma to proudly hang on their wall! .. and Recess is so much fun!
So don't forget to take your kinz to Kinzville Academy on Saturday for Super School Day! Ms. Cowoline will glad to see her little students!

Not a Big Fan of the Kinzville Map? There's a Silver Lining!

Here at Webkinz Insider, we're well aware that some of our members aren't terribly fond of the new Kinzville Map that was introduced back in October. While some love the ability to customize their new maps, others have complained about performance or that they'd rather spend time decorating their Webkinz rooms than the new map.

For those of you who don't care for the Kinzville map, or the items in it, such as the park benches, street lamps, or any prizes you may have received from challenges, there is a silver lining. Thanks to a thread from lollipoplover in our forum, we've found that the map items are actually quite valuable when sold at the W Shop!  
In fact, as you can see above, merely selling the free items given to you when the new Kinzville Map was introduced, you can earn 811 Kinz Cash right off the bat! Selling off the items you receive from challenges can earn you even more, so if you don't like using the new map, look on the bright side and earn some free KC!

Super School Day on Sunday, January 20th, at Kinzville Academy!

It may be Sunday, but Ms Cowoline is no slouch when it comes to wanting our kinz to have fun learning! That is why the beloved superintendent of Kinzville Academy is holding a Super School Day on Sunday, January 20th!
Now is a great time to get your fave pet back into the school swing of things after the holidays and check out the Talent Courses and the Basic Courses at the Academy. Your pets will receive double credit for each class they successfully complete on Super School Day! What fun they can have Cooking and Strength Training! ... and don't forget Recess! .. that's their favourite!
Webkinz Insider members may want to hurry on over to see Ms Cowoline on Sunday for Super School Day.. She will be delighted to see your little scholar!

Super School Day on Thursday, January 17th, at Kinzville Academy!

This is a great time of year for your kinz to catch up on their schooling and Ms. Cowoline wants to make going to class lots of fun. That is why she is holding a Super School Day on Thursday, January 17, at the Kinzville Academy!
On this day, pets who successfully complete a class will receive double the credit and that means they will pass through levels more quickly on their way to winning Prizes and a cool Diploma to hang on their wall! The kinz can even earn some time at Recess and maybe get a hot lunch in their Lunch Bag!
Webkinz Insider members won't want to miss this chance to spend some quality time with their kinz! So make sure to dress your fave pet for the weather and head on over to the Kinzville Academy for a Super School Day of fun and challenge on Thursday!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Lovely Panda!

As we settle into 2013, we know that Valentine's Day is not far away, and we can be sure it will be celebrated in Webkinz World in style! In fact, a pretty pink Valentine pet has already arrived in Kinzville!
Please let us all congratulate fallenangels who is the first Webkinz Insider member to adopt the precious Lovely Panda, Mia! The Lovely Panda is a virtual only pet that is sure to warm the hearts of everyone.
Here you see Mia perching in her Pink Blossom Hideout, which is her Pet Specific Item. The Lovely Panda is a sweet pet .. friendly and happy, so it is not surprising that her snack of choice and her Pet Specific Food is Friendship Fortune Cookies. I predict that this pet will be a real hit with Webkinz Insider members!
Welcome home, Mia!

January 13th is a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy

"Welcome Back to the Kinzville Academy," said Ms Cowoline. That's right, she is offering a Super School Day on January 13, 2013. Super School Days are where you get twice the credit for completing the one course versus the standard one credit.
If your pet is new to Kinzville Academy, have no first day jitters because Ms Cowoline will walk you through it.
Looks like this 13th is going to be SUPER!

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