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Holiday News

Webkinz Insider Member Completes Leprechaun Coin Collection *UPDATE*

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member valntom on collecting all of the Jelly Coins from the Leprechaun and receiving the Lucky Leprechaun Coin Pond.  valntom used the eStore coin-purchase option to complete her collecton quickly.  The Pond is animated, with the Leprechaun flipping a coin into the pot, and it can be traded and sent by KinzPost.
*UPDATE*: We are getting many reports on the forum about a glitch affecting the Jelly Coins collection. Many members are not being awarded the Grand Prize after completing their collection. It seems that the red coin must be obtained first, or the grand prize will not be awarded. There are also many reports of the red coin being awarded without it registering in the Coin Collector.
WARNING: If you are missing the red coin, do not buy it from the eStore as this will NOT solve your problem.
See our Glitch Report on this problem HERE.
Let's hope that Ganz fixes this glitch soon!

Almost Time to Start Chasing That Leprechaun!

webkinz cheatsSt. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and it's almost time to start chasing the Webkinz Leprechaun in the Clubhouse.  If you catch the Leprechaun six times and collect all of his rainbow Jelly Coins, you'll be rewarded with a fantastic prize!  See the Webkinz Insider WIki for complete contest details.
The Creative Director told us that this year's Leprechaun will not be as easy to find as Cinnamon the Hamster was for Valentine's day, so WI is prepared with an Official Leprechaun Tracking Thread.  Need help finding him on your account, just check out the thread for the latest information.
This event is scheduled to begin on the 11th of March and run through St. Patrick's Day, the 17th.  

Ganz Announces the Shamrockin' Events Schedule

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsGanz has just announced their Shamrockin' Events in Webkinz World. They have a few things lined up for their members:
  • March 7- March 11 Watch for floating pot of golds on Webkinz Newz. When you click on it, you have the chance to win 250 KinzCash (only one 250KC prize per account allowed). Be sure to clear your cache daily.
  • March 12-March 16 Peek-A-Newz Challenge. The day begins at 9am and runs until 9am the following morning. One will collect a piece of clover patch in this challenge and then you can make your own St. Patrick's theme Room! Members can help keep track of this challenge HERE
  • March 17th St. Patrick's Day: Head on over to Webkinz Newz to find a Shamrockin' Guitar
UPDATE:  Thank you to WI member kirtoglou for this picture of the Clover Patch on her account.
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Valentine's Day Arrives on Webkinz Asian Accounts

webkinz cheatsIf you're the owner of a Webkinz account set to the Asian time zone, it's time to log on and collect your Valentine gift!  Unlike previous holidays, this gift does not come in a box.  Instead it is dropped in your dock by itself.  The gifts are expected to arrive on European accounts this afternoon and on American accounts just after Midnight, Eastern Time.  
Remember, the type of account you have is a choice you made at the time you adopted your first pet.  It cannot be changed, and it is NOT based on where you actually live.
For those of you who don't want the surprise spoiled, we aren't going to post the item on the front page.  For those of you who just can't wait, click HERE to go to the Webkinz Insider Picture Gallery.

Mazin Hamster Flora Peek-A-Newz Contest Feb 13th and 14th

File:7914.gifThe Webkinz Newz site has just announced a Peek-A-Newz contest for February 13th, Sunday 12:00am EST until Monday February 14th 11:59pm EST.
To play this challenge you will need to allow Pop-Ups from the Webkinz Newz site.
Find The New Mazin' Hamster of the Month, Flora, 5 times and you will win Flora's Flowerpot. Only one prize will be awarded for each Webkinz Account.
For more information on Peek-A-Newz Challenges and how to play Visit our WIki.
UPDATE: Thanks to WI member RainbowCloud321 for this image of her pet Sarah with her new Flora's Flowerpot. Thanks to WI member Alleine for the image of Flora on Webkinz Newz.
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Webkinz Insider Members Receive Valentine Bouquets

webkinz cheats 
Just after Midnight, reports started flooding in here at Webkinz Insider from members who had collected their final flower from Cinnamon the Mazin' Hamster and received the "Be My Valentine Bouquet" prize.  This, of course, is the grand prize in the "Valentine Bouquet 2011" event Ganz is running right now in Webkinz World and on the Webkinz Newz.  
For complete details on how this event works, please check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.  If you haven't collected all of your flowers yet, don't worry.  There is still time.  And, for you eStore shoppers, there is an option to purchase missing flowers with eStore points.  
Good luck to everyone, and Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!

Valentine "Clicker" Coming to Webkinz World Next Week

webkinz cheatsFor the first time ever, Ganz is holding a Valentine's event in Webkinz World.  From February 7 to February 14, Cinnamon the Mazin' Hamster is going to be hanging out in a special flower stand in the Kinzville Park, passing out flowers.  Webkinz players can visit her and collect five differently colored flowers, one flower per day.  From the 7th to the 14th, flowers will also be flying on the Webkinz Newz site.  Click on the floating object to get a Red Rose for your account.
Once you have collected all six roses (five in Webkinz World, and one on the Webkinz Newz) you will be rewarded with a Be My Valentine Bouquet that can't be obtained anywhere else in Webkinz World.  For more information on the event, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki's "Valentine Bouquet 2011" page.

Love Kitten for Sale at Ganz eStore, Love Puppy for Sale at Ameriwade! (UPDATE: Love Puppy Sold Out!)

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheats         webkinz cheatswebkinz cheats
Love is in the air as retailers everywhere gear up for Valentine's Day 2011, and Webkinz retailers are no exception.  For those of you who have been wondering if the Love Kitten would return to the Ganz eStore this year, your question has been answered.  The Love Kitten is currently available for sale, and Ganz has announced that it will be for sale each day between now and Valentine's Day.
In other big Valentine news, Ameriwade just announced this morning that they've posted the Love Puppy for sale on their website!  This rare plush pet was in high demand even before it was officially retired, nearly four years ago.  If you're looking to get your hands on one, hurry, supplies are limited.  
UPDATE:  Ameriwade is now SOLD OUT of their limited Love Puppy stock.  

Christmas Items Still For Sale in the Webkinz wShop

webkinz cheatsGanz had announced that the the Christmas and Hanukkah items would be removed from the wShop on the 4th, and many of them were, but a number of the items are still available for sale.  The Blue Frost Tree, Glittering Gem Tree, Grand Christmas Tree, Hovering Menorah, Magnificent Menorah, Purple Christmas Tree, Shining Silver Menorah, and Sparkling Christmas Tree can still be purchased in the wShop.  All of the items still say that they will be on sale until January 4, 2011.  At this point we do not know when they will actually be removed, so if you have some last minute shopping to get done, better do it now.

Webkinz Players Look Forward to 2011 Winterfest Event

webkinz cheatsWe don't yet know the dates of the 2011 Winterfest, but players are already getting excited, speculating on what might happen during this year's event.  For those of you who may not know, Winterfest is a "Click to Win Event" during which snowflakes float across the screen in Webkinz World.  Players who click on the snowflakes are rewarded with unique winter-themed prizes.
Most players are hoping for a repeat of 2010's Winterfest, when the new prizes were easy to collect, rather than an event similar to 2010's frustrating Fall Fest, when the new prizes were nearly impossible to find, and the Baked Butternut Squash and other older prizes were plentiful.
We already know that Ganz is going to be releasing some Winterfest-themed items for sale at the Ganz eStore in celebration of the event, the Icicle Bowling Alley and the Snow Cushioned Bench.  For more information on Winterfest, please visit the Webkinz Insider Wiki Guide.

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