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Maintenance News

Webkinz World Closed for Repairs, Friday Afternoon *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatsJust before 1:30pm Eastern Time today we started getting reports that players were getting kicked out of Webkinz World and were unable to log back on.  Now, at 2:15pm Eastern Time, Ganz has released the following statement:
"Webkinz World is currently experiencing some problems logging in users.  We are currently fixing the problem.  Please be patient as we work to get Webkinz World back up and running.  Thank you for your patience!  --Your Furry Friends at Webkinz World"
We don't yet know what the reason for this maintenance is, or how long it will last, but as soon as that information is revealed, we will bring it to you here.
UPDATE:  3:08pm Eastern Time, Servers are back up!
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Daily Activity "Reset" Time Changed During Last Maintenance

webkinz cheatsSince Webkinz World's site maintenance last Wednesday we have been getting reports from all over the forum that the Daily Activities are not getting "reset" on player accounts.  Players attempting to spin the Wheel of WOW, visit the Wishing Well, etc, are getting a message that they've already taken their turn, even if it is the first time they've logged on that day.
By comparing player reports we have determined that accounts are getting "reset" but that reset is no longer happening at Midnight KinzTime.  All accounts are now being reset after 10am Eastern Time, which coincides with Midnight KinzTime on Asian accounts.  This change appears to be related to Ganz doing away with the nightly shut down of Webkinz World for site maintenance.  
Those of you who do your Daily Activities at the same time every day should not notice any difference.  If you need help figuring out when your account resets, please visit our "Time Zone Chart", HERE.

New Studio items in W-shop for Halloween

For our Movie making buffs we have some wonderful news. There are two new actors and a new Studio Playset added to the Toys and Games category of the W-Shop -- A Werewolf and a Vampire to go with a spooky Dark Woods Movie Set.
They appear to be available all the time and not just seasonally, so you have plenty of time to make your Twilight Saga stories with your Movie Studio. For more information on Items in Webkinz World, check out our information in the WIki.
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New Prizes in Z-Shop

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New Prizes are available in the Webkinz World Z-Shop this morning!
  • Cloudy Bathtub
  • Zummies Ball Pit
  • Framed Field Sketch
  • Zumwhere Sign Post
For more infromation Zumbuddies and their items, please check out our WIki.

New Lunch Bag Food for Recess at Kinzville Academy

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In the What's New part of the Kinzville Times, you will see an announcment about how busy the cooks at the Kinzville Academy have been. It seems that the bag lunches were getting a might bland so they have added new items to the menu. Be prepared to be wowed by the new items that include such tasty treats as: Jumbleberry Juice Box, H2O to Go, Chocolate Chalk, Hopscotch Gummies, Silver Scholar Pancakes, and Cream of Ivy Leek Soup.
The bag lunches are a treat that you get once you have been at recess. Recess is a reward of 4 games to play for completing 15 full days of subjects at the Kinzville Academy.  To find out more about the Kinzville Academy recess, subjects and prizes, check out our WIki

New Zum Furniture added to Z-Shop

Zumbuddy owners be sure to check out the Z-Shop this morning. They have added 5 new items to make your Zumbuddies more comfortable. New Tricky Zum items have been added to the categories for you to decorate your Zum rooms with.
A Tricky Zum Lounger, Sofa, Tea Table, Candelier and Waterfall.
Everyone will be happy to know that the Waterfall is animated.
For more information on Zumbuddies, please check out our WIki.
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Two New Items Added to Webkinz World wShop

During this morning's site maintenance, two new items were added to the Webkinz World wShop:  Sample Styles Cabinet and Cold Flames Cauldron.
The Sample Styles Cabinet is a Wallpaper/Flooring storage unit.  It's an item that MANY Webkinz World players have been asking for.  Now we can finally clear those items out of our docks!  Each cabinet holds up to nine Wallpaper/Floors.
The Cold Flames Cauldron is a fridge that holds up to six food items.  This is a seasonal Halloween item, so if you want one for your account, don't delay.  After Halloween there won't be any way to predict when this item may be available again.
To see all of the Storage solutions, check out our WIki.

Zumthings New in Zumwhere

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Gdfgjbg we can see some new items in the Zumwhere catalog to buy with your Zummies that you collect when you find the Zums in Zumwhere. They are a Bratty Zum Bobblehead, Zumwhere Lightbox, a Field couch to match the Field chair currently in the catalog and an awesome rainbow slide!
To find out more about Zumwhere and how to get these prizes, visit our Webkinz WIki.
File:7206.gifThumbnail for version as of 15:36, 29 September 2010

Hamsters finish move to Webkinz 2D

Thank you to Webkinz Insider Member Prrety11 we have pictures of the hamsters out of their habitat. They have now gone 2D as well as 3D. Twice the fun in one small package.
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Your Hamsters now have a Bio, a birthdate, can be dressed and fed and can compete in Stadium events. The only drawback is that you still require a Webkinz World account to register your Hamster and it does not extend your account.
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The special clothing for the seasonal Hamsters, Spooky and Nick, are now actual clothing items that can be removed.  Sorry, but these items can't be traded.
To find out more about Mazin Hamsters, check out our WIki.
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New Furniture and Clothing for Halloween

After maintenance today there were some new items added to both the Kinzstyle shop as well as to the W-shop for Halloween. In PJ Collie's you will find a complete Red Ninja Costume as well as an X-ray full body costume.
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  • Red Ninja Mask 85 KC
  • Red Ninja Costume 250 KC
  • Red Ninja Shoes 50 KC
  • Xray Costume 300 KC
Also in the W-shop we see new items, not seen before for Halloween. We have a new bed called the Cursed Cradle, a Monster Claw Door and a Tomstone called the Ghastly Grave.
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  • Cursed Cradle is 1313 KC (unusual price, don't you think?)
  • Ghastly Grave 1013 KC
  • Monster Claws Door 1331 KC
Please visit our WIki for more information on Halloween items in Webkinz World.

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