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Holiday News

Webkinz Christmas & Hanukkah Items Last Day is January 4th

webkinz cheatsThe holiday season is wrapping up in Webkinz World and pretty soon the seasonal items will be removed from the wShop and PJ's Outlet.  So, now is the time to finish decorating your holiday rooms and to make sure you have all of the Mrs. Santakinz outfits that you need.  There is no way to predict what items will return next year, so make sure to buy what you want now.  The 4th of January is the last day these items will be for sale.

Ms. Birdy Awards Badges to Webkinz Players for Christmas Countdown

webkinz cheatsEarly this morning Ms. Birdy headed to the Clubhouse to start passing out the final gift in her twelve gift collection.  Players who collect all twelve of her gifts are being rewarded with the "Ms. Birdy Full Collection Badge".
For more information about the Countdown to Christmas event, including pictures of all twelve prizes, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki.
A BIG thank you goes out to all of the members who helped out in the tracking thread.  And a HUGE thank you goes out to Ganz for fixing the programming after the first day's problems.  It's because of you all that this event was such a success!

It's Christmas on the Asian Accounts, the Gifts Have Arrived!

webkinz cheatsSantakinz was right on time in Asia this morning.  Reports are already flooding in of players with Asian accounts receiving their gifts.  If you visited Santakinz in the Clubhouse this past month, you already know one of the gifts in the box.  In addition to that item, there's something to wear, something to eat, and something to "spend".  To see pictures of the Christmas gifts from this year, and the gifts from previous years, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki's Holiday Gift page.
Those of you with European and American accounts will have to wait a few more hours before you can open your gifts.  In the mean-time, don't forget about Ms. Birdy in the Clubhouse.  She has one gift to hand out on Christmas Eve, and one more gift to hand out on Christmas Day.  
Merry Christmas to all of our members here at Webkinz Insider!

Peppermint Puppy Retirement Announced

 webkinz cheatsWebkinz Newz has announced that the Peppermint Pup will be going into retirement on Boxing Day, December 26th. There will be a virtual pet available at the eStore for those wishing to have this Holiday pup who was just released Last Christmas.
There will be retirement activities for Peppermint Pup owners as well as the Sailboat Game and a collectible retirement cupcake for everyone who logs in that day.
For more information on Webkinz Pets and Retirement Parties check out our WIki.

Shimmer Bunny and Carrots Hamster Arriving for Easter

webkinz cheats
Over the summer we were able to bring you a picture of the Easter seasonal Mazin' Hamster, Carrots.  Today we are pleased to be able to also bring you a picture of the Easter seasonal Webkinz, the Shimmer Bunny. Both of these critters are expected to hit store shelves at the end of January in time for their official February release.  
These pets, and the rest of the February products, will be available for pre-sale at Webkinz Insider's Partner Store, Ameriwade, later on today (Wednesday).  Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping to the USA and Canada, no matter how large your order is, and a portion of every sale made online at goes toward supporting Webkinz Insider.
UPDATE:  For Easter, the following seasonal items from previous years will be returning:  Webkinz Duck, Lil Kinz Lamb, Lamb Kinz Klip, and Rabbit Kinz Klip.  The Lil Kinz Rabbit (which is not technically a seasonal item) will also be for sale.  It appears that the Marshmallow Bunny and Cotton Candy Bunny will not be returning for this season.

Super Wheel Arrives in Webkinz World on Christmas Day

webkinz cheats
The 25th of December is Christmas for most people and it also means that the Super Wheel will be here on that day!  Many members look forward to this special activity because it is not offered that often. The Super Wheel normally contains Rares, KinzCash or Exclusive Items. We keep track of the previous Super Wheel items in our Webkinz Wiki!
Along with the Super Wheel, there will be other wheels to spin that day including: The Wheel of the Month and The Wheel of Wishes! The Big Button of KinzCash is also a favorite of Webkinz World Members as we all love free KinzCash!
Also arriving in everyone's KinzPost, is your Christmas Gift. If you saw SantaKinz, in the Clubhouse, prior to the 25th, then the gift you chose should be in your Gift Box. The items that SantaKinz had you choose from were: Ms Cowoline Holiday Plush, Kinzville Holiday Snowglobe and the Colorful Holiday Candle. If you missed seeing SantaKinz, no worries, you will get one of those items in your gift box.
'Tis the Season to be Merry! Happy Holidays from Webkinz Insider!

