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New Pet

Sneak Peek of Pixie Bunny, Brown Sugar Pup and Enchanted Elephant

Charming does not even begin to describe the garden loving Pixie Bunny! This beautifully-adorned bunny enjoys hopping around, collecting food items to store in their PSI, the flowery Secluded Garden Cellar! Sharing and caring are two words to describe this new Pixie Bunny who loves to share their PSF, sweet Toffee Toadstools.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice including the Brown Sugar Pup! You will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen with this new pet and their PSI, the VERY smooth Professional Dessert Mixer! The Brown Sugar Pup loves to satisfy their sweet tooth with their PSF, sugary sweet Marbled Ice Cream.

Don’t we all want perfect karma? That is what you will achieve with the new Enchanted Elephant! This busy pet is always flying off to new places on their PSI, the Mystical Magic Carpet! The Enchanted Elephant loves hosting dinner parties and serving their PSF, Karmic Korma!
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Grumpy Cat is coming to Webkinz World

There is a very unhappy feline rolling into town who would like nothing better than to take away all this Valentine's cheer and put a damper on the festivities!!
Meet the Grumpy Cat!! This pessimistic pet will be hitting the shelves at retailers on March 1st, 2014!! Do you have to have this pet ASAP!! In an unusual move, Ganz will also be releasing this pet on none other than February 14th, 2014, in the GanzEstore. You will not be able to use points to purchase this pet. The Grumpy Cat will only be available via credit card. This Grumpy Cat is hoping to bring you down by spreading gloom on this most romantic day of the year.
Pictured above you will see the PSI for this crotchety cat, the Crotchety Cat Bed. The PSF for this pet is Bad-Tempered Tuna!
You may recognize this internet sensation!! The Grumpy Cat is well known around the internet for her cranky disposition and is one of the biggest cat celebrities of all time! Also known as "Tardar Sauce" this real life feline enjoys immense popularity!

Sneak Peek of Tartan Terrier

Are you looking for a playmate for your Webkinz Scottish Terrier? Well who better than the soon to arrive Tartan Terrier!!
Above you will see a Sneak Peek of the virtual estore exclusive Tartan Terrier and his "Scot" inspired items. This Celtic Pet is ready to don their bagpipes while dressed in their PSI, the Highlander Outfit! The PSF for this pet is a box of tempting Shortbread Biscuits! All of this will come wrapped up in a Tartan Terrier Package Box.
We do not yet know when this proud pet will come prancing into Webkinz World but we will let you know as soon as we do!

Webkinz Insider member adopts Carrots Bunny

SPRING is in the air . . . no wait, that's snow!
Regardless, Webkinz Insider member chels101 has brought a little Spring home in the form of this years Spring Celebration Pet!!
Meet Nibbles, the newest member of chels101's Webkinz family. Nibbles is pictured here with her PSI, the Springtime Clock. The PSF that this pet comes with is Carrot Cake Crepes.
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Enjoy your new pet chels101!! Please send some Spring my way!!

Webkinz Insider adopts Red Velvet Raccoon

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider's very own rachy39 for being the first to adopt February's Deluxe Advantage Exclusive Pet the Red Velvet Raccoon. Meet Ruby, pictured here with their PSI, the Luxurious Clock. The PSF that comes with this pet is Creamy Cocoa.
This new pet is the third member of the "Velvet Webkinz" and is a Promo Kinz, only available to Deluxe members. Be sure to stop by our WIKI to learn all about the Red Velvet Theme and Promo Pets.

Lovely Love Kitten, Ballet Pup, Blonde Dachshund and Whooo La La Owl coming to stores this January 2014

With the New Year fast approaching are you wondering what line up of pets we can expect to see in 2014? We can now bring you January 2014's pets. On the top left you will see the featured 2014 Valentine's Day pet, the Lovely Kitten. Beside this pet is the Ballet Pup for all our ballerina's past, present and future. On the bottom left whooo can you see? Why it is the Whooo La La Owl!! On the bottom right is the Blonde Daschund!
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WI Member wins Exclusive Stone Lion

A big huge congratulations goes out to Webkinz Insider member windcolors on being one of the ten lucky winners of the Exclusive Stone Lion!
Meet Spirit of Detroit, pictured here with his beautiful new PSI, the Rosy Rock Garden. The PSF for this pet is a delicious cup of Rosemint Tea. windcolors was lucky enough to win this new pet in a GanzWorld contest.Enjoy your new pet windcolors. He is a beauty!!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Swirly Curl Unicorn and Striped Cheeky Cat

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider Gift Coach valntom on the adoption of two of November 2013's new Webkinz pets.
Pictured on the left is valntoms new Swirly Curl Unicorn, Korker. Korker is pictured here with her PSI the Ribbons & Swirls Chest of Drawers. The PSF for this pet is the Cotton Candy Cone. valntom tells us that Korkers dresser can hold eight clothing items and can go both inside and outside.
Pictured on the right is Fruit Stripes, valntom's new Striped Cheeky Cat. Fruit Stripes is happily posing on her matching PSI, the Funky Striped Sofa. The PSF that brings joy to this new pet is the delicious Ribboned Pop.
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Webkinz Insider member adopts Octobers Signature Moose

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member BunnyRose for being the first to adopt the October Signature MooseBunnyRose has named her new Signature Moose BusinesMoose. BusinesMoose can be seen here exploring new heights on his PSI the Forest Ranger Tower. The PSF for this pet is the Maple Syrup Brownie. The Signature line will end at the end of this year. Please visit our WIKI to see all the Signature and Endangered Webkinz that have been available.
If you are tempted by this or any other new Webkinz, please keep our partner store Ameriwade in mind. Ameriwade charges a flat shipping fee of $5 in the US ($8 in Canada), for any size order up to 8 Webkinz; and your credit card is not charged until your order ships.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Septembers Pom Pom Dino

chels101 has some exciting news to share with us! She is the first Webkinz Insider member to adopt the new September pet the Pom Pom Dino. Meet Perry, the Pom Pom Dino. Perry is getting ready to bounce on her PSI the Bouncy Cheerful Treadmill. The PSF for this pet is Polka Dot Cream Puffs.
If you are considering adding a new pet to your Webkinz family be sure to visit Webkinz Insiders Partner store AmeriwadeAmeriwade features a flat shipping rate (up to 8 webkinz) of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada. Your credit card will never be charged until your order ships. Ameriwade is now offering the October 2013 releases for presale!

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