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Maintenance News

Webkinz World Updates Expected Sometime in March

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that they will be making some updates to Webkinz World during the month of March:
  • A new game is going to be added to the Arcade.  It's a sequel to a current game.  We bet our members will be "hopping" with excitement over it when it arrives.
  • An old, previously retired, game is going to be coming back to the Arcade.  Could it be Skater Kat?  Dashing Dolphin?  Jazz Monsters?  We'll just have to wait and see.
  • A "special St. Patrick's Day event" is also coming.  This is the first year Ganz has released seasonal Webkinz for this holiday, and it looks like they've decided to celebrate in Webkinz World too.
  • Ganz is also making some changes to the Communal Contest.  They've admitted that last week's contest was too difficult, and they want to make improvements.  Have some ideas for how they can make this feature better?  Head on over to the Feedback page and let Ganz know.

Maintenance Creates New POTM Glitch: System Awarding Duplicate Prizes

Many of our users who have all of the Pet of the Month exclusive items, except the carousel have discovered that after adopting their White Terriers, they are getting a duplicate of a POTM they already own instead of the new POTM item.
According to information on the Webkinz World login under Bulletinz and then Questions about Pet of the Month? Read This... it states this:
1)What do you get for adopting a Pet of the Month?
When you finish adopting your Pet of the Month, and you go to your pet's room, you will receive a Loot Bag. Click on the Loot Bag and it will open to reveal your prizes! You will receive:
  1. One random*** Pet of the Month Item not available anywhere else!
  2. One of our latest special recipe foods. Many of these recipes are still undiscovered!
  3. A W-Shop Coupon to use however you'd like
  4. Between 500 and 1000 KinzCash as a special bonus!
Note: If you adopt multiple pets at the same time, you MUST select each pet from the My Pets page to get their Loot Bag.
***SPECIAL NEWS FOR COLLECTORS: If you adopt multiple Pet of the Month pets on the same account, you will NOT receive duplicates! We will look at your account, find an item you don't have, and award it to you! Note that if you sell or trade an item, you won't have it anymore, so you may get it again. Also, if you have all of items, you will of course get a duplicate.
We advise all players planning on adopting a White Terrier
this month to hold off until this glitch has been fixed.

*UPDATE* Kinzville Park re-opened

Kinzville Park is now re-opened!
Many of our dedicated trash collectors have discovered, much to their dismay, that the Kinzville Park is closed for improvements. We have no idea when the park will re-open for access, but we will update as soon as we have word.

Ganz Changes Trash Recycling Programming Again

 webkinz cheats
It appears that at some point during the day on Thursday, the programming for the Recycling feature in the Kinzville Park was changed again.  Actually, for those of you who have been following this story, the programming seems to have been changed back to the "old" way.  In order to help our members get the most out of this feature, here is a quick summary of the way things seem to be working now.
Every five minutes, trash appears in the park.  How much trash there is depends on how many pets are in the park.  The more pets there are, the more trash there is, but there is also more competition.  Once the trash shows up, there is a mad scramble as pets run around trying to snatch up the trash.  This is where players with faster computers/internet have an advantage.
Clearly Ganz is tinkering with the system, trying to make this feature fair and enjoyable for all players.  We will continue to keep you updated as more information is revealed.

Maintenance in Webkinz World tomorrow morning 10am til 11am EST

UPDATE:  11:30am ET, Webkinz World is Back Up!
The Webkinz World Log In page is sporting a Maintenance sign stating that tomorrow morning (February 18, 2010) there will be a maintenance scheduled for a one hour period between 10am and 11am EST (KT).
This may mean that the rare offered tonight will be reset in all zones and a new offer or rare will be rescheduled if the maintenance goes longer than the pre-scheduled time alloted. This could also skew the sales for that time period.
The big question is what are they doing in there this time? Party Prizes? Kinzville Clean trash? Mr. Moo returns? Fix the issues with the new themed Fridges? (both the New Kid's Colorful Fridge and the New Frozen Stasis Fridge). Webkinz Insider will keep you posted.
webkinz cheats

Rest of Galaxy Theme Added in Webkinz World

A surprise maintenance greeted members this morning in Webkinz World, which means no Colossal Movie Screen for regular members.  However, the rest of the Galaxy theme was added to the wShop!
webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats
Hopefully, non-deluxe members will get another chance at the Colossal Movie Screen soon!

