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Maintenance News

New Zumbuddy activities and furniture

A new video in Webkinz World has revealed a purpose behind the Zumbuddy Babysitting Contest last weekend.
Now we can hold interactive Zumbuddy parties in our Zum rooms with an additional game to play. When the party bar is full, click on it and start the party. Pop the balloons to get awesome zummies to buy the NEW furniture that is available for your Zums or furniture in your pet's room. Your babysitting task is finished when all of your Zums fall asleep.
To find more information on Zumbuddies, head over to the WIki and read all about them.
Here is the New furniture that is available in the Zum Shop for your Zumbuddies:
Zippy Zum Dining Table, Zippy Zum Dining Chair, Zippy Toy Chest, Zippy Statue, Planter and Zippy Zum Portrait.

New Competition in Stadium

Thank you to Webkinz Insider Members, Prrety11 and Shadowy we can report that we have a new event in the Stadium, Webkinz Running. So far it looks like a quick event as well as a scheduled event.
The story from Prrety11 as translated from the sneak peek page is this:
The webkinz stadium is a fantastic place where your webkinz can show off their talents. Fred Rover is very excited to announce new competitions!
If your webkinz likes to run and go to the strength class, these things are just perfect! You can watch the competitions and see the best runners win.
Enter your pets in the competition today at 2pm KT.
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Webkinz Insider Member Wins Balloon Darts Hoodie

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider member prrety11 for sharing this picture with us of the new Balloon Darts Zip Up Hoodie she won on her account today.  This is a brand new prize to the Balloon Darts activity.
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Just after Midnight this morning we learned that Ganz was going to be adding new prizes to the Daily Activities.  So far we have seen the Magic W Shades on the Wheel of WOW.  We're keeping our eyes peeled for the PJ Collie Plush and Purple Grapes that were mentioned in the article.

New Prizes Added to Webkinz World *UPDATE*

Shortly after Midnight, Eastern Time, members got to see the new front page. It is very exciting to have new Prizes to be won!  
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UPDATE:  The Magic W Shades are a new Wheel of WOW prize!  
Thank you to Webkinz Insider member funkyc63 for this picture of the new shades on her account.

Customizable Pet Portrait Background for Deluxe Members

webkinz cheatsThis morning after maintenance a few of our Deluxe members received letters from Furry Friends in Webinz World, notifying them about the New Customizable background for your pet portraits!
There are 11 backgrounds to choose from, going from plain to fantasy. Under your pet there should be a small icon that brings up the scroll selector. Which will you choose?
At the end of this month, starting August 31st, the Deluxe Annual Plus Membership will be available, as we mentioned last week. As you know, the costs associated with it will be the $45 annual Deluxe Membership fee, plus $5.00 for each "bonus" account added to the membership.  These bonus accounts will enjoy all of the perks and benefits of being a deluxe member, except for the eStore points, and the Super Deluxe Item.
NOTE:  According to the Webkinz Newz, up to four bonus accounts can be added for each full membership purchased.  According to the Kinzville Times, up to five bonus accounts can be purchased.
UPDATE: We can confirm that the Webkinz Newz numbers are correct, only four bonus accounts can be added for a total of 5 accounts (1 main account plus 4 sub-accounts).

New Dance Studio Theme and New Superbed Added to Webkinz World

Now that maintenance is over, we have a new theme in the wShop -- the Dance Studio theme. So far only 7 pieces are in the collection, with the rest of the theme arriving in the wShop in 2 weeks. The Wallpaper, flooring and Studio Long Mirror are 250 KC, the Dance Studio Locker is 600 KC, Dancer's Stetching bar 350 KC, Musical notes 150 KC and 'two right paws' poster is 50 KC.
The New Superbed is called Night Light Flowerbed. The Preview shows it in room, it also fits in an outdoor or Treetop environment.

Stadium Not loading July 21st, Post Maintenance

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We have had numerous complaints that the Stadium has not been loading. Even after numerous attempts to Clear Internet History or Cache, the stadium still refuses to load. It is not with just one type of browser, either, it is with browsers IE7 and Firefox.
Several of our members have made calls to Webkinz Customer support and they have been saying they are aware of the glitch. Hopefully we will see a resolution to this very soon and Webkinz Insider will keep you updated.
If you have a complaint about the Stadium, call 1-866-WEB-KINZ (Please remember that they will only accept calls from people 18 years of age and older)

Webkinz World Login Page Layout Change

Among many other changes this morning there was also a change to the Front Page layout for Webkinz World Login. The member login button swaps back and forth between the left and right instead of in the middle and they have pared down the tabs. Now the center of the log in page is not obscured by the entry port.
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What do you think of the new layout?

New Webkinz Stadium Features!

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member, BalletDancer97 for gathering this information -- The Webkinz Stadium has undergone a serious change. Scrolling marquees now tell us when the next event is scheduled, the Pet Entry is under Fred Rover, and there is now a Deluxe Option for Deluxe members in the Stadium Events.
There is also a new event on board called the Quick Event where you compete against 20 other participants. You still have to have training in the Kinzville academy to enter, but these new events are no trophy winners. Instead they have quick results and the top three winners split the entry fees.
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UPDATE Soccer theme BACK - New Green Leaf Theme!

Maintenance for Wednesday is over and we have new items. Unfortunately, it seems to have knocked out the Soccer theme that was supposed to be available until July 20th.
UPDATE from Ganz:  "The Beautiful Game (aka Soccer) theme Has been returned and is now available in the W-shop Categories section under the FIFA Swoosh.
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The new theme is the Green Leaf theme in the Wshop right now. As per the norm, we see half of the theme today and the other half after next maintenance.
The current items in the new theme are:
  • Beyond Belief Cactus 180 KC
  • Green Leaf Flooring 250 KC
  • Green Leaf Toy Box 300 KC
  • Green Leaf Wall paper 250 KC
  • Green Tea and Coffee Table 325 KC
  • Nature's Hug Leaf Rug 330 KC
  • Nature's Re-leaf Chair 220 KC
  • Moral Floral Sofa 850 KC

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