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Maintenance News

Webkinz World Network Upgrade Scheduled Tonight at 10 PM Eastern Time

It appears Webkinz World is planning a Network Upgrade tonight at 10 PM Eastern Time.  We will have to wait and see what this upgrade will bring us.
Here is the message posted on Webkinz World's Front Page:
UPDATE:  According to the Webkinz Newz, "A new way to cook, more places to explore, and special new furniture" are coming to Webkinz World this week.  Could this have something to do with this evening's maintenance?  Could the Tree Top theme finally be coming to Webkinz World?  We'll have to wait and see.

Curio Shop Programming Fixed, Time to Clear Your Cache

We are pleased to report that the programming for the Curio Shop appears to have been fixed.  It is no longer necessary to log out and log in to get the Rare item to show up for sale.  This is good news for all players, but it is great news for players with Deluxe accounts.
The programming changes Ganz made yesterday were designed to give Deluxe members an advantage in the Curio Shop.  Each hour, instead of having 12 items for sale in the Curio Shop, Deluxe members have 24 items for sale.  They have the 12 items that regular members can see plus an "extra" 12 items.  As a result, Deluxe members will also have an extra chance at getting a Rare item each day.
Here on Webkinz Insider, we will continue to bring you the latest Rare information as it becomes available.  You can find this information at the top of every page in Webkinz Insider, or you can find it on WI's Twitter account, WIDOTCOM.  When a Rare is coming that will only be available on Deluxe accounts, we will be certain to make a note of that, so everyone will know.
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If you are still having a problem with your account, please clear your internet browser's cache.  Here is a link to a set of instructions that will tell you exactly how to do that:  wikiHow

Webkinz World Update -- Clubhouse Emoticons, Supermodelz Back in Tournament

There have been many new things introduced into Webkinz World this morning, as a lot of our members are discovering and reporting. Thanks to all of our eyes and ears :)
One of the new features that have been introduced is a full explanation of how Deluxe accounts work. The Guide is located in the Front Page Index. Under the Deluxe heading is a secondary tab that explains pet adoptons and the benefits of more pets.
One of the theories we have long held to is that we would receive a Curio Shop Rare item from time to time in The Bonus Blue box and now, Ganz has formally acknowledged this.
Aside from this, we are seeing New Chat emoticons in the Kinzchat and Kinzchat Plus. Great new ways to express yourself.
And, we are pleased to report that Webkinz Supermodelz has returned to the Tournament area.
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New items expected to arrive in Webkinz World later this week

On the Webkinz Newz site, Ganz has announced that some new and exciting developments will happen later this week.
  • A new way to express yourself, in both KinzChat and KinzChat PLUS!
  • A new theme to decorate with — if you liked the Diner and Movie Magic themes, you’ll LOVE this one.
  • A new Super Bed — this one is bound to go Platinum!

We will bring you updates as soon as more information becomes available.

Top Scores Return to Webkinz World

After a very long period of time, it appears that the list of high scorers has made its way back to WW.  Thanks to WI member Mike1996 and many WI members who spotted it.
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Is it around to stay?  Lets hope so!
Many WI members are still reporting that they are not seeing this feature on their accounts.  Others have reported that while they had seen the high scores a few days back, they are no longer seeing them.

Ganz to Change Kinz Post Status for Master Chef Trophy

As you may recall, a few weeks ago, a few of our members won the WebkinzNewz contest and were awarded the Master Chef Trophy in Webkinz World. One of the moderators on our Webkinz Forums, Cynalot, was one of the winners and found that she could not Kinz Post the trophy to one of her other Webkinz accounts.  She has corresponded with the Webkinz Creative Director and he has assured her that the Master Chef Trophy will be allowed to be sent through Kinz Post after the next maintenance of Webkinz World.
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For those trophy collectors out there, this is great news as you'll be able to trade for one! (If you are lucky enough to find one, since there are only 10 known to exist in Webkinz World!)

Webkinz World Maintenance Starts Early, New eStore Advertisment Discovered

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It appears that the programmers at Ganz were eager to get to work on this evening's maintenance.  Instead of going down at 11:00pm EST, as Ganz had announced, the site went down at 10:20pm.  In Ganz' announcement they said the site should be back up at 6:00am on Saturday morning but that "actual down time may vary."  The Webkinz eStore is also currently closed for "important updates".


Before Webkinz World went down, Webkinz Insider member ClaraZ25 discovered a new advertisement for the eStore Points we told you about last week.  In this ad the eStore is called the "Ganz eStore" instead of the "Webkinz eStore".  Could this be an indication that Ganz is going to be changing the site's name?  The web address "" is currently redirecting to "".  


Check back here on Webkinz Insider tomorrow for information on all of the updates Ganz process tonight.

Webkinz World Maintenance Scheduled for Tonight/Tomorrow!

According to Kinzville Newz, the maintenance originally scheduled for last night in Webkinz World has been rescheduled for tonight, or perhaps the original message seen yesterday was referring to tonight! It appears the the eStore will be affected, as well, but they are extending the Surprise Saturday availability to make up for it. Usually when they schedule downtimes like this, significant changes are implemented.  Could this be the addition of "Zumwhere"?


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We are performing some important maintenance this weekend — both the Webkinz eStore and Webkinz World may be affected. The expected downtime is between 11pm EST on Friday, March 27 until 6am EST on Saturday, March 28. Actual downtime may vary - please be patient if the site is not back up immediately.

How does this affect the eStore? The Surprise Saturday line-up will be delayed, but the items will be available longer to make up for the time.
In other eStore news, have you been wondering what eStore points are? That question will be answered once we finish updating the eStore on April 1st. The update will interrupt our usual Webkinz Wednesday, but it will be extended until Thursday, and will include some additional products. We’ve got some exciting changes coming, so stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for more information. 

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