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Maintenance News

More clothing items retired?

Thanks to WI member jedibristow, there seems to be additional clothing items missing after last night's maintenance (along with the three mentioned earlier):
So far, the clothing items missing (and have more than likely retired) are:
Basketball shoes
Berry Fresh Swimsuit Top
Berry Fresh Swimsuit Bottom
Cool Sport Shades
Purple T-shirt
Brown Polo Shirt
Red Football Jersey
Royal Crown
Snowboarding Toque
Stone Washed Jeans
Yellow Sneakers
In addition, Webkinz News is mentioning that two clothing items have been moved to the Curio Shop, but the rest won't be back.  We'll have to wait and see which two items appear in the Curio Shop!
On the 17th, the Berry Fresh Swimsuit Top and the Berry Fresh Swimsuit Bottom appeared in the Curio Shop. Thanks to zingzinger and COWS4YOU for the info

New Clothing Machine and Kinzstyle Outlet in Webkinz World

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Early maintenance has given us the answer to the question we have all been asking -- What's the new area? What the Webkinz Newz site had given us a clue to, earlier this week, about Bursting at the seams to tell us and warning us to not 'get hot under the collar' about what they had 'up their sleeves' is a NEW Kinzstyle outlet complete with a Clothing recycling machine.
PJ Collie is our new shop manager for this place located in the Tabs under Kinzstyle Outlet. She will have sales on clothing items regularly and also manages a fantastic machine that works on the same principle as the stoves where three clothing items are placed into the machine and you hit the 'make it now' button. If the combination is correct, you will receive a new piece of clothing. A random jumble will create a piece of patchwork clothing that your pet may wear, which sells at the W-shop for 23 KC.
Also, I will report at this time that three pieces of clothing appear to be missing from the inventory. They are the Red Football shirt, Stone washed denims and yellow sneakers. If you have these pieces in your WW closet, save them. It appears as though they have been retired.
PJ Collie also has a new line of clothing, 7 items in all. Wing Tipped shoes, Rainbow Striped pants, Purple kilt, purple beanie, Powder blue skirt, Dapper vest and shirt and Applique Ripcord pants.
So, try your luck with the new machine and tell us what combinations you have created. Thanks to member, eyeluvdogs5, we have a sample solution found in the instructions for you to try that makes a FINE denim jacket.
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Moon Lamp Officially Retires

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With yesterday's announcement that the Space Theme is retiring from the wShop to the Curio Shop, Ganz has announced on their Webkinz Newz site that the Moon Lamp will be officially retiring.  That means this item will be the only item from this theme that wiill not be returning to the Curio Shop.

Webkinz News announces a NEW Superbed

Webkinz News has announced that we now have a new Superbed.
It is an outdoor only but can be put in the Garden and in the Treetop rooms. This is a wonderful bed with a ladder reaching up to a Treehouse with a thatched roof.
You receive Super Bed Boxes with your 10th, 15th, 20th and every 5th adoption, thereafter.
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Space Theme officially retired - New Wheel of WOW prizes

After a lengthy maintenance, some of our members have had a sneak peek in their accounts. It seems we are missing the Space Themed items and we have TWO NEW Wheel of WOW prizes!!
Say goodbye to these items and Hello to the TWO Awesome new Wheel prizes. A Hat and a Jacket.
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Thank you to Bflyangel and Kinzuser2523 for their eagle eyes.
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WW down for some members

Many members throughout our forum are unable to logon to Webkinz World.  Perhaps this is due to maintance.  In the meantime, enjoy our forum at WI, or visit our sister sites at Free Realm Insider and Bearville Insider

Webkinz World Maintenance Tonight

Just a little reminder to let our members know that Webkinz World is scheduled for network upgrade at 10 PM Eastern Time. :) 

Zingoz Celebration announced and Second Half of Treetop Furniture arrives

Webkinz World went under maintenance briefly this morning.  And when it returned, we were all very excited to see the new updates.
There is a new log in page:
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  • The Zingoz Celebration will run from July 25th to July 31st.  During these 7 days, the Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy will come out of retirement, and there will be floating Wacky's to click to get a prize.
  • Deluxe Members can now do an extra job every day at the Employment Office.
  • And more talk has been added to KinzChat PLUS!
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New Treetop furniture arrives in Webkinz World

Webkinz World members with Asian accounts were pleasantly surprised by a sneak preview of the much anticipated Treetop furniture briefly this morning, when some were able to log into their accounts and provide us with some images of the new items to be released into Webkinz World.
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We are able to see 8 new furniture pieces for Treetop yards.  (Click Read More)
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Go Go Googles returns to the Arcade

Thank you to KevinELevin for bringing to our attention that Go Go Googles is back in the Webkinz Arcade!  It is not available in the Tournament Arena.
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Go Go Googles was taken off for a short time as was Color Storm, but returned with this mornings maintenance (Color Storm has not returned).  (Read more)
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