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Maintenance News

New Kid's Theme now complete.

For those of you looking to complete your new kids room, the new Kid's Play TV that we had been seeing in the ads is finally available in the W-Shop.
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NEW Bratty Zumwhere Furniture in Z-Shop

Thanks to the keen eyes of some of our members, Kiyoshi and Funkyc63, we have news of an update in Zumwhere. There have been 6 new items of furniture added as well as a Wallpaper and floors to update your Zum rooms. These are available in the Z-Shop when you go to visit your Zumbuddies in Zumwhere. In order to go and play in Zumwhere you have to activate the code for Zumbuddy pals. These are available at our Webkinz Insider Partner Store, Ameriwade.
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NEW Game in Tournament Arena, Duck Crossing, PVP only

The maintenance has brought us some GREAT surprises so far. The new Game is a Player Vs Player game in the Tournament Arena. You build a maze with your duck and try to get to the other side. You can't trap your opponent. Thank You BinkyBohBoh for playing with me.
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*UPDATE* Kid's theme retires, New 'Kid's theme' in its place, New Superbed

During this early morning a couple of our Webkinz Insider members Pollywog and Elefancy were really fortunate to get on to Webkinz World and tell us about the new theme that we were promised.
Today we say goodbye to the Kid's theme which was the standard set of furniture when you first adopted your first pet. It will be fascinating to see what it is replaced with in adoptions. However we DO know what it is being replaced with in the W-shop. The New theme is called 'Kid's Theme' just as the old one was. The New Superbed is called 'Explorer's bed' with a globe underneath, saddle bags on the side and a flashlight to keep you lit at night. We have no real answers as to whether the Kids theme is permanent or relegated to the Curio Shop. That news should come in later today, But here is the Twitter statement on this 'It'll be gone, no time to think of consequences.
 ~*~ WARNING, do not place wallpaper and Floors of New theme. They are showing as BLUE ~*~
As of January 12th, 6pm, the walls and floors load properly
For now, here is a picture of this new 'Kid's theme' and the New Superbed!
*Update* Thank you to WI member Ginny for providing the first in-room pictures of the new Explorer Bed!

Webkinz Day Countdown Clock Exclusive Item now displays Correctly

webkinz cheats For those of you who have a Webkinz Day Countdown Clock Exclusive Item, you will be pleased to know that after this morning's maintenance, it is now displaying the correct days counting down to Webkinz Day in April.
Shortly after its introduction into Webkinz World this year, this Exclusive had unpredictable behavior and countdown days caused confusion as it was not consistent.

Thank you to WI member beth1775 for noticing this update today.

Polarberry Jam arrives in Arcade and New POTM item after Maintenance

Webkinz World returned from Maintenance with the new exciting Polarberry Jam added to the Webkinz Arcade.
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A new Pet of the Month item has also been included - Carnival Carousel.
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Santakinz arrives in WW after maintenance plus other updates!

Webkinz World returned from maintenance this morning with fabulous new updates in preparation for the festive season.

The Santakinz Room is the new room in the Webkinz Clubhouse which replaced the Sports Room.  Webkinz World players can take their pet to visit Santakinz between December 1st through to December 24th and choose a gift from the three options available which will be delivered to you on Christmas Day - you must remember to log on to Webkinz World on December 25th in order to receive your prize.
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Click "Read more" for tons more Webkinz World Christmas additions!
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Surprise! Kinzville Park is Re-opened in Webkinz World! ~ Updated

As many of you know, Kinzville Park was originally opened last Wednesday, October 28th, and shortly closed for improvements. Well, for those of you who missed it, log back in to Webkinz World, it's been re-opened and it's ready for everyone!
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All of a sudden, members started noticing that Kinzville Park was open this afternoon!
As detailed in our previous article: "Webkinz can slide, go for a walk, swing, play games by the pond, BBQ, or sit by the campfire. Kinzchat is available and there is tons of room. There will be more features added to the park in the future."
And, when you're in the park, keep an eye out for Mr. Moo and his Ice Cream Cart.  Ganz has announced that he'll be passing out special ice cream flavors to park visitors.  For more information on Mr. Moo and for help finding him, please check out WI's Official Mr. Moo Tracking Thread HERE.
Since we're all learning about Kinzville Park in bits and pieces like you are, please feel free to add what you know to our Wiki Article for the Kinzville Park. Let's all work together to gather and organize as much information as possible -- Kinzville Park - Webkinz Insider Wiki.
Thursday evening Update on Webkinz Newz:

We are continuing to make updates and fixes to the Kinzville Park. While our fixes have made the park faster and more stable, we still have improvements to make. While this is happening the Park will continue to only be open at certain times. To help you know when the park is open, we will begin posting “Open” announcements here on Webkinz Newz.

Currently, the Kinzville Park is closed.

New Super Chef Room in Clubhouse + New Super Secret Recipes!

Along with all of the new items in Webkinz World this morning we have an introduction to a NEW Clubhouse room. This is the SUPER CHEF room.
This room is meant to try out recipes combining existing solved recipes to make NEW "Super-Secret" recipes and try out and make "traditional" recipes. The instructions also provide a sample recipe using gak to try and see what you can create with that.

It's Halloween in Webkinz World, New Vampire Costume!

Maintenance is over and has brought a few surprises to Webkinz World!
The Halloween 2009 items are here! Making a reappearance from 2007 is the Haunted Organ, which is not interactive, but very cool, costing 1500 KC! The 3 new costumes can be found in The KinzStyle Outlet and the newest unannounced costume is the Vampire Costume. All Items for the Halloween theme and costumes will only be available until the 1st of November.
We fully expect that there will be a "second set" of Halloween items to be released later in October.

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