Mazin Hamster, Nick Contest announced

webkinz cheatsWebkinz Newz has just announced a new Contest for December 21st 12:00 am EST until December 31st 11:59pm EST.
This is for Nick The Mazin Hamster. He really loves SantaKinz Workshop and would love to have an awesome room using these Holiday items. Any sized room is all right as long as it is an indoor room. You can use only W-shop items and retired items are also allowed.
Five entries will be selected to win a Virtual Nick Mazin Hamster as their prize.
For more information on Mazin Hamsters and holiday W-shop items check out our WIki.

Ms. Birdy's Programming Fixed, Christmas Countdown Now a Success!

webkinz cheatsWhen the Countdown to Christmas began this morning, many of the members here on Webkinz Insider feared that the event was going to be a "bust" with Ms. Birdy being nearly impossible to find.  In fact, that's the way it was working for most of the morning.  But, as we told you earlier this afternoon, Ganz listened to its customers and the event has been fixed! Instead of being a chore, the Countdown is now the fun game it was always supposed to be!
At this point we haven't figured out what Ms. Birdy's pattern of appearance is, but it doesn't seem to matter.  Ms. Birdy now hangs around in each room for a long time, at least twenty minutes, and it IS possible to jump into a room after she has been spotted.  So, if you are looking for Ms. Birdy on your account, just go to the very end of our Christmas Countdown Official Tracking Thread, and once she has been found, head on over to her room and click on her.  It's as easy as pie!

Webkinz Players Frustrated by 2010's Countdown to Christmas *UPDATED*

webkinz cheatsAll across the forum this morning we have been receiving complaints about this year's Countdown to Christmas event.  Many players have been camping out in the Clubhouse since early this morning without being able to find Ms. Birdy.  Although WI members have discovered that Ms. Birdy appears in certain zone colors at certain times, she is currently skipping a large number of rooms in each "round" making her very difficult to spot.  Several WI members have contacted Ganz to see if there is a programming issue, but so far the Reps are indicating that everything is working correctly.
webkinz cheatsFor those of you who have not had any luck finding Ms. Birdy this morning, please note that, unlike the other Clubhouse Clicker events, this event does NOT have a Grand Prize.  The only reward for collecting all twelve prizes is a MyPage bage.  So, if you don't care about the MyPage badge, and you're not interested in getting the Icicle Icing Cupcake, you can skip Tuesday.  As the prizes for each day are discovered, we will bring that news to you.
Here on Webkinz Insider we will continue to track Ms. Birdy all of the way up to Christmas, so that those of you who want to try to find her will have the latest information.  If you're looking for Ms. Birdy, check out the Official Tracking Thread, HERE.
OFFICIAL UPDATE: We expressed your concerns directly to Ganz and can now report that, as of 3:45 PM, Ganz has identified and fixed the bug. The fix has been confirmed to be live in Webkinz World.

Webkinz Insider Members Discover Ms. Birdy Pattern

webkinz cheatsBased on the data our members have been collecting for the past several hours, it seems that Ms. Birdy is appearing in the Webkinz Clubhouse on the following schedule:
:06 & :36 - Green, Light Blue, Yellow
:10 & :40 - Dark Blue, Gold, Pink
Remember, this pattern could change without warning.  For the latest tracking information, please take a look at the Official Tracking Thread, HERE.
It is important to note that Ms. Birdy is not showing up in every room in a particular color.  At this point we are not certain if her "skipping rooms" is part of her programming, or a system glitch.  
Also, unlike last year's event, it is NOT possible to "jump" into a room after Ms. Birdy has been spotted. Players entering a room after she has appeared will not be able to see her.  You must be in a room before she appears.  Instead of being easy to find, like she was in last year's Webkinz World Christmas event, she is more elusive, programmed like the Trick or Treat event.
UPDATE: Ms. Birdy's programming had a glitch, which Ganz has corrected. Some information in this article may no longer be accurate.

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