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New Pet

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Starry Stallion!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member SaddleClub on being the first to adopt the virtual Starry Stallion! This beautiful pet is named Sapphire and can be seen sitting on her Pet Specific Item, the Stargazing Deck! The Starry Stallion's Pet Special Food is the Starry Snacks.
This pet is not sold separately in the Ganz eStore, but only as part of select promotional bundles. It is currently available with the purchase of a 1 Year Deluxe Upgrade, until August 31, 2013.

Sneak Peek of Sequin Peacock and Flying Pig coming to the Estore soon

Beauty and elegance are abound with the new virtual only Sequin Peacock. After a long day preening this magnificent pet enjoys relaxing on their PSI, the Lavish Lounger. The Sequin Peacock has discriminating taste and enjoys fine dining with their PSF, the delectable Flan Flambe.
Have you ever heard the expression "When pigs fly"? It looks like those pigs will be flying in Webkinz World soon! Meet the Flying Pig. This is one pig that likes to stay squeaky clean by spending lots of time in it's PSI the Hogwash Shower. And when those hunger pains arrive this cute new pet munches on their PSF, the Far-Fetched Fajitas!
Virtual-only pets are available in the Ganz eStore. Stay tuned for more details on how to obtain the Sequin Peacock and the Flying Pig.

Sneak Peek of August 2013's Signature Snow Leopard PSI and PSF

Snow in August? Yes, that is the forecast this year! This August watch out for the new August 2013 Signature pet, the Signature Snow Leopard. When the temperatures drop you will find this new pet curled up in their PSI, their very own Pristine Alpine Cave! The PSF for this pet will definitely keep the chill out! It is Cozy Cocoa!
If you're thinking of adding this or any other Webkinz to your collection, please remember our partner store Ameriwade. With Ameriwade, your credit card is not charged until your parcel is mailed, and there is a flat shipping rate of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada (up to 8 webkinz).

Sneak Peek of August 2013's Lollipop Pups PSI and PSF

Candy lovers far and wide are going to have a lot in common with August 2013's Lollipop Pup. This "sweet" expert is all about the candy. In order to see all the sweets in just the right light, this candy collector comes complete with their PSI the Sugary Sweet Lollipop Lamp! The PSF for this pet is the delectable Polarberry Pop!
Please remember Webkinz Insiders partner store Ameriwade when you are considering your August 2013 Webkinz pet purchases. Ameriwade features a $5 flat shipping rate in the USA and an $8 flat shipping rate to Canada (up to 8 webkinz). Your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship!

Sneak Peek of Midnight Owls PSI and PSF

It looks like Ganz may be having a HOOT trying to confuse us with the release image for the new August 2013's  Midnight Owl's PSI and PSF. We may have to wait a little longer to see the virtual image for this pet but I can tell you about the PSI and the PSF. Shown above are the Midnight Owl's virtual items. This nocturnal flyer always gets hungry at night and enjoys snacking on it's PSF, Nightime Nibbles! The Midnight Owl always keeps a full supply of this wonderful snack in their PSI the Midnight Snack Fridge!
Please stop be Ameriwades when you are considering the purchase of a new Webkinz Plush! Ameriwade features a flat shipping rate (up to 8 webkinz) of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada. Your credit card will never be charged until your order ships.
UPDATE: The correct virtual image of the Midnight Owl has been provided.

Sneak Peek of PSI and PSF for the Banana Print Monkey

What theme would best suit a Banana Print Monkey? Would it be yellow? Would it be slippery? Would it be bouncy? Those are three ways to describe the new Webkinz August pet, the Banana Print Monkey's virtual items. This ready-for-fun, cute-as-a-button pet loves to chomp on their tempting PSF the Chocolate Dipped Bananas! The Banana Print Monkey never slows down. Even when they are supposed to be sleeping, they are bouncing on their PSI the Bouncy Banana Bed!
Ganz definitely has some cute pets planned for this August 2013. If any of them tickle your fancy and you do not want to be disappointed please watch for news of Ameriwades pre-sale! Ameriwade features a flat shipping rate (up to 8 webkinz) of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada. Your credit card will never be charged until your order ships.

Two new pets coming to Webkinz World this August - Signature Snow Leopard and Midnight Owl

When the lazy days of summer are well underway you may be thinking about a new Webkinz pet for your Webkinz World account. Meet two new August 2013 pets for you to choose from! Pictured above you will see the Signature Snow Leopard and a Halloween featured pet, the Midnight Owl.
When shopping for Webkinz pets please visit the Webkinz Insider retail partner AmeriwadeAmeriwade features flat shipping rate to the USA and Canada and your credit card will not be charged until your order ships.

Sneak Peek at Lady Ostrich and Diggity Dino for August 2013!

Webkinz Newz is bringing us a sneak peek at the first two pets being revealed for the month of August. These are both regular size plushie Webkinz!
On the left is the Lady Ostrich. She is the first ostrich made by Ganz, and joins a flock of many types of birds in Webkinz World, which you can see in our Birds and Flying Pets Collection by clicking HERE.
On the right is the Diggity Dino who joins a herd of Dinosaurs which can be seen in our WIKI.
If you are tempted by these or any other new Webkinz, please keep our partner store Ameriwade in mind. Ameriwade charges a flat shipping fee of $5 in the US ($8 in Canada), for any size order up to 8 Webkinz; and your credit card is not charged until your order ships.

Webkinz Insider member adopts June 2013's Signature Marble Cat

A big congratulations goes out to our wonderful gift coach valntom on the adoption of the new June 2013 Signature Marble Cat. You can see Mabel Rye posing on the left with their PSI, the Ancient Dig Site. valntom informs us that Mabel Rye is able to sit on many of the objects in her Ancient Dig Site. The PSF for this pet is Meowing Marble Cheesecake.
If you are finding this new Signature Marble Cat hard to resist then please be sure to visit AmeriwadeAmeriwade features a flat shipping rate (up to 8 webkinz) of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada. Your credit card will never be charged until your order ships.

Webkinz Insider member adopts June 2013's Curly Lion

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member aquahusky14 on the adoption of the Curly Lion! Pictured here is Curly Fries showing off his PSI, the Majestic Wardrobe! The PSF for this pet is Curly Fries just like aquahusky14's new pets name!
If you would like to add this pet or any other plush to your Webkinz family please stop by Webkinz Insiders partner store Ameriwade which features a flat shipping rate (up to 8 webkinz) of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada. Your credit card will never be charged until your order ships. All of the July 2013 pets are available for presale at Ameriwade right now! That includes the Blonde Cockapoo, Colorsplash Tiger, Pirate Parrot and the Signature Border Collie.

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