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Holiday News

Countdown to Christmas Begins, WI Members Tracking Ms. Birdy

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The Countdown to Christmas for 2010 has begun! Ms. Birdy is expected to arrive in the Clubhouse soon to start passing out gifts.  She will be handing out one gift per day, for the next twelve days.  Here on Webkinz Insider we will be tracking her appearances to make sure everyone gets their gifts.  Collect all twelve, and you will be rewarded with a special badge.  The official tracking thread is located HERE.
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UPDATE:  Ms. Birdy is here!  For Day One she
is handing out Icicle Icing Cupcakes.
UPDATE:  Based on early reports, it appears that Ms. Birdy is appearing two times per hour.  We're still working out the details on what colors she hits at what times.  There's a jingle bell sound when she appears, so keep your speakers on!

New Event Scheduled to Begin in Clubhouse on Tuesday

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Many of you have been asking when this year's Countdown to Christmas event is going to begin.  Based on the "news crawler" on the Map to Kinzville this morning, it appears we should start checking out the Clubhouse tomorrow (Tuesday).
For last year's event, Ms. Birdy visited the Clubhouse for the twelve days leading up to, and including, Christmas.  Each day players who clicked on her received a special gift that could not be obtained anywhere else in Webkinz World.  For this year's event, we will be following the "special visitor's" appearances in our Official Tracking Thread, in the Special Events section of our forum.
To learn more about the Countdown to Christmas event, please visit the Clubhouse Clickers page of the Webkinz Insider WIki guide.
UPDATE:  The Wreaths are now in the rooms!  Our members are hunting for Ms. Birdy!

Gallery of Santakinz Pictures Project Continues in WIki Guide

webkinz cheatsSantakinz has returned to the Clubhouse, and just like last year, after players take one pet per account to visit Santakinz, Ganz sends a KinzPost message with a picture of that pet sitting on Santakinz lap.  
Last year, several Webkinz Insider members started a project to collect a picture of every pet in Webkinz World sitting on Santakinz lap.  This year, the project continues.
Do you have a picture of one of these pets with Santakinz?  Please contact a WIki Sysop.
  • Bushbaby
  • Cinnamon Dachshund
  • Cinnamon Hamster
  • Giraffe, Signature
  • Iberian Lynx, Endangered
  • Ribbon Lion
  • Rockhopper Penguin
  • St. Pat's Setter
  • Tuxedo Cat, Small Signature

Four Piece Mrs. Santakinz Outfit Now in the KinzStyle Outlet

The surprises from this morning's update just keep on coming!  Many of you have been wondering if there were going to be any seasonal clothing items in the KinzStyle Outlet this year, and now we have our answer.  This morning PJ added a four piece Mrs. Santakinz outfit to her shop.  
The outfit is made up of Mrs. Santakinz Spectacles, Bonnet, Dress, and Slippers.  If you'd like to dress up one or more of your pets like Mrs. Santakinz, get on over to the KinzStyle Outlet today.  These items will be removed from the shop on the 4th of January.

Webkinz World Menorahs Dark on First Night of Hanukkah

webkinz cheatsIn the real world, Wednesday night was the first night of Hanukkah, and Jewish families all over the world celebrated by lighting Menorahs in their homes.  In Webkinz World, many players had been keeping their eyes on their virtual Menorahs, waiting for them to become animated at sundown.  Unfortunately, we have only had a few reports of some of the older Menorahs being lit on some accounts.  Most of the Menorahs stayed dark last night.
Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to sort this out soon.
UPDATE:  Ganz just announced that the Menorah programming issue has been fixed!

HOLIDAY NEWS: Menorahs Due to Light Up for Hanukkah

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As many of you know, the holiday of Hanukkah is going to begin at sundown on Wednesday night (December 1st). Families of Jewish faith all over the world will be lighting Menorahs each night this week in celebration of the eight night long holiday. In Webkinz World, many of our furry friends will be celebrating too. 

If you have purchased a Menorah from the wShop and placed it in your room, on Wednesday night you should notice two of the candles lit with a flickering flame (as shown in the picture above from last year). Each night, another candle will be lit, until the Menorah is full. This is the one and only time of the year these virtual items will be animated. And, for those of you who are wondering why two candles are lit on the first night, the center candle is used to light the other candles and does not represent one of the eight nights.
To all of our members who will be celebrating with their families,
we would like to wish you a Happy Hanukkah.

To learn more about Hanukkah in Webkinz World, please visit the WI Wiki, HERE.

Webkinz Insider Member Attempts to Adopt Love Spaniel *UPDATE*

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Cloud on adding a Love Spaniel to her Webkinz family.  Unfortunately, when Cloud attempted to adopt "Io Isabella" the dog didn't show up on her account.  It appears that this Valentine Pet, which isn't scheduled for official release until mid-December, has not yet been programmed into the Webkinz World system.  Cloud also purchased "Cinnamon", the Valentine Mazin' Hamster.
Although Webkinz retailers are not supposed to sell Webkinz products before their release dates, it is not uncommon for some pets to make it out a bit early.  However, the programming for new pets is generally added just a few days before the official release date, so players picking up these early releases need to be cautious about attempting early adoptions.
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UPDATE (December 10):  Thank you to Cloud for letting us know that the programming issues with the Love Spaniel have been fixed.  Here is a picture of "Io Isabella" in her room.

One Year Anniversary of the Webkinz Nutcracker Ballet

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It was one year ago this week that the Webkinz Nutcracker Ballet thread debuted here on Webkinz Insider.  This creation quickly became the "must see" thread of the season, and it has remained popular all year round.   "There are no words to express how good this is," says one viewer. "I am speechless," says another. And the rave reviews continue to roll in. See what you think about this production by clicking HERE to visit the Webkinz Nutcracker Ballet thread.  Prepare to be blown away!

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Nutcracker project: a dozen Webkinz Insider members, led by project manager Bindidog, re-created the entire Nutcracker Ballet using Webkinz and Webkinz World items. They spent several weeks gathering up "props", visiting each other's Webkinz houses, acting out the parts of the tale, and editing together over 250 different pictures to create the complete story. They were even recognized for their efforts by the Creative Director of Webkinz who rewarded them Nutcrackers of their own.
It's an amazing creation that shouldn't be missed!

Halloween Cards Finally Arrive! On Thanksgiving?

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Many of our members were disappointed when Ganz broke their tradition of sending out Halloween Cards last month.  Now it appears that the change wasn't done on purpose.  This morning we are getting reports of players logging on and finding Halloween Cards in their KinzPost.  The cards are dated November 25, and as our American members know, today is actually Thanksgiving!  A handful of members have reported also receiving Thanksgiving Cards on their accounts.
To see pictures of the cards Ganz has sent out for other holidays, please visit the WIki.

American Thanksgiving Just Around the Corner

webkinz cheatsIt's nearly time to celebrate Thanksgiving in Webkinz World!  Don't forget to log on to your accounts on Thursday, November 25, to pick up your Holiday Gift Basket.
To view pictures of the holiday gifts and holiday cards from previous years, please visit the "American Thanksgiving" page of the Webkinz Insider WIki.
Thursday is also going to be "two for one" day at the Kinzville Academy.  Just have your pet take one class at the Academy and you'll get credit for two classes on your pet's report card!
To all of our American members, please have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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