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Holiday News

Ganz Markets Lil Kinz in "Happy Holidays" Bags

webkinz cheatsWhile most of us are still sorting out our Halloween candy, retailers are already getting ready for the Christmas shopping season.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member I LOVE KINZCOIN for letting us know that this year Ganz is marketing Lil Kinz pets in special "Happy Holidays" bags.  Here you can see a picture of the Polar Bear he purchased.
Just like with the Valentine, Easter, and Halloween bags we have seen in the past, the pets have their regular adoption codes, but the bags DO NOT have a code of their own.  They are simply a cute way of turning a Lil Kinz pet into a special holiday gift.

2010 Halloween Gifts, Halloween Badges, Halloween Cards

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Many of you have been asking questions about what happened in Webkinz World on Halloween.  Based on the reports we have gathered from our members here on Webkinz Insider, here's what we know.
  • Halloween Gifts - If you logged on to Webkinz World on Halloween and you didn't get your Halloween Gift, you must call Ganz and ask them to give it to you.  The gifts were awarded after Halloween had passed on the Asian accounts, so all Asian account holders missed their gifts.  Customer Service Reps at Ganz have been fantastic in dealing with these calls, dropping the missing items directly into players docks. 
  • Halloween Badges - The MyPage Badge that was given out to players who logged on to Webkinz World for Halloween 2010 is the same badge that was given out in 2009.  If you got the badge in 2009 and didn't get any sort of badge notification in 2010, it's because you already had the badge from before.
  • Halloween Cards - Ganz did not send out any 2010 Halloween Cards, so those of you who are asking about the cards should know that you're not missing out on anything that any other players got.  
If you need to speak to Ganz about your account, please click HERE to view our Contact Ganz page.

Time Running Out for Hamster Halloween Maze, Trophy, and Room

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If you haven't yet played the Halloween Hunt maze set in the Mazin' Hamster feature, won your Halloween Hunt Trophy, or built/purchased a Halloween Room on your account, time is running out.  Halloween disappeared from the rest of Webkinz World on Monday, and it is going to be leaving the Hamster area on Thursday, November 4.  Just like with other seasonal Webkinz items, there is no way to predict if/when these items will return.
For more information on the Mazin' Hamster feature, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki.

Webkinz Insider Announces November Contest: Name That Turkey!

webkinz cheatsIn the past we've run contests in which we've asked you to select a name for a particular Webkinz pet. This month we're going to do things a little bit differently. One of the members of our staff decorates the outside of her home for the American Thanksgiving, and one of her decorations needs a name.

The picture on the left is of a six foot tall "air blown" Turkey that hangs out on the roof of this staff member's home during the month of November. In the past he has simply been referred to as "The Turkey", but now he needs a name of his own. 

Do you have the perfect Turkey name?  Please visit the Official Contest Thread (Click HERE) to post your suggestion.  Three (3) winners will receive Pilgrim Hats and fifteen (15) more winners will receive Vampire Wigs.  Be sure to read the contest rules before you post your entry.
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"Fall Harvest" Items Arrive at Ganz eStore

In addition to the "First of the Month" Deluxe items we told you about last week, Ganz also has a number of "Fall Harvest" items for sale at the Ganz eStore today.  Some of these items were introduced with the Halloween items last month, but some are new.  According to the eStore description, these items will only be for sale until Thanksgiving.
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In other eStore news, congratulations to Webkinz Insider member scottashley on his adoption of "Rocky" the Betta Fish.  Here you can see Rocky posing with his Pet Specific Item, the Fins of Stone Punching Bag.  The Pet Special Food for the Betta Fish is Mosquito Burrito.

Halloween Gifts appearing in Euro and North America, not Asia

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We have been receiving reports that we are now getting the Halloween Gift Bags in the American accounts as well as the European accounts. Unfortunately as it is November 1st in Asia. account holders might have to call Ganz head office to get their bags.  Trick or Treat badges show up in accounts that did not get one last year. It is the same badge.  Enjoy your packages, everyone, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
GANZ phone number is 1-866-WEB-KINZ Please note that they will only accept calls from adults (18 years old or older).
UPDATE (Monday):  Based on reports in our forum this morning, it appears that the Customer Service Reps at Ganz are being very helpful in getting players their missing items.  Our members are reporting having the missing items dropped directly into their docks while they are on the telephone with Ganz.
If you are trying to get through to Ganz on the phone regarding your missing Halloween gift, please be patient.  We understand that the number has been ringing busy most of the morning.  When you get through, please remember to be polite.  The Customer Service Reps have no control over what happened this weekend.  Their only concern is making sure you get the items that belong to you today.
If you would like to contact Ganz with feedback, please take a look at our WIki's "Contact Ganz" page.

Halloween Gifts are not Appearing in Webkinz World

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Halloween is here for all time zones and members are begining to wonder if there will any Halloween gifts this year. Asians, Europeans and now US accounts are not seeing any signs of any gifts. Hopefully this is a glitch and the gifts will be mailed out shortly. More than half of the day is gone in Asia, so hopefully Asians will be able to get their gifts before the days end.

Webkinz Valentine 2011 Products Revealed

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Thank you to our friends at Ameriwade for letting us know about the new Valentine products coming to Webkinz World early next year.  We had already brought you pictures of the seasonal Mazin' Hamster, Cinnamon, but now we can show you pictures of the Webkinz Love Spaniel and Love Puppy Kinz Klip.  All three products are currently available for pre-sale at Webkinz Insider's Partner Store, Ameriwade.
In other seasonal news, some pets from previous Valentine seasons will be re-released for sale.  The Webkinz Love Frog, Love Frog Kinz Klip, and Webkinz Love Monkey are all returning for at least one more year.
Remember, Ameriwade features $5 flat rate shipping, no matter how large your order is, and a portion of every sale made online at goes toward supporting Webkinz Insider.

New Studio items in W-shop for Halloween

For our Movie making buffs we have some wonderful news. There are two new actors and a new Studio Playset added to the Toys and Games category of the W-Shop -- A Werewolf and a Vampire to go with a spooky Dark Woods Movie Set.
They appear to be available all the time and not just seasonally, so you have plenty of time to make your Twilight Saga stories with your Movie Studio. For more information on Items in Webkinz World, check out our information in the WIki.
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WI Member Completes Trick or Treat Candy Collection

webkinz cheatsCongratulations to Webkinz Insider member satherton on completing her 2010 Trick or Treat candy collection!  
Unfortunately, when satherton clicked on "unlock" to claim her Grand Prize "carvable" Jack O' Lantern, nothing happened.  It appears that the programming for this part of the event has not yet been completed.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to take care of this on Monday morning.
UPDATE:  As more and more members are completing their candy collections, we are learning more about this glitch.  It turns out that players who complete their collections ARE getting a pumpkin, but that the pumpkin is being dropped into their docks without notice.  However, there still appears to be a glitch.  Players who DID NOT get a pumpkin in 2009, ARE able to carve faces on their pumpkins.  Players who DID get a pumpkin in 2009, are NOT able to carve their new 2010 pumpkin.
For more information about the 2010 Trick or Treat event, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE.
For more information on how to find Spooky the Mazin' Hamster on your account, please visit the Official Tracking Thread, HERE.

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