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New Pet

WI Member wins Exclusive Stone Lion

A big huge congratulations goes out to Webkinz Insider member windcolors on being one of the ten lucky winners of the Exclusive Stone Lion!
Meet Spirit of Detroit, pictured here with his beautiful new PSI, the Rosy Rock Garden. The PSF for this pet is a delicious cup of Rosemint Tea. windcolors was lucky enough to win this new pet in a GanzWorld contest.Enjoy your new pet windcolors. He is a beauty!!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Swirly Curl Unicorn and Striped Cheeky Cat

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider Gift Coach valntom on the adoption of two of November 2013's new Webkinz pets.
Pictured on the left is valntoms new Swirly Curl Unicorn, Korker. Korker is pictured here with her PSI the Ribbons & Swirls Chest of Drawers. The PSF for this pet is the Cotton Candy Cone. valntom tells us that Korkers dresser can hold eight clothing items and can go both inside and outside.
Pictured on the right is Fruit Stripes, valntom's new Striped Cheeky Cat. Fruit Stripes is happily posing on her matching PSI, the Funky Striped Sofa. The PSF that brings joy to this new pet is the delicious Ribboned Pop.
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Webkinz Insider member adopts Octobers Signature Moose

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member BunnyRose for being the first to adopt the October Signature MooseBunnyRose has named her new Signature Moose BusinesMoose. BusinesMoose can be seen here exploring new heights on his PSI the Forest Ranger Tower. The PSF for this pet is the Maple Syrup Brownie. The Signature line will end at the end of this year. Please visit our WIKI to see all the Signature and Endangered Webkinz that have been available.
If you are tempted by this or any other new Webkinz, please keep our partner store Ameriwade in mind. Ameriwade charges a flat shipping fee of $5 in the US ($8 in Canada), for any size order up to 8 Webkinz; and your credit card is not charged until your order ships.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Septembers Pom Pom Dino

chels101 has some exciting news to share with us! She is the first Webkinz Insider member to adopt the new September pet the Pom Pom Dino. Meet Perry, the Pom Pom Dino. Perry is getting ready to bounce on her PSI the Bouncy Cheerful Treadmill. The PSF for this pet is Polka Dot Cream Puffs.
If you are considering adding a new pet to your Webkinz family be sure to visit Webkinz Insiders Partner store AmeriwadeAmeriwade features a flat shipping rate (up to 8 webkinz) of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada. Your credit card will never be charged until your order ships. Ameriwade is now offering the October 2013 releases for presale!

Webkinz Insider member adopts Enchanted Goat

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member beth1775 on her adoption of the virtual Enchanted Goat! Pictured here is Prue looking dazzling in her very own PSI the Wise Enchanter Outfit! The outfit includes the Wise Enchanter Robe, Crown and Boots.
The Enchanted Goat is the latest addition to the Enchanted Elves Theme and is available in the Ganz Estore. The PSF for this pet is a Beguiling Bagel!

Webkinz Insider member adopts Neon Winged Zebra

A big huge congratulations to Webkinz Insiders own lazygal on being our first member to adopt the new Deluxe Advantage virtual only Neon Winged Zebra!! Pictured here is Honeymustard posing in front of his PSI the I Love Webkinz Sign. The PSF for this pet is Frosted Candy Flowers!
Virtual-only pets are available in the Ganz eStore. The Neon Winged Zebra is available at an introductory price of 10,000 estore points on September 1st and 2nd only so if you have been dreaming about this pet do not wait! The price will soon be going up!!

Sneak Peek at Three New Virtual-Only Webkinz!

Webkinz Newz is giving us a sneak peek at three upcoming virtual-only Webkinz that should be available for purchase soon at the Ganz eStore. First, looking like Frankenstein's monster, is a Halloween seasonal pet, the Zombie Bloodhound. Here he is with his Gift Box, Pet Specific item the Cobweb Couch and Pet Special Food the Frightening Fritter.
The other seasonal Halloween offering for this year is the Midnight Owl, released in August. Learn all about Halloween in Webkinz World in our WIKI.
If you're looking for a tenant for your Zodiac Theme room or your castle's laboratory, you might like the Enchanted Goat with its Gift Box. The PSI is a box of clothing, the three-piece Wise Enchanter Outfit. The PSF is the Beguiling Bagel.
Here is the bright green Neon Pallas Cat with its Gift Box, PSI Neon Futon and PSF Florescent Frozen Yogurt.  The Pallas Cat is a small Asian wildcat classified as Near-Threatened.

PSI and PSF for the Chinese Dragon, Orange Soda Pup and Groovy Gorilla!

Webkinz Newz is giving us a sneak peek at the virtual images for three of the new October pets. First is the Chinese Dragon showing its pet avatar, Gift Box, Pet Specific Item and Pet Special Food. The PSI is the Ancient Dynasty Trunk which will be a storage item. The PSF is called the Fire Spice Ramen.
Next is the Orange Soda Pup's pet avatar, gift box, PSI and PSF. The PSI will keep the food cool and fresh since it is the Soda Bottle Fridge. The PSF is the Sherbet Float.
Last but not least, is the Groovy Gorilla's pet avatar, gift box, PSI and PSF. Your pet will have lots of fun with this PSI: it's the Bongo Trampoline! and the PSF is the Boppin' Blueberry Shake.

Webkinz Insider Member adopts Buttons Bear and Signature Snow Leopard

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member fallenangels on being the first to adopt a Buttons Bearfallenangels new pet is called Puff, and is pictured here with their PSI, the Cute Quilting Table. The Buttons Bear's PSF is Stitched Up Cupcake. The Buttons Bear is a virtual-only pet available in the Ganz eStore.
fallenangels has also been lucky enough to add a Signature Snow Leopard to her family. Meet Snowcove who is enjoying a nap on their PSI, the Pristine Alpine Cave! The PSF for this pet is Cozy Cocoa!
If you're thinking of adding this or any other Webkinz to your collection, please remember our partner store Ameriwade. With Ameriwade, your credit card is not charged until your parcel is mailed, and there is a flat shipping rate of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada (up to 8 webkinz).

Sneak Peek of Buttons Bear and Neon Winged Zebra coming to the Estore soon

Will this new virtual only Buttons Bear leave you feeling blue? There is no doubt that this super cuddly, super cute pet will only leave you feeling warm and loved. This passionate new pet is always creating fun new items on their PSI, the Cute Quilting Table. The Buttons Bear's creativity even extends to it's baking with their adorable PSF, the yummy Stitched Up Cupcake.
Who is bright yellow, flashy and electric? Is it the Winged Electra Zebra? You are close! Meet the virtual only Neon Winged Zebra. This new pet is super social and spends it's free time hanging with friends under it's PSI the I Love Webkinz Sign. When this new pet has all those get-togethers with friends, they love to serve their PSF, the Frosted Candy Flowers!
Virtual-only pets are available in the Ganz eStore. Stay tuned for more details on how to obtain the Buttons Bear and the Neon Winged Zebra.

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