Mr. Moo Missing from Kinzville Park *UPDATE*

Originally submitted by FIA on Thu, 02/04/2010 - 7:17pm.
webkinz cheatsBased on the reports from Webkinz Insider members over the past two days, it appears that Mr. Moo has abandoned his Ice Cream Cart in the Kinzville Park.  Something about yesterday's maintenance must have scared him off, because we haven't had a single report of any member being able to buy ice cream since the update.  
Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to figure out what is keeping him away soon and Webkinz Players will be able to pick up some tasty ice cream.
webkinz cheats
As most of you know, yesterday Ganz added "Clean Up" feature to the Kinzville Park in which players pick up trash to earn special prizes.  For more information on this feature, including help finding trash, and instructions on what to do when you find it, please visit the Clubhouse section of our forum, HERE.
UPDATE (Friday, 2:05pm ET):  Mr. Moo has been found!  It appears that Mr. Moo has finished with his mini-vacation and is back in the Kinzville Park selling Ice Cream.  For help finding Mr. Moo on your account, please check out WI's official tracking thread, HERE.

*update* Help Clean up Kinzville Park -- New Game in Webkinz World!

As we have all heard from previous Webkinz Newz articles, we are being asked to do our part to help keep Kinzville park clean. As promised, the new game was added to Webkinz World this morning!
When you go to the Recycle bins in the park, you will now see a sign that asks you to help keep the park clean. As you are helping to keep the park clean you will receive items as rewards for the work you accomplish. You also have a 'Green Score Ranking' that enables you to see what prizes you will get as you work toward those goals.
UPDATE: For those of you collecting trash and able to get it to recyclers, make sure you are putting the right trash in the right bins. If you put other recyclables into the compost you LOSE points.
UPDATE:  Ganz has released the following statement about finding trash:  Hint about Cleaning Up the Park: The more people in a park, the more garbage that will be created.
Read More
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NEW Out of this WORLD theme, Exclusive retirements, New Exclusives, More

The Scheduled Wednesday maintenance is over and we have a lot of news to report. There are 5 new exclusive items in Webkinz World! However, with new exclusives, we also have a few exclusives that have headed into retirement.
Ganz has retired the Prismatic chair, W-pond, Wishing well, Magic Carpet and the Cukoo Cat clock. The brand-new exclusives are a New Antique well, an Arcade Marquee, a Bulldozer, a Topsy Turvey Window and lastly, the Red Plasma Ball that we had seen on Webkinz Newz.
Along with the introduction of these new exclusives we also have a new "out of this world" theme in the wShop. It looks as though we have a partial installation and may expect more at a later maintenance date. It will pair up well with the Signature German Shepherd's Puppy Command Control Command Station.
Thank you to Wiiboy829 from our Webkinz Forum for the pictures from his account.
Click the image to open in full size.

Webkinz World Maintenance Scheduled for Wednesday Morning

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that Webkinz World will be closed for maintenance from 5am Eastern Time to 9am Eastern Time on Wednesday morning.  They've also revealed that the new wShop theme to be added to Webkinz World is a "new SPACE theme" called "Galaxy Collection".  One if the new items in this theme, the "Navigation Control Center", was revealed on the Webkinz Newz.  And, don't forget that three new Exclusives, including the Red Plasma Ball, should be arriving in Webkinz World tomorrow.
Earlier this week Ganz announced that a "Keeping the Park Clean" feature and a new "community-oriented feature" would be added to Webkinz World this month.  We don't know if these two new features will show up tomorrow, or sometime later this month, but either way, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting updates!

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